The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER SEVEN

Sunday morning we woke up together, as if on cue. Jeannie and I had been up until midnight reliving the night before, and planning tonight with Ted and Al. I smiled and let my eyes dance over Jeannie's naked form. I guess our "sleepovers" would never be the same again. After feeling Jeannie's nakedness and tasting her pussy at the lake on Friday, I looked at her now with a whole new appreciation. Not only was she still my best friend, but now she was a lover! And what a lover!! She grinned back as if she could read my thoughts, then bounced out of bed. "C'mon girl...we've got quite a day ahead of us!! Let's eat!!" I threw her a loose fitting nightshirt and put one on myself. The soft cotton felt marvelous aginst my naked tits. When we went down stairs for breakfast, my uncle Jack was already up and was cleaning the pool. His shirt was off and he had on pair of short denim cutoffs were so old and thin that even the pockets were frayed. His muscular torso was glistening with a combination of tanning oil and sweat. I had to admit he looked pretty sexy as the muscles in his arms and legs bulged with each pass of the pool skimmer. I waved to him as he looked up and he waved back. Jeannie leaned out of the patio door and waved. "Hi Jeannie!" he yelled. "You guys sleep okay?" "Slept like a log" Jeannie replied. She stretched her arms over her head as she spoke, and thrust her chest towards my dad. "You're looking pretty cute in those shorts, Mr. Thompson" she teased. "Careful you don't get wet!" Her eyes were directed at the outline of my uncle's cock, which was clearly visible through the thin cotton. Jack's eyes were obviously focused on Jeannie's tits. I didn't blame him. They were showstoppers all right. He chuckled at her comment, and went back to his pool skimming. I pulled Jeannie back into the kitchen. "Geez", I said. "Why don't you guys just jump on each other!" I don't know why, but I was feeling jealous. The confusing part was that I didn't know who I was jealous more of...Jeannie, or Jack! "Sorry, Trace" Jeannie soothed. "Jack and I were just fooling around. You know how we get. Hey, he's cute!" Jeannie loved to tease my uncle. She would often let her skirt hike a little higher than usual when sitting on our couch if Jack was in the room. And more than once I noticed her surreptitiously undo a couple of buttons on her blouse if she knew he was around. I'd even seen her crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly if he was sitting across from her. She knew he loved to look at her and it was obvious she loved to be watched. I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed it too! I kidded her about it, but she said she thought my uncle was cute and she loved to see him get "excited". A few times I'd seen Jack leave the room with a large bulge in his pants. I figured it must be tough for him. It had been two years since his divorce from his wife, and he hadn't remarried yet. In fact he swore he'd never get married again. "A waste of time and energy" he told me once. At forty, he was in excellent shape physically and was unusually handsome. Not just in my eyes, but in my friends eyes too. Jeannie said that he reminded her of the guy in the Chanel perfume ads. And I had to admit that when I could put it out of my mind that he was my uncle, I'd get pretty turned on when I'd see his bulge growing under Jeannie's teasing stares. I guess it was the "older man" thing. I told myself that I wasn't into my uncle sexually, but I could relate to Jeannie teasing him. I'd do the same thing with a few of his friends when they'd stop over. It turned me on immensely, but I had to be careful that my uncle didn't see. Once he caught a buddy of his staring at my tits (which I'd been kinda showing off...) and he kicked the guy out of the house! Jack had his fair share of girlfriends but it still must have been frustrating to be teased and turned on by my sexy blond, and obviously horny, best friend. Mostly though, I just sat back and enjoyed their bantering. Jack was a big boy and knew how to handle himself. He didn't let Jeannie's flattery go to his head, and obviously liked being teased as much as she like teasing him. As we got breakfast together, I kept looking at Jeannie and saw a new fire in her eyes when she watched my uncle using the skimmer on the pool surface. Each time he'd lean back to dump the leaves out of the skimmer net, I could see his cock outlined in his thin shorts. And I know that Jeannie was noticing too! She was leaning against the counter top with her arms folded across her chest and was intently watching Jack do his chores. "You want to give me a hand here, jailbait?" I asked with an edge in my voice. "What do you mean "Jailbait" girl?" Jeannie replied, whirling around to face me. The look on her face was as if I had read her lustful mind. I think I had! She had a lusty smile on her face. "We're eighteen, you know" she continued. "There's a whole new world opening up for us, Trace!" "Well, just don't open it up here, okay?" I said with a smile. I handed her a tray, on which were cereal bowls, sugar and a pitcher of milk. "How about bringing these out to the patio table." I said with a grin. "Think you can handle that?" Jeannie continued to watch Jack as she reached for the tray. "I know what I'd like to handle..." she said as she turned her attention to me. She smiled broadly and took the tray. As she turned towards the patio and the pool, I leaned closer to her and whispered, "At least wait until I'm away at college!" Jeannie laughed heartily and went out to the patio table. I went back to the cupboard for the cereal and to see if the toast was ready. I smiled to myself, thinking of Jeannie's attraction to my uncle. It was kind of cool knowing your friends admired the way your guardians looked. I decided that I didn't mind too much. After all, they were both adults. It was really none of my business!! I smiled and turned my attention back to getting breakfast. When I finally made my way out the patio, about ten minutes later, Jeannie and Jack were nowhere in sight. "That bitch!" I thought, only half angry. I had to admit, I was more curious than angry. I quietly set my tray laden with boxes of cereal, toast and jars of jellies, and walked softly around the corner to the pool area. I paused when I saw them standing close together next to the pump house. I moved closer to the wall so they wouldn't notice me as I spied on them. For a reason I wasn't sure of, my heart started to race wildly. Jack was leaning with one hand resting on the small pump house, and the other holding on to the skimmer. There was a curious edge to his voice and his laughter was a little too forced. I could tell he was nervous, and I could see why. Jeannie was telling him something, and was leaning forward in a conspirital manner, as if she was sharing a dark secret. I saw that she had unbuttoned the top three or four buttons of her nightshirt, and was standing as if she were a mirror image of Jack, with one hand on the pump house, and the other on her hip. I saw Jack's eyes fighting to look into Jeannie's face, but it was a loosing battle. Each time she'd lean forward, his eyes would dip down and drink in the sight of her firm young breasts peeking out from her nightshirt. I don't think my uncle realized that Jeannie was naked under her thin night shirt, but he certainly could see that her breasts were. From where I was standing, a little to the side and behind them, I could see Jeannie's naked ass and her blond bush peeking out from the bottom of her shirt. The shirt had ridden up as she stretched her arm out to lean on the pump house, and she had helped the process by pulling it up a bit as she placed her hand on her hip.. Jack was too close to enjoy that view, but was plainly enjoying the sight of Jeannie's breasts. Jeannie had decided to take her teasing one step further. She was having the time of her life and was very aware of the effect she was having on my uncle. His cock was rock hard and was outlined against his tanned leg through his denim shorts. For the first time, I began to wonder what his cock looked like...and tasted like... It seemed to be about eight inches long and perfectly proportioned in width. I felt my mouth begin to water as I imagined it in my mouth. As they continued their conversation and their motions, I saw the head of Jack's cock peek out from the bottom of his shorts. Jeannie couldn't see it, but I knew she would have loved the effect she was having on Jack She said something witty, she put her hand on his shoulder and leaned close, giving him an unobstructed view down her shirt. The interaction between the two of them was beginning to turn me on immensely. My breathing was increasing and I came close to groaning out loud when Jeannie slid her hand from Jack's shoulder and grasped the pole of the skimmer. She wrapped her fingers around the pole and began a slow, suggestive stroke that made Jack look. She said something more and they both broke into peals of laughter. I slowly backed away, not wishing that my spying be exposed at this point, and made my way back to the patio table. I sighed heavily as I dropped into one of the large cushioned chairs. I felt exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I thought that I should be mad that my best friend was teasing my uncle and turning him on that way, but the fact of the matter was that I was incredibly turned on!! I reached into my lap and cupped one hand around my pussy mound as I pictured in my mind Jack's hard cock sliding out from the end of his shorts. I couldn't help but remember the taste of Ted's cock and that made me groan louder. Not wanting to get caught masturbating on the patio, I reluctantly pulled my hand away and, picking up my tray, moved quickly to the kitchen. Taking a deep breath, I turned and noisily made my way back to the patio. I made sure to make a clamor as I moved and called for Jeannie when I reached the table. As if on cue, she walked around the corner and sat down at the table across from me. Her face was flushed, but her manner was as if she'd just been birdwatching. Pretty cool and collected, I thought. I was curious to see how my uncle would react. I called to him that breakfast was ready, and saw Jeannie smile as he yelled to go ahead and start without him. I smiled too, knowing it would take a few minutes for his cock to go down. "Hey, this toast is ice cold!" Jeannie complained as she tried to put butter on it. "Sorry" I answered. "I got waylaid on the way out here." Jeannie grinned at that. She looked into my eyes and immediately knew that I'd seen her. It was impossible for us to hide anything from each other. We'd been friends too long for that. "What can I say?" she said with a broad smile. "He's a cutie!" I didn't get a chance to reply because my uncle chose that moment to walk around the corner. His smile was natural and his manner was calm, but I could still see the outline of his half-hard cock under his shorts as he moved. He sat next to me, across from Jeannie, and smiled. "Well, good morning ladies!" he said, trying to sound calm. "I can't wait to eat!" He looked directly at Jeannie and grinned. "Good morning, Mr. Thompson" Jeannie trilled musically. "How do you feel today?" "Oh, gag me!" I thought. What a fucking act! My uncle had no idea, but Jeannie was continuing the teasing. Knowing that I'd seen them together! She was too much! Jeannie looked over at me and, when my uncle wasn't looking, reached up and undid another button on her shirt. She winked at me and turned her attention to Jack, who had just found out that the toast was, indeed, as cold as the proverbial ice. He didn't say a word, as he chewed his toast slowly and looked into Jeannie's hot eyes. "Well, what are you kids planning today?" he asked. "Going to take a swim?" "I don't know how we can refuse with the pool looking so clean!" Jeannie answered with a smile. "I can't wait to dive in!" Jeannie slouched down in her chair and stared at my uncle. I figured that she was playing "footsie" with him under the table and had my thought confirmed when she slouched further and I heard him choke on his food. The three of us held a seemingly ordinary conversation, but I knew that under the table, things were heating up. Neither Jeannie nor my uncle touched their food except for occasionally playing with it as they talked, and when I'd finished eating, I figured it was time for me to leave. Besides, I had a plan. "Excuse me, guys" I said, getting up from my seat. "I just remembered I told Ted I'd call him about tonight. I'll be back in ten." I looked at Jeannie and winked, letting her know that I was okay. I hurried away, trying not to run and I breathed a sigh of relief as I got to the kitchen hallway and out of their line of sight. My heart was pounding as I quietly opened the basement door and slipped down the steps. My plan was getting clearer as I went down the stairs. I didn't flip the lights on, but instead walked slowly towards the casement window on the pool side of the house. Peeking through the closed curtain, I smiled, knowing that my plan was a good one. Unbeknownst to Jeannie and my uncle, the table they were sitting at was directly outside the window which I now stood at. By pulling the curtain apart slightly, I had a full view of the "undertable" activities. And what a wonderful view it was!! Jeannie's foot was resting on Jack's knee and was moving back and forth like a metronome. Obviously she felt comfortable in the fact that I wouldn't be returning for quite a while. As I watched, her foot moved to the inside of Jack's leg and she started to gently rub his thigh with her toes. Jack's cock was clearly visible. A full two thirds of his pole was sticking out from the leg of his shorts...and it was enormous! The head was at least as big as Ted's and was shiny from the pre-come leaking from it's head. I licked my lips at the sight of the thick eight inch length. Being able to just enjoy the sight of that hard cock, kind of without a person attached, helped my deal with the mixed feelings I was having about my uncle. I was incredibly turned on! I looked to my left as Jeannie slouched further into her seat and saw her nightshirt ride up and over her hips. As I watched, I saw her hand reach down and undo the last button of her shirt. I knew that her tits were now completely exposed to my uncle's eyes. Probably my uncle had no idea, but Jeannie was sitting across from him with her pussy completely exposed too! I groaned at the sight and watched as my best friend slid her foot higher up my uncle's leg! "This is too hot!" I whispered to myself. I hurriedly reached behind me and pulled a high stool from the bar over to the window. I unbuttoned my nightshirt and sat almost naked in the stool, anxiously awaiting the sight of Jeannie's foot reaching Jack's dripping cock. I was so turned on I was close to coming right there...without even touching myself! I propped my feet against the window ledge, and brought my hands up to cup my heaving breasts. I closed my eyes as a feeling of pure sex washed over me. I squeezed my thighs together and opened my eyes again, afraid to miss even one juicy moment. Jeannie's hand was on her own thigh, rubbing lightly, and her leg was completely extended. But even slouched down in her chair as far as she was, the table was just too wide for her to reach my uncle's straining cock. I knew that she was frustrated. She continued to rub Jack's thigh with her foot, and started to slide her hand up her thigh, getting closer and closer to her exposed pussy. I followed her motions with my hand and cupped my pussy as Jeannie's hands reached her own wetness. Then my uncle surprised both of us! I noticed his legs tense up and then his butt scooted down as he slouched down in his chair. The motion brought his cock to within an inch of Jeannie's probing foot! I don't think that she realized how close she was to her goal, and my uncle decided to take the initiative. I saw his hand reach under the table, but instead of reaching for her foot, he first went to the top of his shorts. I gasped as I saw him unbutton the top button and slide his zipper down to his crotch! The end of his cock was still trapped in the leg of his shorts but the top of his pole was now naked and as exposed as Jeannie's cunt! I would have given anything to have been able to hear their conversation above the tabletop! Jeannie finally stretched and made a glancing contact with the head of Jack's cock. I saw her leg tense up and then relax as the contact surprised her. Then, getting her bearings, she started a slow rhythmic stroke on the head of Jack's cock. Her legs spread when she reached her goal and I saw a finger slide into her slick pussy. I knew then that conversation had most likely stopped by this time. Jack's hand moved down and I groaned again as I saw him pull his cock out from it's prison and let it sway freely against Jeannie's foot. After stroking himself a few times, my uncle used his hand to press his cock fully against Jeannie's foot, and start to fuck it up and down. Jeannie was getting hotter and I saw her slide two more fingers into her pussy. Her hips pumped as she fucked herself with her hand. Suddenly I saw Jack's foot enter my line of vision. While I'd been watching Jeannie fingerfuck herself, he'd slipped his shoes of and was returning her favor by sliding his foot up her leg! I saw him jump when his foot came into contact with Jeannie's hand, and jump again even more when Jeannie, without missing a beat, grasped Jack's foot in her hand and drew it towards her wet cunt. I choked on my breath as I watched my uncle gently rub Jeannie's clit with his toes. He turned his foot a little sideways and I moaned as he slid his big toe into her wetness. I saw her pussy hungrily suck his big toe inside, and her legs spread wide as Jack fucked her with his foot. When Jeannie moved her left foot up to join her right at Jack's crotch, the picture was complete. Bending her leg over Jack's she trapped his dripping cock between her two feet and began to pump her feet slowly, his cock sliding between her insteps. I couldn't believe my eyes! My own pussy was dripping wetly now and I was furiously thrusting three fingers in and out, rubbing my clitoris with my other hand. I'd never in my life been this wet or this loose. I felt as if I could plunge my whole hand up into my cunt and fist-fuck myself! The only thing that stopped me from actually trying such a crazy idea was that I'd have to stop watching the show upstairs!! And it was getting too hot for that now! Jack was fucking his cock into Jeannie's feet and trying to simultaneously fuck his toes into her pussy! By now, she had both hands wrapped around his thrusting foot, and was grinding her cunt against his thrusts. I felt as if I was watching a silent movie for there was no sound at all except for the occasional muffled groan. I knew they were trying to keep the noise down so as not to alert me. If they only knew!! Jack's hands moved down to grip his chair cushion. This allowed him to lift further off the seat and I knew he was close to coming. He was fucking his cock into Jeanie's clutching feet, faster and faster, higher and higher, until he thrust upwards and I heard another muffled exclamation. He grasped Jeannie's feet and pushed them together forcefully. The movement, and the position of Jeannie's leg over his own aimed the head of his cock directly at the window I was looking out of!! My hand was a blur as my fingers fucked in and out of my cunt. I felt my orgasm rising up inside of me as I focused my attention on the end of my uncle's pistoning cock. His juices were pouring out of his tiny slit and covering Jeannie's feet with shimmering pre-come. And, as I felt my climax overtake my senses, my uncle's cock erupted and sent a huge load of semen straight at me! If we hadn't had the window separating us, his first blast would have been a direct hit on my face! As it was, he hit the screen. His semen dripped down and blocked my view. I hurriedly moved closer to the window not wanting to miss a single beautiful blast from that cock. I wasn't disappointed as his prick continued to spew it's treasure all over Jeanie's feet. Jack was making no pretense of hiding their activities now, and with both hands on his chair cushion, he was fucking hard into Jeannie's feet, covering them with wet semen. Jeannie, meanwhile had slumped down into her chair so far that I could see her face from my hiding place. Her shirt was open and at her sides and her breasts were heaving, covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her eyes were shut, and she had both of her hands in her lap. One holding Jack's foot tight in her pussy, and the other rubbing her clitoris savagely. Her head was moving left and right and I knew she was coming on my uncle's foot. My own juices were flowing over my stabbing fingers as a huge orgasmic wave washed over me. I closed my eyes as I peaked and slumped into my chair. My whole body was tingling and I felt I was going to pass out. I think I'd stopped breathing ten minutes ago! As if in a dream, I brought my hand up to my face a licked my juices from my fingers. The taste and the smell made me think of Jeannie and I opened my eyes to see what was happening "poolside". Jack's cock, although shrinking was still a formidable sight as he continued to slowly fuck it in and out of Jeannie's feet. He'd dropped his foot from her bush, and Jeannie had replaced it with her fingers, slowly sliding two of them in and out. Her eyes were closed and she wore a dreamy, satisfied smile on her lips. She began to stir, and as she roused herself, her eyes opened and focused directly on me! She jumped, and I heard her startled scream even through the closed window! I was too surprised to move and could do nothing but stand there, my come slick fingers in my mouth, and my face pressed against the glass! Jeannie started to laugh and I saw her draw herself up in her chair, obviously trying to explain what had just happened to my uncle. They both laughed then, and I knew that she had covered for me. Jack would die if he knew I'd watched Jeannie jerk him off with her feet! As it was, her scream had broken the trance-like mood they'd been in, and they both were nervously trying to straighten up. My uncle was trying in vain to stuff his cock back into his shorts, but I think the thought of what had just happened was feeding into his brain. What he was attempting to stuff into his shorts was a full blown, delicious looking hard-on! My mouth watered with the thought that he was ready for more as quickly as that. He'd just come only five minutes ago! Hey! My uncle was a stud! The thought entered my mind that I'd absolutely love to help him "put it away". Then I immediately got flushed when I remembered it was my uncle I was thinking about. Geez, I was losing it here! Jeannie was having an easier time of it, buttoning her shirt and adjusting her posture. I grinned as I closed the curtain.

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The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER SIX

Ted and I climbed into the shower first, taking time to adjust the temperature and the flow until it was perfect. Just this side of scalding, and a spray strong enough to massage your skin and muscle. I breathed a deep sigh as the hot water washed Al's sticky come from my tits. I hugged Ted's muscular body to mine and kissed him passionately. I was deeply grateful that he wasn't jealous or upset at me for sucking Al's cock. It was just being caught up in the moment I had explained. And after all, the four of us were as close to each other as friends could possibly get. We knew each others secrets and fears, their likes and dislikes, as well as we each knew our own. Tonight, we'd just taken that love and trust to another level. And I didn't want to come down! As for Ted, as he had come around the kitchen table with his reborn hard-on waving to me...after only two minutes ago showering Jeannie's body with his come, I knew that he had enjoyed watching me suck the come from Al's cock just as much as I had enjoyed doing it! I hugged Ted as hard as I could in the shower now, loving the feel of the hot water washing over us. I was also feeling Ted's prick sneaking up between my legs. "Geez," I said, "Doesn't it ever go down?" "I guess you have the right moves to keep it up!" Ted replied. "You've got me hotter than I've ever been in my life Trace. I love what you do!" His cock was at full staff now, and I relished the feeling of it as he slid it between my grasping thighs. The soap made him slippery as he fucked my legs. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the overall feeling of the steam, and the spray, and his cock... A couple of minutes later, we were joined by Al and Jeannie. I guess they took some time to talk things over just as Ted and I had. By the smiles on their faces, I could see that everything was fine. They got their own shower head to the right temp and flow and started to soap each other down. Al's cock was flaccid now, but he was wide awake again, and feeling his oats. Jeannie, as usual, looked gorgeous with the water washing over her magnificent tits. I wondered when our time would come...


It was fair to say that the bathroom was almost the largest room in the house. The only exception was the living room. Ted's uncle loved to "entertain" the ladies, and he knew that one way to impress a lady was with a bath room right out of the fantasy magazines. Well, this bath room fit the bill to a "T". Under it's greenhouse like glass roof, it was filled with large plants and tropical foliage, giving one the feeling of being in a jungle. Two walls were covered with floor to ceiling mirrors, which added to the illusion of being in a jungle, doubling in your mind's eye, the size of the room and the number of plants. The other two walls were huge sliding glass doors that opened with the push of a button, to allow access to the lawn outside and the woods beyond. Ted's uncle owned 145 acres surrounding his "hideaway", so there was never any problem with privacy or worries about too much noise. Inside the room, you could lie back and luxuriate in the Jaccuzi tub which comfortably fit six adults, take a private bath in the smaller whirlpool tub, or, as we were doing enjoy the shower area, which could, conceivably, hold eight. It was HUGE! The shower really was just a area in the middle of the room. Sunken about four inches, with a drain in the middle, the area had four separate shower heads with separate controls for each. These jutted out from four pillars that ran floor to ceiling. The pillars were almost covered in ivy-like vines, and at the top of each was a floodlight that shown into the shower area, and each light was controlled by a rheostat dimmer, keeping the mood romantic. Just as important as all the rest was the ventilation system. According to Ted, his uncle had spent close to ten thousand dollars installing a system of fans and ducts that, when switched on, kept the moisture away from the mirrors, glass walls, and the ceiling. The end result was such that you could look up from a steaming hot bath or shower and see a sky FULL of stars. Or, you could use the mirrors however you wanted to, or gaze out into the woods beyond, where occasionally, a deer or two would peer back at you. It was all just TOO beautiful! Amazingly, no one even came close to an orgasm in the shower. I think we were all just enjoying the erotic feeling of the hot water on our skin. Ted's cock was hard as a rock again, and Jeannie had a hard time keeping her eyes off it, but she controlled herself and concentrated on soaping her body, and soaping Al's cock. Soon Al, too, was back to full staff. The stamina of these guys was fantastic! Already, counting the theater, which was only two hours ago, they had both come three times and here they were, ready for action again!

********************************************** **********************************************

I wandered outside the bath, through the sliding glass door and shivered as the cool night air hit my nakedness. I felt my nipples harden as a chill washed over me. I'd never, in my life been outside like this...naked to the world, feeling the chill air skim over my tits and between my legs. As hot as I was this night, The air and the woods only added to it. I sat in one of the patio chairs and listened to my friends playing in the shower. Never had I felt so peaceful and at ease. Love and trust was flowing amongst us all and I was caught up in something I really didn't understand, but really didn't need to understand. It was easier and simpler just to let it flow. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had finally admitted to myself that I really enjoyed acting like a slut. I'd certainly had these feeling before, but rarely out loud, never in action, and even thinking about them I felt a bit guilty. Tonight, I'd allowed myself to open up...mentally and physically...and found that I had friends who felt the same passions, who enjoyed the same abandon, who enjoyed acting like sluts also! I wasn't wrong after all...and, more importantly...I wasn't alone. I sat in the night with my reflections. At peace at last. Except for the burning desire I was wallowing in. There was no peace in that. Just hot desire that only sex could cool. I smiled as I thought of how much we'd changed in the past few hours. Sex was nothing new to Ted and I, but this level certainly was. The changes, of course, seemed quite positive, and surely seemed to agree with Ted. His cock seemed to have a life of it's own. Or, maybe, nine lives.... The last time that Ted had come this many times in an evening was the night after our night at the drive-in. The night after I'd watched Jeannie jerk Al off in the backseat for the first time. It ad been Jeannie, in the back seat of Ted's mom's station wagon, who had been the first to pull a guys hard cock into the open and into her hand. It was our second double date with Ted and Al, and just the next night after our first date together. I'd been dating Ted for about three months, and Jeannie had been going out with Al for about two. We'd spent many nights together over the last few weeks, discussing our respective boyfriends, and what we'd done on our dates. Jeannie and I were running pretty much on parallel tracks when it came to sexual fulfillment. If she told me that Al had unhooked her bra, and played with her tits, then the next opportunity I had, I'd allow Ted the same "privilege". That way, neither one of us got too far "ahead", so to speak. It was a game we'd been playing for years, only now, it involved real guys, and real cocks! Anyway, last night after our first double date, I'd told Jeannie that I had unzipped Ted's pants, and felt his cock with my fingers! We were parked in Ted's mom's car. I'd been rubbing his hard prick through his trousers, and he was playing with my tits through my sweater. It was really as far as we ever went, but this night, I was feeling especially hot from Ted's hands. I fell in love with Ted's ability to caress my breasts "just the right way". Anyway, I was in the front seat with Ted, and his hands were rhythmically squeezing my breasts through my sweater. I couldn't get the image of his cock out of my head, and without even thinking about it, I moved my hand up, and pulled his zipper down in one steady motion. I continued to rub him on the outside of his pants, but moved my thumb into the opening. Ted moaned as my thumb grazed his naked cock! He hadn't worn any underwear that night, and with my thumb I felt hair and wetness along his shaft. I was moving my hand awkwardly, cause this was the first time for me. But as I was moving around to get my hand into his opening, I felt him tense up, and hold his breath. As he pumped his hips into my hand, I reached my fingers into his pants and felt his cock in my hand for the first time! I felt him twitching, and I figured he was coming off in his pants. I explored a bit with my fingers, and I felt his sticky come covering his pole. It felt so thick and hot! I felt so powerful knowing that I was making him come by just touching him! I was so hot! Jeannie, of course, beat me up about the fact that I didn't pull his cock out, and jerk him off. "Chicken...!", she taunted me good naturedly. "I would have at least wrapped my hand around it, Trace...Geez, what a wimp!" I was getting a bit pissed off with her jeering, even if she was just playing. "Well" I said to her. "I didn't see you jerking anyone off, Miss Sophisticate. What happened to all of YOUR bravery?!!" Jeannie looked at me as an idea formed in her head. "Well, we've got the drive-in tomorrow night don't we? Maybe I'll just show you there..." Her eyes got a lustful look. "Really, Jeannie...?" I stammered. "Do you think..." "What did it feel like?" Jeannie was all action now, and wanted the details. We spent a good part of the night sitting in bed talking about hard cocks, and how to jerk them off. I'd never seen his cock, actually, but I had many images to draw from, thanks to Jeannie's frequent borrowing from her parents huge X-rated video library. Pretty much every weekend Jeannie and I would get together in my room and watch her newest selection. We'd often do this in the afternoon, before our dates with the guys, and that's where our little competition started. Jeannie would get extremely hot during these viewings, as would I, and often we'd end up masturbating ourselves slowly as we stared at the screen. Most of the films involved fucking, and, at that time, we knew we weren't ready for that. Maybe in a few years, or hell, maybe in a few months, but not now. We both agreed on that. Besides, there were so many alternatives! The films offered us a wonderful glimpse into the alternative worlds of sex, and that's what really got us going. Whenever a new situation would present itself that looked hot but didn't involve actual fucking, we'd look at each other and smile. Then we'd argue about who would do that first to her boyfriend, or who would allow her boyfriend to do that to her. Some things, like cocksucking, took some mental getting used to...especially when we'd see the cock shooting come all over a girls face or chest. Not that we found the distasteful, in fact it looked fucking HOT! It was just that logistically it looked difficult. Most of our "sessions" with the guys took place at the movies, or at the drive-in. We'd rarely have an opportunity to use someone's house, and we were NEVER naked. So to have a cock shoot like that meant some messy clothes to explain to our parents when we got home. I didn't think I was ready to suck Ted's cock but I'd been thinking about it for a while... Anyway, Jeannie and I would watch these fuck films, sometimes for hours before we went out, and would challenge each other to do certain things. Naturally, at first, it was the simple things like "letting him feel your tits", or, "letting him feel your thigh...THIS high..." Lately, it had progressed to feeling the guys cocks under our hands and feeling their hands on our naked tits. Jeannie was the first one to let Al open her blouse and unhook her bra, but at least I was the first to feel a naked cock, even if I didn't take it out and jerk Ted off! Jeannie did concede that, after we finished jousting with each other. And she admitted that I was also the first to feel real come on my fingers, and to smell it. By the time we got to sleep, we were worn out and very, very horny. I went to sleep thinking about the next evening, and dreamed all night of Ted's pumping cock shooting off in my hands. I was nervous, but more excited than I'd ever been! "You okay, babe...?" Ted's voice cut through my reminiscing. "You've been out here for quite a while...I got worried." The sincerity in Ted's voice made me shiver again. "Yeah, Ted...I'm really great." I replied, turning to face him. He was standing in the doorway, leaning out to talk. I grinned as I noticed his hard cock jutting out from his waist. "I'm fine, lover. Just flashing back on some of the fun we've had this year. Remember the drive-in...?" I grinned as Ted's cock jumped. "I was just remembering the first time I jerked you off..." "Yeah....I do remember. That was quite a weekend. And this is another one, lover...C'mon in and let's make a new memory!" Ted was grinning from ear to ear. He was obviously having the best time of his life. Come to think of it, so was I! We shared a moment, then I turned back to my thoughts. I was enjoying this re-living of the past. "I'll be in in a minute or two..." I said to him. I turned to glance again at his pole. "But keep that thing warm for me, huh?" Ted groaned with a smile and slid the door shut. I went back to that first night at the drive-in.



So here we were, it was Saturday night and we were steaming up the windows once more in Ted's mom's station wagon. Ted and I were in the front seat, and Al and Jeannie were in the back. I was lying on my back with my head in Ted's lap and he was doing his best to stick his tongue down my throat. I could feel the heat and hardness of his cock against my neck. His hands were working their magic on my breasts as he kissed me. I moaned when I felt him working on the buttons of my blouse, so duly encouraged, Ted proceeded to unbutton every one, pausing occasionally to see if I was going to stop him. Stopping him tonight was the last thing on my mind!! I couldn't wait to feel his warm hands playing over my tits. In fact, I even reached down, untucked my blouse, and unbuttoned the final button that had been hidden in my skirt! I felt his cock jump, and he moaned into my open mouth. As Ted kissed me passionately, I moved my head back and forth on his hard-on. The motion of my head on his cock made him even hotter, and he kissed me deeper, making my head move even more! My mind was torn between thinking about his cock being my pillow, and thinking about his hands on my tits. I was panting like a racehorse, I was so hot! Ted's tongue was moving in and out of my mouth as I sucked frantically on it. With my eyes closed, I was imagining that it was a cock in my mouth rather than a tongue. The thought made me shiver with excitement and suck harder on Ted's tongue, trying to draw it deeper into my mouth. Suddenly I felt both of Ted's hands close over my breasts. I moaned loudly, knowing that Jeannie was listening to us, but mostly because Ted's hands felt so damn good! My legs were opening and closing involuntarily, and I felt the night air on my legs as my skirt fell away from my thighs. His cock jumped beneath my head as I felt him turn his head to look at my legs. I knew he could see the new black panties I'd worn! I was so fucking hot knowing that I was lying with my head in Ted's lap, with my blouse unbuttoned and open, and my skirt around my waist! I was close to naked in his arms!! I groaned at the thought, and worked my head against Ted's hard-on. I turned my head to the side, and I could feel his cock against my cheek. My mind raced as I worked my tongue against the inside of my cheek, feeling his cock through the skin. I knew that he could feel my tongue against his hard cock, and I turned my head back to face him giving him a mischievous smile. During this time Ted's hands didn't miss a beat. His left met his right in the middle of my bra, and I knew what was next. I looked him in the eye as I felt my center clasp give way, and groaned loudly as I felt my tits spill into view. Ted dove down immediately and sucked my right nipple into his mouth. I groaned again, and pushed my tit into his face. At the same time I shook my head vigorously from side to side against his cock. Ted sucked one of my nipples and covered my other tit with his left hand, as I felt his right hand moving along the seat. I smiled against his lips as I imagined where it was going... Then I felt it on my knee. Ted rested his hand there for a moment, and then slowly started to move up my leg. His hand felt wonderful on my naked thigh. When he reached about half way up my leg, I slammed my legs shut, trapping his hand. He immediately tried to with draw his hand but I held it fast! He opened his eyes and looked in mine, a quizzically guilty expression on his face. He thought he'd been "caught", but I was looking for emphasis. I smiled up at him and slowly opened my legs, spreading them until my left leg hit the dash, and my right hit the seat back. I pumped my hips off the seat, making my skirt fall further upwards and exposing the small expanse of skin between my panties and the waistband of my skirt. I wantonly offered my panty covered pussy to his probing hand. I felt so sexy being this exposed to him. I felt my pussy getting wet with anticipation, and underneath my panties, I could feel my lips parting and opening as I spread my legs as wide as I could. Ted's eyes widened as far as my legs! I think that both of us were getting shocked by my boldness! But both of us were enjoying it too! His hand slid up my leg until I felt him against my pussy. This was a first for both of us, and I for one, was impossibly turned on. I started to come as soon as I felt the back of Ted's hand against my lips. My hips started to pump as Ted turned his hand and cupped my mound. I reached down and covered his hand with mine, pulling him closer to my cunt. I know he must have felt my wetness as I came against his hand. I was in ecstasy!! His middle finger pushed my panties into my cunt as I pulled him closer. I was coming like I'd never come before against his finger. I wanted so badly for him to move my panties aside and slide his finger into my pussy. But just the thought of that was triggering an orgasm that totally incapacitated me. I just pumped my hips against Ted's hand and moaned repeatedly into his mouth. This was the first time in my life that a hand other than my own had caused me to have an orgasm!! I was almost laughing out loud as I fucked my pussy into Ted's hand! I felt glorious! I kissed Ted's neck, and held his hand still as my orgasm subsided. As I came to my senses, I was suddenly aware of Ted's hips pumping into the back of my head. "Poor guy..." I thought and I smiled at him. I knew he was ready to explode from the heat! I thought back to the conversation that Jeannie and I had last night (and all through today...) about jerking a guy off. I had one thought in my mind then. And that was unzipping Ted's pants, taking out his cock and jerking him off until he came. I imagined him shooting off in high spurting arcs that landed all around us... I'd never seen a real cock shoot, cause I'd never really jerked a boy off, but I'd seen plenty of shooting cocks in the videos Jeannie and I watched. And then, I "remembered" Jeannie and Al in the backseat. Of course, I knew they were there all along, but I hadn't been thinking about them. I'd been distracted... I kissed Ted, and sat up, hugging my knees as another wave of pleasure washed over me. I turned and fell into Ted's waiting arms. My naked tits burned against his chest as I kissed him deeply. At the same time, I glanced over the top of the seat and snuck a peek at Jeannie and Al. The heat continued as I saw them locked in a passionately sexual embrace. Al's hands were inside Jeannie's blouse, and her hand was in Al's lap stroking his hard cock. I reached my hand down and laid it on Ted's thigh. He moaned as I slid higher, knowing what I was going after. I felt like a queen as I confidently kept moving upwards until I felt his balls next to my hand. Not pausing for a moment, I kept moving until I felt his long hard cock under my hand. I felt his wetness even through his pants, and knew that he was close to coming. I stroked his cock slowly, up and down, wanting it to last a little longer for him. I know that my hand on his cock had made Ted come in his pants on other occasions, but this time I wanted more. Ted moaned in appreciation on my handiwork. I continued to pump him through his pants, but my eyes and my attention shifted to the back seat, where Jeannie and Al were going at it, hot and heavy! Jeannie was stroking Al's cock through his jeans, and I started matching her, move for move, slowly stroking Ted's cock and enjoying his gentle caresses on my tits. The windows were so steamed up that we couldn't have seen the movie if we had to! Suddenly, I saw Jeannie's left hand join her right in Al's lap. I heard his sharp intake of breath as she used two hands on his hardness. I saw her fingers move to unbutton his pants and I knew she was going in "for the kill". She looked up and smiled when she saw me watching. She slowly pulled Al's zipper down as far as it would go. I realized then that Jeannie had been waiting for me to peek over the seat! She was determined to be the first of us to hold a cock in her hand! And she wanted me to witness it! She smiled her most delighted smile at me, and reached into Al's pants. "Two can play this game" I thought. I smiled back at her and slid my hand up Ted's cock. I undid his belt, making certain to make plenty of noise with the buckle, and undid the top button on his pants. Ted was panting now, and moaning softly. His hips kept up their pumping motion into my hand. I looked back as I heard Al groan. He was moving his hands over Jeannie's chest and I noticed that one of her breasts had escaped it's confinement. I knew that Jeannie had Al's cock in her hand, but I couldn't see anything! I grasped Ted's zipper and slowly pulled it down. In a repeat of last nights "performance", I slid three finger into his opening, keeping an eye on Jeannie and Al. I just played my fingertips over the surface of Ted's hardness, loving the feeling of his hot skin under my hand. I left his cock in his pants though, I wanted to watch Jeannie first... And, I wanted my full attention on Ted as I made him come. I didn't want to miss that! She and Al were both extremely excited. And so was I! Al unhooked Jeannie's front clasp of her bra, and her tits spilled out into his waiting hands. Immediately he dove down and sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hand encircling her right tit at the same time. I heard Jeannie moan and her head tilted back, as Al nibbled her nipple. I could see her elbow moving and knew she was pumping his cock, but she'd lost control, and I'd lost my view! I felt like yelling at Al to move the hell out of the way so I could see Jeannie jerk him off, but realized that would upset the whole apple cart. To say nothing about upsetting Ted. I'm sure he'd have been a little distressed to know that my attention was focused on his best friend's cock and not his own! Anyway, I kept my composure. Luckily, Jeannie came down from her high, and realized that Al was blocking my view. She whispered in his ear and he released her breast. He looked a little confused but Jeannie had him sit back in his seat and she continued to stroke his cock slowly. She kissed him to put him at ease, and then, releasing his cock, and sitting back against the door, she reached up and deftly slipped her blouse off her shoulders. Both Al and I had a sharp intake of breath as she did this, and that made Jeannie smile. She also removed her unhooked bra, and leaned back, giving Al a full view of her naked tits. Jeannie was totally naked from the waist up now, and her skirt had ridden up her legs to expose her thighs and her red panties. Still smiling, her face showing that she was caught up in the lust filled moment, she brought her long blond hair over her shoulders and covered her tits with it. Then, shutting her eyes, she started to squeeze her breasts through her hair. She was moaning softly and undulating her body like a belly dancer. Al started stroking his cock as he watched Jeannie, and my hand reached further into Ted's pants. Jeannie was outdoing herself tonight. She was turning me on immensely, to say nothing about poor Al! He was panting heavily by now and his cock was jumping all by itself. Acting calm and collected, Jeannie put her bra into her purse, and then slipped her blouse back over her shoulders. She left it unbuttoned, though, and flipped the sides away so her tits were still exposed. Then she smiled and moved her hand up to grip Al's cock again. It glistened with dripping pre-come juice as Jeannie's hand worked it up and down. Al just slouched down into his seat, and let her have her way... She turned her head slightly and, catching my eye, she smiled broadly, then turned her attention back to Al. The end result of her performance was that now Al was sitting straight back in his seat. His desire to suck and lick Jeannie's tits had been replaced with his desire to have Jeannie stroke his naked cock with her hand. And the other result was that I now had a dead on, unobstructed view of Jeannie jerking her boyfriend off! God, she was slick! The girl never ceased to amaze me. Jeannie smiled at me again and winked as she pumped the full length of Al's cock for my benefit. Her hand was sheathed with the wet film of Al's pre-come, and it was making slick wet noises as she pumped him off. Her own panting was increasing. I knew she was getting as turned on as Al, just knowing she was going to bring him off! My own hand continued to stroke Ted's hard cock inside his pants. I was tempted to follow Jeannie's lead and open his pants and pull his cock out, but I was still just a little nervous. Plus, I was engrossed with watching Jeannie and Al. She was first, I would give her that, but I took comfort in the knowledge that I'd be jerking Ted off in a minute or two. First, though, I wanted to see Jeannie jerk Al off! I couldn't wait to see his cock shoot! It was like watching a movie! Ted's warm hands felt wonderful on my naked tits, and I got an idea. I'd at least follow one lead of Jeannie's. Removing my hand from Ted's cock, I leaned back against the passenger door. Ted got the same confused look on his face that Al had gotten. So far so good I thought with a smile. Looking over at Ted, I reached up and opened my blouse, exposing my tits to his stare. I moved both hands up and cupped my breasts, bringing a groan from his lips. Then I grabbed the sides of my blouse and as Jeannie had done, slowly pulled it off my shoulders. As an extra touch, I leaned forward and handed it to Ted, who's mouth was hanging open. I loved the "power" even then. Next I pulled my arms through the straps of my bra and removed that. I felt so sexy to be this naked in front of him. It was dark in the car, and he certainly didn't have a clear view, but I'm also sure that his imagination made up for what his eyes were missing! "Can I have that, now..." I purred. My hands were covering my tits, but were squeezing them at the same time. "Thanks" I said when Ted handed me my blouse. He was moving like a zombie. He couldn't believe his eyes. I was getting so hot by teasing him and turning him on like this! I noticed that his cock had escaped the confines of his trousers and was sticking in the air like a redwood tree! It glistened in the light from the dashboard. I took my time putting my arms through the sleeves to allow him a clear as possible view. Then, like Jeannie had, I slipped it on and flipped the sides back. "That's much better..." I whispered to Ted, moving into his arms. I reached over and encircled his cock with my hand, relishing the slippery feel of his juices as they squeezed through my fingers. I was holding a hard, naked cock in my hand! The feeling was awesome! I looked into Ted's eyes and started to jerk him off. The power I felt, holding his huge hard-on, was fantastic. I chided myself for waiting this long for something this good. He groaned out loud as his cock slid through my clutching hand. I started to pump faster, wanting to feel him come in my hand. I'd made Ted come in his pants before, but I'd never held a cock in my hand, to say nothing of a spurting one!! I was getting majorly excited. I looked back at Jeannie who was vigorously pumping Al's cock. She was looking back at me, having heard Ted's groans as I pumped his prick. She leaned back so I could see her hand. Her eyes were wild with lust. I moaned as she started to stroke her boyfriends cock. She looked at me and smiled, but then focused her gaze on the cock in her hand. It was the first real hard cock that either one of us had seen, except for in X-rated movies, and I didn't blame her for giving it her full attention. As she continued to stroke his cock, Jeannie leaned over and started kissing Al passionately, shoving her long tongue into his mouth. At the same time she offered her tits to his exploring hands. I focused on Al's cock in her hand and saw it glisten with pre-come leakage. Jeannie moaned as she felt his wetness in her hand, and she jerked him off faster. All of a sudden Al's cock was spurting into the air!! Jeannie was as surprised as I was, and let out a loud squeal! "Oh, wow! AL! Oh, yeah...!" She was whispering, but whispering loud enough so I'm sure Ted heard her. Al's come shot out of the end of his cock like a firehose with no one manning it. Most of it stayed in his lap, but the first spray had struck Jeannie's shoulder and was dripping between her tits, soaking into her blouse. She looked as shocked as Al when all this happened, and both of them were breathing as hard as locomotives when Al came in her hand. She finished jerking him off with a huge, proud grin on her face! Jeannie told me later that she felt as if she'd just climbed a high mountain, or finished a marathon. It was such a sense of accomplishment! She also said that she loved it! And once again she'd beaten me to a sex goal. "But not by much..." I smiled to myself as I turned my head to watch Ted's cock fucking my hand. Ted was close, I could feel it. I kissed him passionately, sucking and biting his tongue, and then sat back in my seat. "Now I'm going to jerk you off, Ted Burgess!" I thought to myself. I gripped his pole and started to jackhammer my fist up and down. I used my right hand so that Jeannie could see my shoulder moving. She knew I was jerking Ted off, but she couldn't see a thing! She must have been SO frustrated!! I loved it! I kept my attention focused on Ted's cock as it appeared and disappeared through my fist. His copious pre-come was pouring from his slit. My hand felt as if I'd grabbed a stick of butter! He was groaning steadily now, oblivious of the fact that others were in the car. I pumped him hard until I felt his body stiffen, and heard his sharp intake of air. It was my introduction to what the magazines call "copious amounts of semen". I've since gotten used to the amount of come that spills from Ted's cock, but this firsat time was a shocker! I'd just seen Al come, and his first shot had hit Jeannie's shoulder. But the rest of his ejaculation had fallen neatly into her hand. I expected a similar thing to happen as I jerked Ted's cock. Ted's first shot struck the ceiling of the station wagon and made a huge wet stain in the fabric! I looked up in awe as my eyes followed the shot, marveling at the distance his juice had traveled. My hand kept it's stroking though. I jerked him off as fast as I could, and his come just poured out of his cock! My hand was covered with thick semen, and he was still shooting into the air. On his third pump, I had his cock away from his belly, but pointed back. Ted groaned loudly and shot a load of sperm high into the air. It skimmed my cheek, and that made me smile, and I saw the rest sail over my shoulder, and over the seat back! I heard Jeannie moan and then giggle. She couldn't see, but she was certainly enjoying the sounds. And I think she'd just felt Ted's come land on her! I looked back and she was staring back at me with a huge grin. This was so exciting! My blouse was soaked with sweat and semen, and Ted's whole front looked like someone had hit him with a water balloon!! I continued to stroke his softening prick and savored the feel of his come in my hand. The smells that filled the car were hypnotic. I smiled at Ted and reached into the glove compartment for the box of tissues I knew were there. I wiped my cheek, and smelled Ted's potent come as my right hand passed near my nose. I smiled at Ted as I wiped his come off my face and then my hands. I couldn't stop grinning as I handed the tissues to him, and I started to button my blouse. My first hand job!! And my first outside induced orgasm! What a night. I kissed Ted and suggested that we get home. I think he would have agreed to jump from a moving train at that moment! He nodded dumbly as he tucked his still formidable dick into his pants. He'd tried to wipe up some of the come on his shirt, but it was a losing battle. He'd have some fancy talking to do when he walked into his house! I grinned at the thought and curled up next to him. I rubbed his thigh absentmindedly as I reran the last few minutes through my memory. I wasn't tired, but I couldn't WAIT to talk to Jeannie about tonight! I was too fucking excited!! Jeannie and I had sat up all that night talking about how Al's cock felt as he came off in her hand at the drive-in. She was in heaven! I described Ted's cock to her, and how surprised I was when he kept shooting his come. "My blouse was covered, and my tits were soaked!", I recalled with wonder. "Where the hell does it all come from anyway??!!" "When he shot the last time, Some landed on my arm" Jeannie said dreamily. "I'm glad Al didn't notice, but it made me jump." "Yeah, I heard you..." I replied. "Boy, I can't wait to do that again!!" "Well, Al and I are going out tomorrow night. He's got his dad's car and we're just gonna cruise around. You guys could join us if you don't mind the back seat..." Jeannie smiled as she said that. "I kind of enjoyed the back seat tonight" I said softly. "Did I do okay, Trace?" Jeannie asked seriously. "It turns me on when you're watching...god, I get so hot!" I could hear the uncertainty in her voice. "Is that weird...or what?" We were sitting on the bed in my room. Jeannie was spending the night as she usually did on weekends. We had just showered and were sitting with towels wrapped around ourselves. Jeannie was combing her long blond hair as she spoke in whispers. I put my arm around her shoulder and hugged her to me. "Well, my friend" I said reassuringly, "If it's weird, then we're both weird. I loved every moment! Watching you jerk Al off was hot, but watching you turn him on was even hotter!" I was getting excited as I recalled her "show". "When you covered your tits with your hair and started to moan, I thought I was gonna lose it right there, Jeannie. I've never been as turned on as I was watching you tonight." "So I guess if that's weird, then we're both a little off" I said laughing. "But I for one am not about to change. I'm enjoying it too much to worry about why!!" Jeannie breathed a long sigh and hugged me back. "Thanks buddy" she said. "I feel a lot better, now." I kissed her on the cheek and stood up. My towel unravelled and fell to the floor, and I bent to pick it up. "And I'm kind of looking forward to the backseat tomorrow night." I said as I straightened up. I rewrapped my towel slowly, adjusting it just right and giving Jeannie a teasing view of my naked body. Her eyes danced from my tits to my pubic hair and she smiled back at me. "Oh yeah?" she said, leaning back on the bed. "And why is that, Trace?" The movement made her own towel open slightly, giving me a tantalizing view of the curve of her tits. I sat on the bed next to her. "Well, let's just say that it's your turn to drive, and leave it at that shall we?" She looked at me with a puzzled smile, and then grinned. We both loved teasing each other so our conversation ended there. We finished drying our hair and climbed into bed. At that point in our lives, Jeannie and I had never yet enjoyed a full sexual encounter, but our teasing each other let me know that it was something I might want to explore. As we pulled the covers over our bodies, I felt Jeannie scoot a little closer. I felt her hot thigh touch mine as we settled in. "Goodnight, Trace..." she whispered. "Goodnight, Jeannie...Thanks for tonight. It was a gas." "Yeah...." she replied softly. We both drifted off to sleep. My dreams that night were filled with hard cocks, and come covered bodies...and, quite often, visions of Jeannie...

******************************************** *******************************************

Once again, I was awakened from my reverie by the sound of a voice. It took me a while to remember that I was at the Lake with Ted, Jeannie and Al. And that we'd been experiencing a night hotter than my dreams! I moved my eyes to the sound of the voice and smiled when I saw Al standing in front of me. I was pleased to see that he was naked as a jaybird. I dropped my gaze to his cock, which was flaccid, but still very attractive. Al saw my gaze drop, and his cock began to respond immediately. My grin grew with his cock and my tongue began to play on my upper lip. I looked up into his face to see him smiling broadly. His eyes were dancing over my tits and the rest of my nakedness, and I leaned back to give him a full view. We both stared at each other, obviously enjoying each other. We were both kind of wallowing in our new found freedom and in the way our relationship had expanded. We could both admire each other's bodies, to the point of enjoying each other's bodies without the fear of jealousy entering into the picture. The overall feeling was one of warm friendship. "We were getting worried..." Al said with a smile. "You've been out here for ten minutes." "Ten minutes!" I yelled. "God, it seemed like days!" I wore a dazed expression. "Sorry..." I said. "I was just reminicing." I looked into his eyes. "Remember the time we went to the drive-in , in the spring? I think that was the first time Jeannie jerked you off... You guys were in the back seat, and Ted and I were in the front. I was just thinking about that..." Al moaned. Obviously he remembered... His cock was now full hard and twitching with the memory. He grinned at me and dropped a hand to his pole. He also obviously enjoyed having these kind of conversations with a naked girl! "Wow...yeah..." he whispered. "How could I forget! I got so hot, It was the first time she jerked me off. At least outside my pants..." He grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I made Ted come off a few times inside his pants...Geez, what a waste! Now, I guess we know better..." Once again, I dropped my eyes to Al's cock. I truly felt like dropping to my knees and sucking him off. Our conversation was getting hotter and so was I! "I'll be honest with you Trace..." Al whispered. "Watching you stare at my cock as Jeannie jerked me off made me hotter than I'd ever been in my life!" "You knew...?" I was incredulous! "You saw me watching her jerk you off...?" "Yeah..." Al said with a grin. "I figured you knew I knew..." We both broke up into peals of laughter. "No..." I said, when we'd calmed down. "I didn't know...But I loved watching you guys. It was the first time I found out I liked to watch..." I stood up and walked slowly over to where he stood. "And I think I know what I want right now..." I wrapped my hand around Al's cock and pulled gently on it. The heat of his hard-on pulsed through my hand as I began to slowly stroke him. Al moaned low in his throat as I leaned my head against his shoulder. I dropped my gaze and shivered as I saw his cock glide through my fingers. Smiling into his face, I grasped his pole firmly and pushed it between my legs, moaning at the heat that warmed my cunt. Al moaned also, and began to slowly fuck his cock between my thighs as I tilted my head back to kiss him. His tongue snaked into my mouth and I automatically began to suck it. "You've got a great cock..." I panted into his mouth. " I loved watching you come off in Jeannie's hand...and I still love to see you come..." I reached down and carressed Al's balls as his cock sawed between my legs. "And now that I've tasted you, I think I'm hooked..." I pulled away and Al's cock sprang up and slapped his belly. I immediately wrapped a hand around it's girth. I began to stroke him, making him moan into my mouth. Al brought both hands up to encircle my breasts. Gently, he caressed each one, taking time to pay special attention to my nipples. "I want to make you come right now, Al..." I whispered to him. "I want to suck you..." I was just ready to drop to my knees and suck Al's massive pole into my mouth when we heard the sliding door opening. "Shit...!" Al groaned disappointedly. We both turned to the door. I kept my hand wrapped around Al's hard-on as Jeannie bounced through the door. Her smile widened as she looked down at my hand. She walked over to where we stood, swinging her hips wildly. "I'm not interupting anything, am I...?" she teased. She reached a single finger down and used it spread Al's oozing pre- come around the head of his cock as I held it upwards. "Gee, Jeannie, not a thing..." I smiled. "Al and I were just discussing religion and the new Europe..." "Yeah..." Jeannie laughed. "Like what's happening with the Pole's...sure!" We all laughed at Jeannie's little joke. Al was a little nervous still, but relaxed as Jeannie continued to smear his cockhead with his pre-come. What a wonderful night this was! "C'mon in guys...Ted and I are trying to think up party games...and we've got some great one's thought up! We just need a few more people!" I looked up at Al. He was disappointed, and his face showed it, but his interest was peaked now. His first love, after all was Jeannie... I gave his cock a loving squeeze, then used it to pull him towards the door. "We'll have to finish this later, stud..." I teased. He smiled and we passed through the door.

******************************************** ********************************************

Al and I followed Jeannie's swaying hips as she walked through the shower room and down the hall. Her nakedness was turning me on immensely. In fact all our nakedness was turning me on! I found the whole thing amazing! We walked into the living room and saw Ted kneeling in front of the fireplace. "Hi, baby..." I whispered as I walked up behind him. I ran my hands through his thick hair and pulled the back of his head into my bush. Ted tilted his head back with a grin and offered me his lips. I leaned over and kissed him deeply, sliding my tongue deep into his mouth. "Mmmmm..." he said. "I missed that! Where were you?" He stood up and put his arm around me as we walked over to the couch. "Just outside...I needed some air..." I replied innocently. With awry grin on her face, Jeannie walked up behind Ted. She wrapped an arm around his waist,and tilted her head onto his chest. I smiled slightly as I saw her hand drop and slide over Ted's naked ass. "What she means, is that she was outside jerking Al off as she tried to suck his tongue out of his head..." She grinned at me with her best catty expression. "Oh, that..." I said with a smile. "Yeah, I guess I did kinda have Al's cock in my hand...but I was just being polite..." Ted had a huge grin on his face as he watched Jeannie and I play. "Actually..." I said with a sexy smile, "I was just about ready to drop to my knees and give Al a quickie blow job...I was missing the taste of his come..." Al's cock twitched as I spoke, and I noticed that Ted's did too! I reached over and curled my fingers around Ted's huge hard-on. "So, should I be quiet about your attempt to deep throat me...?" Ted asked Jeannie. "You bitch!" I yelled at Jeannie. Jeannie brought her hands up ...as if to ward off my blows. She grinned as she backed away. I followed her with one hand on my hip, and the other still around Ted's cock. "Well, I never did get it all the way in..." she offered. "We were just waiting for you guys..." I turned to Ted. "She never got it all in, huh?" "No..." he replied, "but she had the right attitude..." His grin split his face as I whacked his ass as hard as I could. "Well, let's just see how good her attitude is..." I said, rubbing Ted's reddened ass. I rubbed his cheeks, then brought my hand around to his front, wrapping it again around Ted's cock. I was kind of surprized to see that it was harder than it had been all night! I pulled him over to where Jeannie was sitting on the couch and stopped just as his cock came head to face with her lips. Jeannie looked down at Ted's cock and licked her lips lightly. "Mmmmmnnnn..." she intoned. "I remember you..." I grinned to see her breathing increase just from the sight of Ted's cock. It effected me the same way! Jeannie turned her gaze to my eyes, then to Al's. I followed her look and was happy to see a look of happy lust on Al's face. He wanted to see her suck Ted's cock too. Hopefully his mind was still focused on fucking my mouth because that's where I was headed. Jeannie wore a sweet smile as she sat up on the couch. I manuvered Ted until his cock was only half an inch from Jeannie's lips. I stroked Ted's cock, pulling his foreskin up and over the head of his pole...pushing his leaking pre-come all around. "You want to suck him, Jeannie...?" I smiled down at her as I began to jerk Ted's cock in front of her. "You want to suck Ted's big....hard.... cock into your mouth...?" Jeannie only groaned and leaned forward in her seat. Her mouth opened as she neared Ted's pole and in a smooth, effortless maneuver, she engulfed his head with her lips, then leaned forward again, sliding her lips over half of his length before stopping. "Aaaaghhhh...!!!" Ted groaned as her hot mouth enshrouded his tool. I laughed and pulled Ted's cock up. and out of her mouth. Jeannie whimpered and tried to catch it again as I began to stroke him again. Ted's cock was soaked now with a combination of pre-come and saliva. It glistened wetly as I drew more pre-come out of his cock and spread it over the head. Jeannie stuck out her tongue, catching a bit of juice. I grinned and began to paint her lips with Ted's cock, wiping it back and forth, occasionally dropping it down to do her chin. Jeannie groaned and leaned forward more in her seat. I used the opportunity to rub Ted's cockhead all over her face, leaving long streaks of glistening pre-come from her chin to her forehead and everywhere in between. Jeannie groaned and tried to swipe at the pole as it went by her lips. We were all getting back into the heat of lust now. I hadn't noticed Al move behind me, but I moaned low as I felt him move close, pressing his hard cock against my ass crack. I wiggled my ass against him to let him know I was enjoying his attention. At the same time I pulled on Ted's cock, forcing him to take another step closer to the couch. Jeannie moaned and opened her lips wide as Ted's huge cock slipped into her mouth. We all groaned in unison as Jeannie closed her lips and began to suck. She looked up into six staring eyes. Never had she been so much the center of attention. She withdrew fron Ted's cock until only the head was in her mouth. She grinned at each of us in turn, as if to say "Watch this..." , then began to slowly and methodically lick and suck the head of Ted's rod. The head looked massive as it throbbed under her ministration. It hardly seemed she could get it past her lips, to say nothing of passing her throat! Just then Jeannie loked up at me and, as if she'd read my mind, again closed her lips around her toy and began to bob her head up and down on Ted's throbbing cock. Her face looked glorious as her cheeks caved in with the force of her suction. "Fuck her..." I said to Ted. "This time she's going to take it all..." I turned to Jeannie. "Aren't you, baby..." Jeannie looked up at me with hot fire in her eyes. Ted began to fuck her mouth gently, moaning each time his cockhead slid over her tongue. I felt Al's cock slide between my asscheeks. He began to drag the head up and down, each time parting my ass just a bit more. I could feel the pre-come dripping from his cock as each pass got more and more slippery. I leaned my head back and offered my lips to Al. He was smiling like an idiot as he leaned forward, parting my lips with his tongue. I ran my tongue around his lips, then sucked his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues dueled as his cock continued to play around my ass. I puuled my face away, and looked into Al's eyes. "I'm gonna suck you next..." His eyes clouded over immediately with the thought. "I'm going to suck your cock, Al...I'm going to suck it until you spray your hot come into my mouth. I wiggled my ass against his cock, loving the feeling of it sliding between my asscheeks. I moaned as I felt Al reach down and slide his hands over my ass, then moaned louder as I felt him gently spreading my cheeks. "Oh, yeah...." I whispered to his lips. "That feels wonderful..." I wriggled more, encouraging Al to continue his approach. I couldn't allow him to fuck me...I wanted Ted to be the first...but his cock felt sooo good as he slithered it up and down my ass-crack. I bent my knees just a bit, and spread my legs...just a bit...as Al slid his cockhead against my tight asshole. He pushed lightly against my puckered ring, then continued downwards. My pussy was dripping wet as his cock brushed my lips. Our position didn't allow him the opportunity to slide into my cunt, but his wide, flared cockhead split my pussylips and began to glide back and forth in the wet enterance to my sex. "Oh, God....!" I whimpered. "That's sooo good...! I think Al was content to just "play". He knew my first love was Ted, I think, and that there was a line between sucking and fucking. At least at this point in our "development". Anyway, I didn't have to fight to keep him from trying to fuck me. We both simply enjoyed the sensation of his cockhead between my lips. Occasionally, Al would pull back and allow his cockhead to ride back up the crack of my ass. I had to admit that it felt damn good as it rode over my sensitive asshole, then back to my pussy. I looked over Ted's shoulder at Jeannie once again. And it looked as if her efforts were paying off! Ted was lost in "Lustland", his eyes closed, and his head thrown back against my shoulder, but Jeannie was wide awake and bent to her "task". Her eyes met mine as I dropped my gaze and she gave me a "Groucho" look with her eyebrows. As I watched she leaned back, taking her mouth off of Ted's cock, I think to show me how long and hard it was. the wet combination of come and spit made it sparkle in the light of the fire as she held it in front of her lips. Jeannie jeked his cock twice, releasing a torrent of pre-come over her fingers. I could tell that Ted was real close to blowing off. Jeannie looked back and me, smiled and leaned forward once again. Once more, Ted's cock slid effortless ly into her mouth. She paused when it had reached the halfway point, and I heard her take a deep breath, then let it out slowly. I began to pant hotly as I watched Jeannie start to bob her head on Ted's cock. Little by little her suck strokes increased in length, and little by little I watched as Ted's cock slid deeper into her mouth. I began to wonder if she'd get it all in before Ted drowned her in one of his patented loads of semen. I think Jeannie was having the samew concerns as she forced a bit too hard and gagged. "Shit!" she cried as she pulled Ted's dripping cock from her mouth. A long streamer of semen-ized saliva clung to Ted's cockhead as she pulled it out. It swung like a bridge in the air before breaking and swinging down to annoint Jeannie's chin. "Geez Louise...you sure do have the right attitude, girl!" I encouraged Jeannie. "I'm impressed!" Jeannie was panting as if she was running a race, but looked up at me and grinned. "Wow..." I heard Al say behind me. "God, Jeannie...You look so fucking hot!" Jeannie's grin widened and she stuck out her tongue to lick a large drop of pre-come off Ted's cockhead. I felt Al's cock lurch against my ass as he watched her. When she'd recovered, Jeannie once again took Ted's cock into her mouth. This time though, it slid smoothly in to the three- quarter mark! "Yeeow..." I kidded her. She couldn't smile, or answer back, but her eyes showed her happiness as she once again began to bob her head. Ted joined in this time, gently couterpointing her facial moves with his own short, smooth thrusts. I heard Al groan and begin a thrusting motion of his own, fucking his cock in between my legs and against my pussy lips. Now it was my turn, to moan. I began to fuck my pussy mound against Ted's ass, as if I were fucking it. I reached around again and slid my hand over his cock as it was being sucked by my best friend. I gripped the base of his pole with my finger and thumb and allowed my other fingers to drop lower and fondle his hefty sack. I could feel his balls moving up and down as he thrust, and I knew they were full, with the largest load he'd had all night! I felt Jeannie's nose hit my thumb as she continued her downward spiral. She was moaning loudly with each thrust as Ted's cock passed her tonsils and entered her throat. "You did it!" I squeeled. "God, Jeannie, you're sucking Ted's cock into your throat!!! God! Youlook so fucking Hot! Fuck her throat Ted! Fuck your long cock into her throat!" I could feel a huge orgasm welling up inside me as I watched Jeannie deep throat my boyfriend. Ted was withdrawing his cock until only the head stayed in her mouth, then would slowly thrust forward, shoving more and more of his immense length into her mouth. When he reached her throat, Jeannie tilted her head slightly. We all groaned, all four of us, as Ted's cock slipped past the final barrier and sank into her throat. I could see her throat expand to accept the intruder. They set up a slow even rhythm, long deep slow strokes. It was an amazing sight to see Ted's whole cock disappear like that! I felt as if I was about to pass out when the first tinglings of orgasm overtook me. I stared into Jeannie's upturned eyes, awash in lust. I watched Ted fuck Jeannie's throat, and felt Al's cock fucking in between my legs. I couldn't wait any more! Jeannie saw the look in my eyes, and smiled as best she could with her mouth full of cock. Her eyes closed to just slits and I saw her bring her hand up between Ted's legs. I jumped as I felt her hand brush my leg, and began to shake as she drew it higher and higher. We all clicked together then. One big, four person lust machine! One huge wave of pleasure washed over us all right then. Jeannie continued to suck the entire length of Ted's cock, long strands of saliva escaping from her stretched lips. She brought her hand up between my legs until she came in contact with my dripping pussy. She groaned loudly as she felt Al's cock fucking back and forth. The excitement in her eyes was staggering, although I have afeeling I wore a similar expression. Ted began to hump in earnest now. It was only a matter of time before he flooded Jeannie's mouth. Jeannie met each thrust with her mouth, and slid her middle finger deep into my cunt. I covered her hand with my juices as my come started. Jeannie began to fuck her finger into my cunt with a vengance. She wrapped her other fingers around Al's cock, pushing the side of his pole harder against my pussy. Her finger felt so good fucking into me! I almost began to scream in ecstacy. I'd never had a come like this one! The level of excitement and lust in Jeannie's eyes was mind boggleing! I must admit, though, that I probably wore a similar expression! Jeannie grasped Al's cock and began to thrust the tip upwards as he drew back and forth over my cunt. God! She was trying to force him deeper into my pussy! She was trying to make Al fuck me!! Her eyes were ablaze. She was sucking my boyfriend's cock, while trying to put her boyfriend's cock into my cunt! Al continued to fuck back and forth, but I looked at Jeannie and shook my head. I still wanted Ted to fuck me first...I couldn't let go of that! Jeannie started to relate. The pressure let up, but Al continued to slide his cock in and out. It was wonderful! Then, suddenly, Jeannie's expression changed from one of contented lust to an open eyed one of wonder! "Oh, God...Jeannie! He's gonna come! Oh, yeah...suck him! Suckhimm...! I watched as Jeannie withdrew her hand from my pussy and brought it up to Ted's cock. Her eyes went up to meet his as she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing pole and began to jerk him off as she held his cock in her throat. Ted stopped fucking and stood still as Jeannie worked his rod. His breathing increased steadily, then stopped after a long slow, deep breath. Jeannie looked up at me then popped her eyes open as Ted let go with his first volley. His low scream split the night as he flooded Jeannie's mouth with his seed. Her throat muscles made her neck throb as she swallowed. She allowed Ted to rest in her throat and pour his seed straight into her stomach. Her nose was pressed into his pubic hair as she took every inch of him inside. Then it was her turn, though. As Al continued to fuck between my legs, I watched Jeannie pull Ted's cock out of her throat until only two inches remained in her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled as she opened her mouth as wide as she could. "Oh, Geez...Jeannie..." I panted as I saw Ted's second load skip across her tongue and splash against her throat! Al was groaning too. He'd stepped back half a step and was sliding the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass as he watched his girlfriend drink Ted's come. I saw Jeannie look up at al just as her lips closed around Ted's next come-blast. She swallowed noisily then pulled her mouth entirely of Ted's cock. This forced Ted's next shot to splash mightily against her cheek and chin. Jeannie was laughing wildly as she got sprayed once more. "God! There's so much of it! Oh, yeah! Come on me Yeah!" She dove down again, sucking the last of Ted's semen into her mouth as his flow slowed. I felt Al begin to tense, and I knew he was next. Or, rather I was next. I wasn't about to compete with Jeannie, but on the other hand, I couldn't wait to feel the soothing flow of come on my tongue. I was ready to suck! I ground my ass into Al, as I reached back to hold his ass against me. I bent over as Al began to nibble my neck, kissing my cheek and tonguing my ear. God, I was so hot! I felt Al pull back a bit and slide his cock once more up and down my ass crack. This time though, he paused at my asshole, pushing ever so lightly against my anal ring. "Oh, Geez...Al, that feels so fucking good..." I whispered to him. Al grinned and pushed a little harder against my asshole. I looked up to see Jeannie licking the come from Ted's still massive prick. Occasionally, she'd drop her head and suck the entire length smoothly into her throat, then pull off it again. She'd sit back, smiling and clucking like a kid who just learned to whistle! I guess I said "what the fuck", as I pushed my ass back to meet his tentatively probing tool. I reached behind me and encircled his cock with my fingers. I jerked it a few times, coating the head, and my fingers with thick pre-come. I began to draw small, lazy circles around my asshole with the head of Al's cock. My eyes were closed and I was just enjoying the new sensation. The feeling of a hot cockwas, after all, quite new to me. To just hold a cock was heavenly. To hold a cock against the enterance to my ass hole, while all the implications connected to that ran through my head, was absolutelt cosmic!! Al, foir his part, was simply standing there, mindlessly moaning "Aaahhhh...." with each exhale. I grinned. Al would have been perfectly happy if I were to just jerk him off against my asshole. The mind thing had overtaken him too. I wanted just a little more, though. Jeannie and Ted wewre still kind of comatose, and I just wanted to plat a little more. I pulled Al's cock closer to me as I leaned back slightly. I stopped making circles with his cockhead and now just pressed it against my tight asshole. I could just imagine how it would feel to have a cock sawing in and out of my asshole! God, I wanted it so bad!! Al was still only semi-concious back there, so I did all the work. It was the way I wanted it anyway. I pushed my ass back and shivered as I felt it trying to push into my hole. I could feel my ass ring expanding as I tried my best to relax and let it pass...I squeezed more cock cream out of Al's didk and used it to lubricate me more. The slipperyness was comforting and I felt myself open even more as I pushed against his cock I shut my eyes tightly as a little pain flashed through my brain, but the pain was soon overshadowed by an intense sense of pleasure as I felt Al's cock push deeper into my anal opening! He was only a quarter of an inch in, but he'd begun to spread my asshole! I could feel another orgasm approaching as I relaxed and pushed back... Al then took hold of his cock and began to rotate the head against my ass...like a drill. I let a hiss of air escape my lips as I felt Al's cock push deeper. I screamed lightly as I felt his cockhead pass my ass ring. God! He was inside me!! I actually had a cock up my ass! I was almost getting fucked!!! Al was panting hard too! His breath was coming in short, agonized blasts, and on each exhale he'd go like, Oh!....Oh!....Oh!... I would have laughed except for the delerious feeling of excitement that was coursing through me! I began to push my hips back again and was rewarded with the feelig of Al beginning to fuck my asshole in smooth, short strokes. I knew he was gonna come. I turned my head as I tried to meet his fucking strokes. "Come for me,Al...Come for me..." I whispered over my shoulder. "Come in my asshole, Al...God...your cock is in my ass!" I couldn't believe this was happening! Al's strokes increased...faster and faster...and then abruptly stopped! "Come in my asshole, Al...COME!....Then I'll suck you...Come!" That did it! I felt Al's cock buck and shake.... Then, I felt something I remember even now. I felt a hard cock shooting load after load of hot come into my asshole! I'll remember that first time for the rest of my life. It was so hot! As Al blasted his come into my ass, it acted as both a relaxant and a lubricant. He continued to fuck his hips, and I continued to push back against him. Each stroke filled me with semen and drove his cock a little deeper into my asshole. My own orgasm washed over me as Al began to fuck me in long slow strokes. I was drooling and sweating, moaning out loud until I felt his cock slide all the way into my asshole. Then I screamed!! I almost blacked out from pleasure as al began to fuck my ass with a vengance. His thighs slapped my ass as he drove his cock over and over into my ass. The feeling was pure heaven. I was really being fucked! "Jeannie!" I panted. "He's fucking my asshole! Al's fucking my ass!" I looked up into the faces of Ted and Jeannie only 2 feet in front of me. Obviously, they'd been watching us. I sure hadn't been too quiet about it! Jeannie and Ted both wore dazed expressions of lust on their faces as they watched Al fuck me. I saw that Ted had yet another full hard-on and Jeannie had wasted no time in capturing it! She was stroking Ted's cock with strokes that matched Al, then as Ted began to groan, she began to speed up, jerking him off with all her ability. She wore a huge grin on her face. I stared as Ted began to come in Jeannie's hand. He didn't blow any records, but his come was copious, shooting into the air in a wide graceful arc and landing against his belly. Jeannie continued to pump him as his semen flowed like a river over her hand, between shots. It was too hot! My orgasm continued to grow until I must have blacked out for a second. I "awoke" to the feeling of Al slowly stroking in and out of my ass, his orgasm dwindling. I was crouched on the floor, almost kneeling and Al was bent over behind me. His cock felt sooo fucking good! It was smaller and my asshole was full of his come so he slipped in and out with perfect ease. The feeling was delicious! I looked up to see Jeannie cleaning the come from Ted's cock and balls with her tongue. I envied her a little for having come in her mouth... Ted was dead to the world. That last one had blown his circuits. He was down for the count, I knew it! I smiled as I heard the beginning of a snore. I turned my head over my shoulder to watch Al's hips pump behind me. "That was too fucking hot, Al!" I whispered. "Your cock in my ass felt too fucking good! Geez!" ""You are incredible,girl...I can't believe I just fucked your asshole! I never did that..I mean...I..." His words faltered. "Yeah, me either..." I laughed back. "But that was really okay...! I dropped the rest of the way to my knees, causing Al to groan as his softening cock slid from my asshole with a kind of plop. I grinned as I turned to face him as I sat on my haunches. Al struggled to stand upright, but finally stood there swaying with a huge grin on his face. His cock swung in a low arc as he swayed and I dropped my eyes to it. "And now I want to suck you..." I whispered huskily. Al's grin faltered. I don't think he could believe what was happening to him! "I want to suck your cock now..." I repeated. "I loved having you come in my asshole, I really did...but I missed your come in my mouth..." I brought both hands up to my tits as I spoke, rubbing them lightly and pinching my stone-hard nipples. I know there's not much left...but I'd like to get some..." I smiled with pride as I saw his cock twitch. I'd only planned on cleaning the come from his pole, but I was seeing a new possibility. "Is this still awake...?" I asked increduously, laning forward to my knees. I reached up to grasp Al's half-hard pole. I felt it jump in my hand as I squeezed it rhythmically! "Yeah...!" I said to Al. "It is still up isn't it?" I began a slow stroking, squeezing just the head between my thumb and forefinger. "Geez, I want to suck you...I want your come im my mouth, Al...Do it for me..." Al's cock was growing steadilly in my grasp. I found it hard to believe that both these guys could recover so quickly. Not that I'd had a lot of first hand experience, mind you, but I'd read a lot and talked a lot and dreamed a lot. These guys were like a cum slut's dream come true. Al's cock was fully hard now, gliding through my fingers like a steel rod in bear grease. Al wore an expression of disbelief...as if he couldn't believe it either. "Yeah..." I said, leaning forward on my knees. I continued to jerk him off as i opened my mouth and slid my lips over his cockhead. I flipped my tongue against the underside of his head and he groaned . I smiled as I felt his hips begin to buck. I pumped with a vengance, just resting his cock on my tongue. "Come for Tracy...come in my mouth.,Al ..come on...Do me...." I mouthed the words around his cock as I jerked him like a whore. Al's knees bent slightly, then he groaned once. I sighed as I felt Al's come rocket into my mouth. I began to laugh around his cock as he continued to cover my tongue with semen. I looked up into his eyes, letting his come pool up in my mouth, until it was about to overflow. Then I leaned back on my haunches again and closed my mouth. I closed my eyes andlet Al's semen begin to flow into my throat. I swallowed the majority of it first time, then opened my mouth and my eyes at the same time. I smiled as I saw Al focus on my come covered teeth and tongue. Then I closed my mouth again and swallowed the rest. It tasted like manna after a famine. I loved the taste of his come as it washed down my throat. And the thick wetness felt like soothing cough syrup. God, I loved the taste of semen! "Thanks Al..." I said with a grin. That last one was the best of all....Mmmmm..." I licked my lips and smiled at him. His look of pure adoration was better than his words for me. He tried in to express his feelings but I think I'd worn him out be that time. His efforts to speak coherently were in vain. I grinned at him and he gave me a feeble grin back as I half led, half dragged him to the couch. Al collapsed in a worn out heap, his head flopping back onto the cushions. His motions roused Jeannie from her sleep and she contentedly placed her head on Al's lap. Both of them wore smiles of exhausted pleasure on their faces. I was pretty exhausted myself. I walkewd over and sat next to Ted's sleeping form. I looked at the peaceful expression on his face. Tonight had been the realization of a fantasy. The kind of realization the most can only dream about. I think most people would submit to their carnal desires more often and more deeply if they could do it with someone they could absolutely trust. Society placed a lot of pressure on us to be good and proper citizens. It was certainly not proper to act like a come-loving slut. Problem was, that was all I could think of since I saw my first come shot in a movie. Jeannie was the only one who shared my passion (that I was aware of...) and the only one I'd ever confided in. It was a wonderful feeling to know that my wonderful boyfriend was the type that would kiss, but not tell. To know that I could be the total slut that i was inside and not worry about anyone else on the planet discovering my "secret" was the best feeling I'd ever known. And, Geez! To have another couple to share it with! To have my best friend in the world and her boyfriend feeling the same as Ted and I... Well, that was more than anyone would ever ask for! I felt like the lickiest person in the world right then, as I laid my tired head on Ted's lap. He stirred for a moment then drifted back to his dreams. Hopefully they involved me. "Tomorrow", actually later today, was my birthday! Eighteen, and ready to take on the world. We were going to dinner with the guys in the evening, and I couldn't wait to get home and spend the whole day lying next to the pool. I think I was more exhausted than I realized and immediately dropped into the sleep of the dead. I didn't wake up until I felt Ted shaking my shoulder the next morning. "C'mon sleepyhead...." he said gently. "The car's packed and we're almost ready to split. We gotta get you home... I looked into Ted's dreamy eyes and smiled as I remembered last night. Even the tequila that was still in my brain couldn't dull the feeling of excitement I still felt. I know I must have looked frightful, lying there with my hair a mess and my make-up smeared, but i felt incredibly sexy. I was lying naked on the couch as I watched Al and Jeannie move back and forth gathering stuff and loading the car. Everyone was dressed but me, and it felt great. "Happy Birthday!!" Al and Jeannie called out in unison. "Happy Birthday, Trace!" Ted added, as he leaned down to kiss me. He stood up and looked down at my naked form. I stretched languishly under his gaze, smiling more as i saw his eyes drop to my tits. "Just give me a minute to shower, and I'll be right there..." I said sleepilly. "Okay...but we leave in five minutes...Be there or walk home!" Ted laughed and turned towards the kitchen. I bounced off the couch with all the energy I could muster (which was not a whole lot...) and trotted into the shower. The spray worked it's magic, though and soon most of the tequila was washed from my brain and I was close to feeling human again. I was ready for the weekend! Already, I was anxious for the night to begin! "Let's do it!" I yelled as I walked outside. "Let's get this party off the ground...I'm eighteen!!" Everyone applauded loudly and we all piled into the car. The trip back was a lost more sedate than the one up. Everyone seemed to be feeling the energy lost the night before. By the time we pulled into my driveway, I wanted nothing more than to sleep for a couple of days. When I mentioned this to the others, an audible sigh of relief went through them all. No one had wanted to spoil the party, but everyone was totalled! "Hey..." I said to Al and Ted. "Last night was the best night I've ever had in my life! I couldn't ask for a better birthday celebration. Even if it was a little early." I kissed Ted lightly and touched Al's cheek with my fingertips. "We can celebrate later...Hey, it's a brthday weekend..okay?" We all laughed and made plans to call each other later. Jeannie and I walked into the house like zombies. Jack smiled a knowing smile as we passed the kitchen, and after seeing our expressions, just said "Goodnight, ladies..." "Thanks Jack..." we replied. We stumbled up the stairs and fell into bed. We didn't even take our clothes off. About three o'clock I called Ted and told him that tonight was off. Jeannie felt terrible from the alcohol, and I was still exhausted. From the sound of Ted's voice, he was totally understanding. He said that he could use the rest himself. He also said he'd call Al for Jeannie and that he'd call me in the morning. Jeannie and I spent the entire day Saturday sleeping on and off. Once in a while one of us would flip the T.V. on, but then we'd drift away again...over and over... We only started to feel awake and alive around seven o'clock that evening! At that time, we wolfed down entirely too much food and ice cream and I made us both a couple of cocktails. We spent the rest of the night in front of the fire...sharing our individual feeling about what happened last night. By midnight, we once again had a little buzz going and our conversation had made me hotter than the poker I was using to stir the fire! I couldn't wait until tomorrow. It was like Christmas when I was a kid! Only this time I was going to be unwrapping hard, throbbing cocks!!!

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The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER FIVE

The taste of Jeannie's pussy was still on my tongue as I stood up in the kitchen. We heard the padding of Al's footsteps, and I smiled innocently as he entered the room. Al's ruffled hair, and goofy grin lightened us up as I stood up. Neither of us made a move to really cover our nudity and it was obvious that Al appreciated that. As he stared, I slowly rubbed my breasts under the towel, then moved the towel down my belly... slowly revealing my full breasts and hard nipples. I could see his cock hardening under his towel as he watched my performance. I continued down with my towel covered hands until the cloth was covering my pussy. I held the towel tightly between my mound and groaned deeply...all the while looking directly at Al. He had to move quickly to grab his towel, because his now rock hard cock had pushed it out to where his wrap had come undone! I smiled at him as he shyly turned towards the refrigerator. As he walked to the fridge, he was re-wrapping his towel, but the outline of his steel rod was clearly visible. I looked at Jeannie and said,"Well, I guess they do have their good points..." I motioned to Al's bulging towel. "But, I still owe you one." "Later...", She replied with a smile. "And I can't wait! But now for something completely different..." She moved back over to Al, who had his head in the fridge. I went to see what Ted was up to in the living room. It was 10:30, and we had to make plans for the night if we were going to stay here. It seemed that everyone was up for partying on...especially after my cocksucking show. A lot of inhibitions had been dropped with my little come bath. I still couldn't believe that I'd done that! Every time I thought of Al and Jeannie's eyes on me while Ted shot his come into my mouth I got hot all over again. And my relationship with Al had certainly taken a new turn! Four hours ago, we were simply close friends. Sure we flirted, and I loved teasing him sexually, but it had always been simple teasing. Who would have thought that tonight I'd be standing in front of him stark naked, and feeling myself up on top of that! And I guess, with all things considered, I'd even tasted Al's come in my mouth tonight, too! It was licked off Jeannie's boobs, granted, but it was still Al's come. That thought gave me a tingle. I was feeling like such a slut this night. And really loving it! I mean, I was totally comfortable with my sexual feelings for the first time in my seventeen years. I felt as if I was floating on air. A participant in some kind of surrealistic fuck film. I felt so safe with my friends here that I felt I could do anything I wanted, sexually speaking, and it would remain between the four of us. And there was so much to try! We'd all grown a bit closer to adulthood, I think. And there were still a lot of options to consider this evening. No one was quite ready to go home... Ted and Al each called their parents and said they were going fishing tomorrow morning. They planned on spending the night at the "cabin" so they could get an early start. It was something that they often did anyway, so there was no problem. Then Jeannie called her mom, and told her that she and I were going to sleep over at a "friend's" house. She said that we'd had a few beers and we'd rather stay over than drive drunk. Jeannie and her mom had that kind of cool relationship. But then, Jeannie wasn't a troublemaker so it was a two way street. Her mom said that she'd call my uncle and square it with him. I breathed a sigh of relief...and the party continued. After it was established that we'd be spending the night together, things changed a bit. Knowing that we weren't done "playing", everyone got kind of a "second wind". First, we decided that another beer was in order, and Ted said he'd whip up something to eat in the kitchen. As the guys prepared our late night snack, Jeannie and I went in search of something to cover up with. Considering the mood, and the fact that the guys were both walking around in towels, neither one of us felt like putting our jeans and stuff back on. We needed something loose and preferably sexy. "Uncle Mike keeps some women's stuff in the third bedroom closet.", Ted mentioned. "I don't think he'd mind if you ladies helped yourselves. And, I'm sure Al and I would appreciate it!" He winked at Al and returned to his cooking. Jeannie and I went in search of the "third bedroom". The house had a total of four, so it wasn't too difficult to find the room we were looking for. But, of course, it was the LAST room we looked in! And, indeed he did keep some "women's stuff" around! Hanging in a huge walk-in closet, we found outfit after outfit of sexy lingerie and silk robes! "There must be a small fortune tied up in this stuff here!", Jeannie cried, holding up an off-white outfit. "What do you think?", she asked, "Is it me?" The outfit she held up was complete with a peek-a-boo bra, skimpy white, crotchless string panties, a lacy garter belt, and matching stockings. All covered in a plastic dry cleaner bag, as was everything in the closet. "It's you, all right...", I sighed. "It's you if you feel like getting fucked tonight...or, sucked..." I was still tingling from our encounter. "In fact", I said, moving close to her, and sliding the closet door shut, "Why don't you try on a few of these things while I get comfortable..." As I spoke to her, I let my knees bend and my tongue slid over her naked body. I paused to suck one tit into my mouth and then continued on my downward journey. I formed a mental picture of her in the outfit she held. Standing over me as I lay on the carpet... slowly lowering her pussy to my outstretched tongue... "Hey, cool your jets, Trace...", Jeannie laughed, "We've got all night!" "Just a taste, Jeannie", I pleaded, sinking to my knees in front of her. "Please...just a little taste." My tongue licked her belly and continued down, playing in her soft blonde curls, and finally feeling her sweet pussy lips. Jeannie moaned softly as my tongue easily parted her lips and moved into her wetness. "Wait...come here...", Jeannie panted. She took two steps backwards to the dressing bench, and pulling my head with her, she sat down on the velvet cushion. "Just a taste...", she repeated. "Oooohhh.... you're tongue feels so good...I knew it would feel good....oh, Trace...Suck me..." As she chanted her words, Jeannie wrapped her fingers in my long brown hair and pulled my face into her pussy. Her position on the small seat gave me perfect access to her pussy and clit, and I took full advantage of it. Thrusting my tongue out as far as I could, I pressed my face tightly into her crotch. Then flicking my tongue up and down, I started to shake my head furiously from side to side. The effect was immediate! Jeannie let out a loud wail and gripped the back of my head with a strength I didn't know she had. Slouching down into her seat, she started to pump her pussy against my lips and tongue. I continued to thrust my tongue into her and shake my head back and forth. I could feel Jeannie start to come. She was doing her best to remain quiet, for the boys were just down the hall, but small noises started to flow from her throat. Little mewls at first like a kitten, then growing in intensity until she was pumping her pussy onto my tongue and gasping for air like a deep sea diver who'd been down too long. A trembling started in her thighs and I felt it move towards her belly. Suddenly her juices were literally pouring onto my thrusting tongue! I swear, I could feel her pussy walls contract, then PUMP her juice into my mouth! I dropped one hand into my lap and quickly inserted two, then three fingers into my own cunt. I pumped franticly as I drank Jeannie's sweet come. My own orgasm was sudden and powerful. My hands were dripping as I caught my love juice in my palm. My fingers pumped wildly in and out of my cunt. Jeannie's orgasm was subsiding and she slowed her movements on my tongue. Her pussy was so wet and pliable that it completely covered my chin and mouth. My tongue continued to stab inward as I tried to suck out every last drop of her come. This was as thrilling to me as sucking Ted's cock into my throat! The sweet taste of Jeannie's come and the smooth feeling of it sliding down my throat was absolutely sensational! Another fantasy come true...God, what a night! Jeannie slowly released her death-grip hold on my head. "God...", she breathed. "That was beyond description..." She pulled my face into her pussy again. I obliged and sucked gently on her outer lips, being careful to avoid her oversensitive clitoris. Running her fingers through my hair, she sighed deeply, then moved my head away from her crotch. Turning my face up to meet her gaze, she whispered tenderly, "That was incredible, Trace...that was undoubtedly the best come I've ever had in my life." Jeannie's face was flushed and she was smiling the warmest, dreamiest smile I'd ever seen. I grinned back, feeling good about being able to give such pleasure. Especially when it felt so good from my end! Jeannie leaned over and kissed my lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth and she parried with my own tongue. Then she licked my lips and proceeded to lick my chin and cheeks...tasting her own come on my face. "I love you, Tracy", she said softly. "You're my best friend in the whole world." I got up on my knees and hugged her to me. "I love you, too, Jeannie." It was a wonderful and special moment. But, even though our entire encounter had lasted only ten minutes or so, we both knew the guys would be getting curious. And we still had to pick out and outfit or two... I shook my head and laughed. "Hey," I said, "Maybe I'm gay, and never knew it...but I think I enjoyed that more than you did!" Jeannie shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Well, girl...if we're gay, then someone better explain why I keep picturing hard cocks and imagining Al fucking my mouth like Ted fucked yours. She caressed my head and traced her fingers over my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked her fingers as they passed. "You blew my mind back there girl", Jeannie continued, "but I need a cock! Maybe two...." She smiled at me and winked. "Yeah...", I laughed. "I gotta agree with you there, buddy. I'm thinking the same thing. I love those guys!" "Then let's find something to wear, and go find them!" Jeannie said, laughing. "I'm famished all of a sudden." She walked over to the racks of lingerie, and started looking. I went over to the sink, rinsed off, and joined her. "Let's save the good stuff for later", I said to Jeannie. "The boys might need some additional "stimulus" later on." I held up a black outfit similar to the one Jeannie had picked earlier. "They might, but I won't." Jeannie replied. "But, here, try this on..." She threw me a short, black silk robe. Picking out a similar, green robe for herself, she licked her lips and grinned. "Maybe I'll play you a hand of cards for Ted later...he looked mighty good earlier..." She winked when she saw a jealous flash in my eyes. I threw my robe over my shoulders and said to Jeannie, "C'mon, you bitch, let's go eat something..." I pinched her ass as I left the closet. Squealing, Jeannie grabbed her robe and followed me, chasing me down the hall. When we reached the kitchen, I saw that the guys had whipped up some hamburgers and hot dogs, along with a huge salad, and were getting ready to sit down at the small breakfast table. "Let's eat!", I yelled as I grabbed a seat across from Ted and Al. "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow!" "Mooo...", said Al, with a glint in his eye. I smiled as his leg touched mine under the table. And it's still early!, I thought to myself.


I decided to pass on the beer, and had a Diet Coke instead. "I'm planning on needing the caffeine buzz later.", I said, with a wink at Jeannie. "Good idea, Trace!", she replied. "You guys better be awake later too", she continued. "Or we might have to take matters into our own hands." She looked at me and winked. "Just wake me up so I can watch!", Ted said. "I think I'd like that." The look on his face told me that his fires had been rekindled. He was gazing at me intently, trying to "sneak a peek" where my robe was separating in the front. "Amazing...", I thought to myself. Just 30 minutes ago we were all as naked as we could be, with nothing left to the imagination, but just put a few threads on, and BOOM!...the imagination is back in full force! And with it, the desire to see what was hidden under those threads. Amazing! I was beginning to realize something about the power involved with wearing the RIGHT things, as opposed to wearing nothing...or, worst of all, wearing the WRONG thing. It seemed that men preferred a little adventure...a little teasing....it seemed to get their blood flowing. I'll just have to experiment further in the weeks to come, I thought. Meanwhile, in the present, I leaned towards Ted, "accidentally" letting the front of my robe open just a bit with the motion. "Don't tell me you'd prefer watching Jeannie and me play, than to join in...?", I teased him. All the while I was talking, his eyes never moved from my breasts. I huffed, and closed the front of my robe with a melodramatic flair. "No, no,...not at all...", Ted was stuttering. "I didn't mean that I didn't want to...I mean....What I meant was...Oh, HELL!" We all burst out laughing at once. Ted was hilarious, trying to patch things up and explain. I smiled at Jeannie, and she took the cue. "Don't worry, Teddy", she cooed, leaning into him and putting her arm around his shoulder, "I think Trace forgives you, and we're not ready for a show yet anyway. We'll need a little more practice..." Jeannie looked at me when she said that, and slipping her tongue through her lips, curled it in my direction. Both boys groaned. They THOUGHT that we were kidding, but weren't quite sure... Ted turned, as if to respond to Jeannie, but stopped in mid- thought when he realized that when she had put her arm around him, the motion caused her robe to open completely, and the pressure he felt on his right arm was from her naked breast pressing against him! Ted looked at Jeannie's nakedness, and then at her face. Jeannie returned his gaze with a huge grin, and her patented Groucho Marx eyebrows. I smiled to myself at the effortless cunning that Jeannie had used to snare Ted's attention. He was speechlessly drooling, and she'd simply, and "innocently" put her arm around his shoulder. I could see that the competition had resumed. I was grinning from ear to ear at the thought. "Tiring" of Ted's staring at her exposed breasts, Jeannie feigned surprise, quickly removed her arm, and closed her robe, tying it tightly with the sash. But the effort hadn't been wasted. Ted now was wide awake, and ready for more. He made no attempt to continue whatever he meant to say. His attention turned from Jeannie's 34's to the half finished burger on his plate. He seemed embarrassed and confused. I noticed that Al, being left out of the preceding play, was appearing to develop a little jealous streak. He was looking at Ted...his best friend in the world Ted, with a look that was somewhere between anger and envy. Wanting to nip that feeling in the bud, I leaned over to whisper in his ear. "They're just kidding around, guy. Don't take it so seriously." "Relax...", I said. Looking into Al's eyes, I quickly slid my hand up his thigh, not stopping until I reached his balls. With only a moment's hesitation, I continued up and wrapped my hand around his rapidly hardening cock. Stroking the length of his pole slowly, I whispered, "They're just playing around, Al. Kinda like we are....Don't get pissed off. Let's have some fun tonight...All of us...What'd'ya say...Okay?" "Yeah...sure...", Al stammered. "I guess I was overreacting there for a minute." "Thanks", I said with a smile. Reluctantly, I released his cock and slid my hand back into my own lap. "Not bad", I thought. "Not bad at all..." Al's cock, although shorter than Ted's, was nonetheless, JUST as exciting. And the shorter length made me wonder about how it would feel in my mouth. I sighed and closed my eyes, imagining Al's hard cock sliding between my lips.... "How's about we commence ta eatin' folks!", Ted said, in his best "John Wayne" accent. At once everyone was laughing and releasing the tension, sexual and otherwise, that had built up. We all dove into the food like starving people. Food was definitely a good idea. I felt the energy coursing through my body as I wolfed down a burger. There wasn't a lot of talking as we all attacked the feast of burgers and dogs. "Hey, guys!", Al shouted, breaking the silence. "How's about we all do a shot to celebrate our night out?!" Everyone voiced their approval, and he leaped up to get the bottle of Jose from the living room. Feeling a little horny from stroking Al's cock, I scrunched down in my seat, and slid my foot up Ted's leg, working my way up his thigh, until I felt his balls under my toes. Ted, for some reason, got a look of panic in his eyes, which I just took for embarrassment. Smiling mischievously, I continued my search until I felt the base of his cock with my toes. He was hard as a rock. I must really be getting to him, I thought. I stretched my leg, longing to feel his broad cockhead with my foot. That's when I felt FINGERS with my foot! I looked over to see Jeannie's face register first curiosity, then shock. She was caught with MY boyfriend's cock in her hand! I hadn't noticed her arm under the table because my own attention had been focused on HER boyfriend's cock! Pretending to be the sophisticate, but in reality seeing the ironic balance of the whole matter, I merely smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and continued stroking Ted's cock with my foot. In fact, looking at Jeannie, I brought my other foot up to join the first! Looking down, and seeing what I was doing, and also seeing that I wasn't pissed off, Jeannie smiled and joined the party in Ted's lap by re-encircling his cock with her hand. Her palm gripped the top of his hard pole, while I maneuvered my feet to grip him on either side, creating a tunnel with my arches. Ted's head lolled back, and he closed his eyes. He started to pump his hard cock into my feet. The feeling of Ted's cock gliding in and out of my connected feet was strange, but at the same time, incredibly erotic. I gripped the table edge for support which caused my robe to fall open. I was stretched out on a kitchen chair, for all intents and purposes completely naked, and was attempting to jerk my boyfriend off with my feet! And at the same time, my best girlfriend was helping me jerk my boyfriend off by gripping his cockhead with her hand! How wierd was this weekend gonna get anyhow!!? I was starting to heat up, and decided that I really didn't give a shit how wierd this would get. I was loving it!! Jeannie's robe also fell open with her moving around, and she looked at me when she felt the cool air on her tits. Releasing my grip on the table, I brought my hands up to cradle my breasts. My eyes shut as I squeezed and fondled my tits and nipples. Ted followed the movement of my hands with lust filled eyes. He groaned when I started to squeeze my tits and offer them to him. He started to pump his cock into my gripping feet. I could feel Ted's cock getting wetter as he fucked my feet. And I could feel Jeannie's hand as it stroked and twisted his cockhead. The overall sensation was hypnotic. As I closed my eyes and got into the sexual rhythm, I heard Jeannie's urgent whisper. "Tracy...watch!", she moaned. Turning to Ted, she started her familiar chanting... "C'mon Ted...come for us, baby...", she whispered. "Fuck her feet with that hard cock...oohhh, baby, you're cock is so fucking hard... come for us Ted...c'mon, I want to see it shoot..." Jeannie was pumping the top half of Ted's cock with short little strokes like she was a sewing machine. Ted started to groan loudly. I squeezed my feet tighter on his thrusting meat. Looking over at Jeannie, I saw her lust filled eyes focused on the kitchen doorway. Her stroke didn't falter or slow, but she had a pleading look in her eye. Following her gaze, I saw Al standing leaning on the door jamb, his eyes wide, holding a bottle of tequila in one hand, and his long hard cock in the other! Too fucking wierd, I thought. Again... But Ted was starting to tense. I knew he was gonna shoot. Suddenly, he stopped his thrusts, and opened his eyes. He was staring at me like he was staring into my soul...then he came! I couldn't see Ted's cock because of the table, and that made it even more exciting in a strange way. I could, though, see his hot seed spray into the air as he shot. His first blast of hot come landed squarely on Jeannie's cheek! Her reflexes made her jump initially, but then she screamed, "Oh, Yeah...! Come on me! Spray me! Oh....God!..." I smiled at her words, knowing how Ted's come felt when it hit you. And I loved the sight of my girlfriend being showered with my boyfriend's come. Somehow, it seemed right. I was sharing the ultimate intimacy with my best friend. I was in heaven again! Ted continued to jerk his hips and with each motion, a new volley of come hit Jeannie's body. I knew then that she was aiming Ted's come shots towards her body. Otherwise, he would have been shooting onto his own chest. I wished I could see his cock shoot. Jeannie closed her eyes as Ted's bullets started to lessen. She was covered with his come and she was loving it. And so was I. Her tits were glistening, and she had a wet streak on her face where Ted's first shot had landed. The steak ended in a globlet of semen dangling from her chin. Turning to Al, who was still in the doorway, I motioned for him to come closer. Setting the bottle down, but keeping his grip on his granite shaft, he took a few hesitant steps closer. "C'mon Al", I panted. "Fair is fair...Let me see you stroke your hot cock...c'mon Al, jerk it off...I want to taste it...I want to feel your hot come on my tits...C'mon baby...Jerk off on Tracy...." My hands cupped my breasts, offering them to Al and his cock. His eyes closed, and his knees bent as he moved closer. He was standing right next to me, pointing his cock at my face as he jerked himself off. His eyes were focussed on my tits and my hands. I continued to caress my breasts and tease Al with my dirty talking. Watching him pump his glistening rod was making my pussy drip, and I knew I was really getting to him. I wanted the feeling of hot come on my tits again. I needed to taste hot male semen on my tongue again...One hand drifted under the table to caress my pussy. Keeping my eyes on Al's cock, I groaned and slid a finger into my pussy. Slowly I began to fingerfuck myself in time to Al's strokes. Suddenly, Jeannie was standing beside Al. She'd gotten up from the table and had walked over to where Al was jerking off for me. Reaching around his hips, she encircled Al's pumping fist with her own. They worked together...jerking Al off. I dropped my feet from Ted's chair, and turned to face Al and Jeannie. I continued to fuck my finger into my pussy, and spread my legs further apart. "Jerk off on me, Al...", I panted. "Spray me with your hot come... I want to feel it...I want to taste it...." I was masturbating in front of my friends, and I didn't give a fuck! I was burning up! The sight of Al and Jeannie pumping his cock was impossibly erotic, and I started to come on my fingers. My mouth dropped open and I started to moan. I joined my first finger with a second in my cunt and started pumping in and out furiously! I was coming slowly and steadily...I was lost in lust. "Come in her mouth, Al", Jeannie was saying. "Shoot your come into her mouth...oh, Yeah...baby...She loves the taste of your come, Al." Her hand was a blur on Al's cock! I knew he would shoot soon. I knew what I wanted then. I knew what I HAD to have! "Yeah...", I said to Al. "Give me your come...I want it in my mouth. Come in my mouth, Al...come for me....I want to taste your hot come!" Jeannie's pumping hand was directing Al's cockhead towards my lips. Her other hand was frantically rubbing her clitoris. I couldn't take any more! I reached out and encircled both their hands with my own. Now six hands were pumping Al's cock. And it was all aimed at ME! "Come here", I ordered Al. My voice rang with need, and he instantly responded, straddling my legs and moving the last six inches towards me. Now his cock was an inch from my face. I stuck my tongue out and grazed the tip as it showed from between our fingers. I glanced over at Ted, and was washed with relief and a feeling of hot lust as I saw him staring at the three of us. His cock, although semi-hard was encased in his fist and he stroked it as he watched us. "Fuck my mouth, Al...", I breathed, staring up into his face. "I want you to fuck my mouth...and I want you to come in my throat." Looking into Jeannie's eyes, I repeated, "Fuck my mouth...I want you to... please..." Al's knees buckled, and he almost ended up sitting in my lap! He quickly regained his balance though, and moved forward the final inch. I moaned when I felt his cockhead touch my lips. Parting them slightly, I allowed his head to slide forward. He started to slowly fuck his cock into my mouth, stretching my lips as he advanced. Soon he had about half of his nine inches in my mouth. I pulled my face back, releasing his cock and looked up at him. "Now fuck me.", I demanded. Al needed no further urging. He slid his cock between my lips and started to fuck my mouth like he'd just fucked his own hand. His eyes closed, and he started to groan. His cock slid slowly from my lips to my throat in long, even thrusts. Jeannie reached around to gently cradle his swinging balls and that did it! Suddenly my mouth was FULL of come! I didn't feel Al shoot, it was more like he just unloaded! I swallowed as much as I could, as he continued to fuck my mouth, but I couldn't keep up with the flow. His come overflowed my lips and cascaded like a waterfall over my chin, dripping on my tits and running into my lap. I sucked and swallowed like a madwoman, annoyed at myself for missing Al's come. Jeannie was moaning loudly as she watched Al pour his semen into my mouth. "Oh, God, yeah Al...Come in her mouth...Oh, shit! Look at it all!...Fuck her...!" As wonderful as it felt running over my tits, I wanted more to taste it and to swallow it all. I was comforted by reminding myself that this was only my second blow job after all. I was bound to get better with practice. And practice I would! I loved the taste of their come and the sticky feel of it! I loved the feeling of Al's cock as it fucked in and out of my lips. I loved it all! Then Al's knees buckled again. As he slowly dropped into my lap, his cock slipped from my sucking lips. Still shooting his hot come, the last two volleys hit me straight in the face, covering one cheek and my chin. I started to laugh with erotic glee as Jeannie, not missing a beat, gripped Al's cock as it slid from my lips. Pumping madly, she finished Al off on my already soaked tits. Jeannie and I were laughing like kids at Christmas, Al was comatose in my lap, with his head on my shoulder, moaning softly. And, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ted making his way around the table. His cock was rock hard again, and sticking out from his front like a club! Here we go again, I chuckled to myself. What a night this was gonna be! Jeannie, noticing Ted's approach, released Al's cock and stood up to face my boyfriend. The look in her eye, somewhere between fear and fuck, told me that she wasn't sure if Ted was angry or not. Then her eyes moved down and focussed on Ted's erect and swinging prick, and she visibly relaxed. The look in her eyes changed immediately from fear to lust. It was a time of discovery for us...a time when we were finding out that all of us were basicly sluts, at least tonight. And tonight, anything went. No jealousy...no mistrust...just pleasure, from wherever and whoever. It was a wonderful feeling. "You're not gonna get jealous are you, Tedy?", she panted when he reached her. "I think Tracy was just returning the favor to Al." She reached out to grasp Ted's hard cock in her hand, stroking it up and down in an underhand grip. As she did this, she moved close to him and stood on her tiptoes. She rubbed the head of Ted's cock against her belly as she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of his neck, and then up to his chin and cheek. When her licking tongue reached his ear she noticed that Ted was looking at me...with a look of confusion on his face. He appeared to me to be looking for approval..or, at least some kind of sign that he wasn't in "trouble". Under the circumstances, with Al sitting in my lap, and his come still dripping from my chin and tits, I thought that Ted's look was close to ludicrous. I mean, I'd just sucked his best friends cock and he was wondering if I'd be mad because MY best friend was stroking his pole. I smiled reassuringly, and licked my lips in the most sexual, sensual manner I could, and Ted visibly relaxed. Jeannie gave his cock a final tug, and fell into a chair...feigning exhaustion. "Hey, Al!", I shouted in his ear. "Where's that tequila you went to get?" Al simply moaned... We all laughed until tears were streaming down our faces, then Ted went over to the sink, bringing back with him four clean shot glasses and the Cuervo. "I need a shower...", I sighed. That got us laughing again, but after downing our shots, we each grabbed a beer and headed to the showers. It was only eleven thirty...we had a whole night ahead of us! I started getting horny again just imagining what the night might hold for us.

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