The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER FOUR

When Ted slowly regained his senses, he looked down and a little to his left, and noticed the Dutch door was only half closed. Curious now, he gave me a quizzical look, pushed me back gently and slowly pushed the top half of the door back. I think he was catching on to something... As he opened the top half of the door, he peered into the living room and, at first, didn't see anything. He was looking too far away! Hearing the sound of someone clapping their hands lightly, he looked down and saw Jeannie....naked except for her opened blouse, her chest and face glistening with what looked like a LOT of oil, and not more than three feet away from his feet, smiling a HUGE smile, and applauding. It STILL didn't register until he saw Al lying beside her, seemingly unconscious, naked also, and panting harshly. Then he looked back at me...realization dawning in his eyes, and shock registering on his face. "You two teasing bitches!", Ted yelled. He was trying, unsuccessfully, to hide the beginnings of a grin. I breathed a sigh of relief, and I think Jeannie did too. I was so afraid Ted would be mad if he found out about his part in my "show". "You've both been teasing Al and me all night with your pranks," Ted continued, "but I never thought...Oh shit! You two were watching US like we were watching YOU! Oh, WOW!" "You little trollop!", Ted shouted, turning to me. Laughing, he grabbed me when I started to run, and drew me into his arms. "So how'd we do, lover?", he said. "Not bad, I think.", I replied. "I think you wowed the crowd with that long thing of yours, Studdley. I know you wowed me." I lovingly fondled his spent tool. "And you wowed me with that mouth of yours, sweet stuff", Ted whispered. "That was incredible! I can't believe you fit the whole thing in your mouth..." He kissed me deeply, moving his tongue in and out of my mouth. "I can't believe it either!" Jeannie's voice was in my ear. Surprised, I turned, and found that she'd gotten up and was standing beside us in the doorway. On the way, she'd decided to shed her blouse. She was completely naked. "And, by the way, Ted...", she continued, "Tracy here, took that schlong of yours into her THROAT, not her mouth. Trust me, from the front row it looked like a magic act! How'd you do that, Trace?" "I don't know, Jeannie", I answered. "It just kinda happened." "Geez, and I wanted to be the first. I guess you got me this time my friend", Jeannie whimpered with mock shame. "But, you might help me out." Jeannie said, her eyes lighting up with burlesque-like excitement. "I need some practice, and since mine is out of commission," she looked back at Al who was down for the count, "Maybe, you could lend me yours...just to practice with...I wouldn't keep it or anything..." As she spoke, her hand reached over to feel Ted's limp cock. Curling her fingers around it, she started a slow stroking motion. But Ted, although appreciating her manipulations, was totally drained, and a lot embarrassed. I smiled a satisfied smile and turned to Jeannie. "Sorry, my "friend"," I said sarcasticly, "but I believe that I've SUCKED the life out of that cock in your hands. Some of us know HOW to SUCK a cock, and others, like yourself...", I flipped my hair back, "...others, will have to learn elsewhere!" I was teasing Jeannie and she knew it. I don't think there was anything that could come between the two of us. I was incredibly proud of my feat with Ted's cock, and Jeannie was definitely jealous as hell, but our friendship rose above all of that. We both knew that, by tomorrow, we'd be at her house or mine, comparing notes and trying to find new ways to be "the best". For now though, I took her hand from Ted's wilted dick, and brought it to my belly. Ted, grinning at our "Cat fight", and loving the sight of our naked bodies, nonetheless decided to "take a breather" and went into the living room and spread out on the couch. He didn't bother to cover up, and although his cock was flaccid, it was still formidable sight. Jeannie stared at it longingly. "I think that what you're looking for," I said with a smile, holding her hand on my belly, "Is in here. I think I swallowed most of it." "Not all...", Jeannie replied, her hand moving up, to graze my breast, "Looks like you spilled some..." Her hand traced little patterns in the thick come covering my chest and breasts. "You got a little on you, too", I said dreamily, doing the same to her. Boldly, I cupped her breast and squeezed it gently, feeling Al's come ooze between my fingers. "I was so hot with you guys watching us..." I whispered. Jeannie groaned as I fondled her tits. Feeling a little crazy, I leaned forward, taking her nipple into my mouth, and licked Al's come off her breast. I licked her tit until I'd cleaned the entire globe, and in between licks I took her nipple into my mouth, alternating sucking as hard as I could with gently nibbling it. Al's come was salty and the taste was getting me hot all over again. Moaning softly, I moved to lick her other breast, but she stopped me. "My turn...", she whispered. She leaned forward and took my left nipple into her mouth. After sucking for only a second or two she continued on, sucking and licking Ted's come from my tit. When Jeannie smilingly looked up at me, and stuck out her tongue, I could see that it was covered with creamy come. "I am so fucking HOT..." she whispered to me while nuzzling her face into my breasts. "Your tits are so sexy, Trace...I've wanted to do this for so long..." I didn't try to stop her when she proceeded on to suck and lick my right breast. It just felt too good. Nor did I stop her when, finished with washing my tits with her tongue, she proceeded to lick downwards, lapping Ted's come off my belly. My hands caressed the back of her head, and knifed through her long blond hair, as she tried to find every drop of Ted's come. The pace of Jeannie's breathing was increasing as her tongue moved further down my belly, and little moans were escaping her lips. I knew she was as turned on as I was. At last, her hands reached around me, and, as she lazily licked my lower belly, her fingers caught in the top of my panties and she gently tugged downwards. "You're the only one with any clothes on, girl!", she said with a nervous laugh. Her hands slid my panties down and off my legs. I felt like I was dreaming again. I was so fucking HIGH! "C'mere Jeannie...wait...", I whispered to her, as her hands moved up my thighs, coming to rest on my red bush. Her thumbs joined forces to rub my pussy and began to part my lips...Both our breathing was becoming labored... I knew what Jeannie was going to do, and I started to feel lightheaded with desire. Whenever the girl-girl scenes came up in the movies we watched, we would both make nervous jokes about them, but secretly I was always curious...and always a lot turned on. At night I would dream, and I'd wonder what Jeannie's pussy would taste like, or what her tongue would feel like in my pussy. Now, here I was, about to find out about at least half of my fantasies. I felt Jeannie's hot breath on my clit as she moved her face forward. Her tongue flicked out, and for the first time I felt someone lick, actually LICK, my pussy lips. The feeling was absolutely mind blowing! I was going to stop her, I really was....But that tongue felt so fucking good... Instead of stopping my best girlfriend, I wrapped my fingers in her flowing blonde mane and PULLED her face into my pussy. At the same time, I crouched down a bit and spread my legs as far as I could and still stand. Jeannie groaned as my pussy lips opened to accept her probing tongue. She was nervous at first, for the same reasons I was, but now she dove in like she'd just found an oasis in the desert. Her tongue shot out and bore deep into the depths of my pussy. I groaned as she licked me and she groaned her thanks. God, she felt good! Jeannie moved her head up and down, licking the full length of my pussy. She'd start close to my asshole, and would lick all the way to the top of my bush, then turn around and do it again. Over and over. She was driving me crazy...both with the actual physical licking she was giving me and also, and maybe more so, with the THOUGHT of what we were doing. It was all such a fucking turn on! Jeannie was actually sucking my pussy! Thrusting her wonderful tongue in and out and sucking my clitoris just like I'd dreamed about! I was bucking like a bronco on her tongue, knowing that I was very close to coming. My thighs were aching from squatting over her face, but I paid no attention. To be honest, I'd always thought of my dreams as being a little weird...I wasn't quite sure what was "normal" or what was "abnormal". Jeannie, by taking the lead once again, laid all those silly fears to rest. We'd never discussed this type of sex, but obviously she was as much into it as I was. It was such a relief! And it felt so good, physically at the same time. I was floating on a cloud!! The thought of my best girlfriend being the very first to lick my pussy made me even hotter. She knew exactly where to lick, and exactly where to flick...she was incredible! "I love the taste of you...", Jeannie panted. "I've always wondered... what you'd taste like, Tracy..." "I'm gonna come, Jeannie...", I whispered. "If you keep that up, I'm gonna come...Ooohhh...yeah... do that....Unghhhh...Oh, God, your tongue feel so good...I've dreamed of you...Ooohhh...." Jeannie picked up her pace. She thrust her tongue as deep into my pussy as possible and started to shake her head back and forth like an epileptic nay-sayer. She was moaning loudly now, grunting over and over as she thrust her tongue into me. Both of her hands moved up my belly, and each found a willing tit. She groaned into my pussy when I clasped her hands in mine...showing her that I was giving myself to her fully. I could feel my orgasm rising in my belly. I crouched down further, pushing my pussy into her upturned face. My orgasm exploded when she thrust her tongue deep, and rubbed my clitoris with her nose. That was all I could take! I exploded! "Oh please, Jeannie, please", I begged. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna...Unghhh...! Oh, do it, Jeannie, do it! Aahhhhh...." I was breathing too hard to speak anymore. We were both moaning and groaning, but neither of us could form a word. I'd never, in my whole life, felt anything as powerful as this! My hips bucked into Jeannie's face, and she continued to lick and suck me as I came on her tongue. She was moaning and making loud sucking noises, and I knew she was drinking my come. It was SO HOT! I could HEAR her sucking and swallowing my gushing juices. I almost screamed as each wave broke over me. I'd never come this hard or this long before. I was awash in the sea of ecstacy. I continued to grind my pussy into Jeannie's upturned face. She was trying to get her tongue so deep into my cunt that her nose was grinding into my clit. It made for a wonderfully sexual pain! I felt myself getting lightheaded again, and I reached for the counter top to regain some semblance of balance. It did no good. I must have blacked out, for when I opened my eyes, I saw I was lying on the floor and Jeannie was kneeling beside me grinning like a monkey. "That was AWESOME!", she panted. "You were wonderful!" "What do you mean, "I" was wonderful?", I asked incredulously. "You made me come like Niagara!" I grinned back at my friend. "C'mere...", I said, pulling her face close to mine. "Thanks," I whispered, "That was the best come I've ever had, bar NONE!" Jeannie smiled proudly. I pulled her face closer to mine and for the first time kissed her deeply, sending my tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a cock, and I obliged by thrusting it in and out of her lips. She moaned when I did that. Then she offered her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it and reveled in the taste of my own come. I'd sucked my come off my fingers after masturbating, but it was never like this. The mixture of tastes...Jeannie's saliva and my come was excilerating and so fucking sexy. I couldn't wait to taste her pussy. Now that she'd shown me that my desires were as natural as hers, I wanted nothing more than to feel her clit under my tongue and to taste her come juices pour onto my tongue and into my throat! "Geez", I panted, when we broke our kiss. "Who needs boys anyway?" "Are you kidding?", Jeannie smiled. "It was the taste of Ted's come on your tits that got me going! Or, made me go all the way, I guess. His come is soooo Yummy!" She closed her eyes and hugged herself. "And I've dreamed of doing that with you, Trace..." she said as her eyes opened. "I hope you don't think I'm weird or anything, but I've dreamed of sucking your pussy. And the reality beats the fantasy hands down!" "That's good to know, Jeannie", I whispered, cupping both of her breasts in my hands and caressing them gently. "Because I've had the same dream. Your tongue was better than I'd dare to imagine. I've never come so hard in my life. The only part of my fantasy that didn't happen is me sticking my tongue into your pussy and draining you the way you just did me." I continued to fondle her breast with one hand while the other traced it's way down her belly and over her damp pubic hair. I could feel her pussy lips under my fingers and I made a move to separate them and insert my middle finger into her pussy. Jeannie groaned and moved to meet my advancing finger. "No, my friend" I panted, "I don't think you're weird. I think you're wonderful! You are a bit of a slut, though..." I grinned at her when I said this, and slowly pushed my finger between her sopping wet pussy lips. Jeannie groaned and got up on her knees, giving me greater access to her love hole. "Well, at any rate...", I said to her. "I owe you one...and I'm anxious to pay my debt..." My finger slid further into her canal. Jeannie moaned deeply and settling onto my finger, driving it deeper into her. "I can't wait to taste you...", I whispered as she moved closer, pumping her hips on my probing finger. I was starting to fuck my finger in and out of her pussy, and Jeannie was starting to move her pussy in a corresponding rhythm, when we heard someone moving around in the living room. "Damn...", said Jeannie, "I can't believe their timing!" She clutched my hand in her own and pulled my finger into her pussy as far as it would go. Fucking her pussy back and forth on my hand she whispered, "I guess we'll have to continue this later, lover." "And it feels SOOOOO good!" Her whole face was wild with excitement. She closed her eyes, and slowly withdrew my drenched finger from her clutching vagina. I pulled my hand up to my lips and attempted to lick and suck every drop of her pussy juice as I could off my finger. The noises from the living room were growing nearer, so Jeannie rolled away from me and jumped to her feet just as Al stuck his head into the kitchen. "Any beer left?", he asked with an innocent smile. We were pissed off at being interrupted, and still had a lot of passion built up inside us, but what could we do? At least Al had timed his entry in such a way that we hadn't been "caught"! Or had we? I started to wonder, but didn't have time to worry about it as I heard Ted yell something from the living room. Jeannie threw me a towel, and held her own up to "conceal" her nakedness. Since they were only handtowels, her comedic touch was obvious and well appreciated. I grinned and started to wipe off what remained of Ted's come from my front. With a sigh, and a regretful glance at me, Jeannie moved to the fridge to check for brewskies, and I moved to get up from the kitchen floor. We'd just have to continue this "discussion" later on.

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