The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER THREE

We played cards for more than an hour. In between hands, the tequila bottle was passed, and Ted and Al made a number of beer runs to the kitchen. We were starting to get a buzz on to say the least. Jeannie, making her prediction come true, was the proud owner of two pairs of boys pants, and a shirt that once belonged to Al. We had decided that to make things more interesting, shoes, socks, and jewelry didn't count so those disappeared first. My pile contained Ted's shirt, and Jeannie's new Guess jeans. Ted had yet to win anything, but was enjoying everyone else's "winnings", or losings, as it were.... Al had "won" my pants, and I gave both guys a slow, teasing mini strip show when I took them off. No easy feat with a pair of jeans, and everybody hooted and clapped their appreciation. Jeannie, not wanting to be outdone, did a similar sexy strip after she lost her pants the very next round. The difference was that when she pushed her jeans down, she "accidentally" pushed her black silk panties down too. Feigning surprise, she hurriedly pulled her panties back up, but not before giving Al a quick shot of her smooth, firm ass...and giving Ted and I a full view of her silky blonde bush. "Ooops...", she said, batting her eyes at me. "I guess I slipped." "Cute...", I replied, shaking my head as the boys cheered. Once again, my friend had topped me. It was a good thing we were BEST friends, and that it was a fun game, cause otherwise I would have started to get upset! But I understood that the key here was to tease the boys into a sexual frenzy. And we were doing EQUALLY well in that department. Both of the guys had raging hard-ons by now...and we both knew it. I looked at Jeannie and smiled. "These will look great with this blouse, don't you think?", I had teased her when I won her jeans. Jeannie stuck out her tongue at me and said haughtily, "I wouldn't plan on keeping that blouse too much longer,darling. "I've got a pretty good hand here." "Pretty good ass, too, sugar!", laughed Al. We were leaning on pillows by this time. We all were buzzing pretty good and I was getting hotter as the clothes came off. Jeannie and I were both down to our shirts and panties, but the boys had lost everything but their underwear. Al, who had "forgotten" his, got a bathing suit from one of the bedrooms when it came to his turn to shed his pants. "Cheat! Cheat!", I yelled. But Ted sided with Al and we allowed the violation. Actually, the suit did very little to hide his semi-hard cock, so I was kind of glad we had bent the rules. And now that his cock was at full attention, there was even less room in the suit. The head of his cock was just starting to peek over the top. I caught Al's attention with my eyes, and then dropped my gaze to his suit. Staring at his cock, I licked my lips and let a slight groan escape. His cock immediately responded, growing longer, and poking another inch out of it's prison. I continued to lick my lips as I returned my gaze to Al's face. I knew I had gotten to him and I reveled in my growing power as a woman. I loved this heat! But back to the game... The boys were looking mighty nervous as we played this next hand. One more loss for either of them and we'd have a full nude show. I was getting hot with anticipation. Problem was, I was holding the worst hand I'd had all night. And just as I'd feared, I lost the hand. The guys both cheered, and Jeannie was looking at me with a renewed fire in her eyes, wondering which part of my body I was going to expose. It had to be either my blouse or my panties, that's all I had left. I thought for a minute, then I made up my mind. Winking at her, and grinning at first Ted, then Al, I stood up. I was just drunk enough so I wasn't too nervous, and sober enough to enjoy my own exhibitionism. Moving over to stand in front of the fireplace, I slowly, very slowly, started to unbutton my blouse. At the same time I started swaying back and forth to the music playing in the background. As each button came undone, more and more of my skin was exposed. I was getting wet knowing that all there eyes were on me, waiting to drink in the sight of my naked tits. I was too excited! And the heat from the fire behind me gave me courage. I continued my agonizingly slow unbuttoning, watching each pair of eyes, and watching them all licking their lips in expectation. I hoped my excitement wasn't showing through my panties. Pausing at the last button, I again looked up. Six eyes were transfixed on that one button. Leaving it buttoned I moved my hands up to my cotton covered breasts. "Might as well make it good", I thought. "Geez...", I heard Al exclaim, as I squeezed my breasts. I smiled, and looked down to his crotch. Half of his cock was now sticking out from the top of his skimpy bathing suit. I don't think he knew how exposed he was at that moment. I reached inside my blouse to caress my tits, still hidden from their view by the cloth, but open enough to give them glimpses. Looking over to Ted, I saw that his cock was already rock hard. It was still held back by his briefs, but the head, and about three inches of meat were sticking out from the elastic. I licked my lips in anticipation. Ted groaned and dropped his hand to his lap, gripping his hard lance as he watched me. Jeannie, meanwhile had leaned all the way back on her pillow. She was making no move at all to hide her hand in her lap. Grinning broadly, and staring at my hand inside my blouse, she was rubbing her pussy slowly through her panties. She knew the boys were concentrating on me, and was doing her show solely for my benefit. Kind of a mutual support thing, I guess. I smiled at her and slowly licked my lips, staring at her busy fingers. Turning my attention back to MY show, I pulled my hand from under my blouse and slid them back down to the last button. Focusing on Ted I whispered, "Ready...?" All three of my friends said "YEAH!" in unison. I grinned, undid the last button, and whipped my blouse open and off in one fluid motion. I tossed the blouse to Jeannie, who gave me a "thumbs up". Jeannie and Ted Cheered and applauded when this happened and I bowed and said "Thank you...Thank you..." with a laugh. I was feeling as hot and excited as I was in the theater. Glancing at Al, I saw him sitting with a blank face, staring at my tits. I smiled and reached up to squeeze them one more time as I sat down cross-legged on the carpet. A loud groan escaped his lips, as I rolled both nipples between my fingers. "Down, Rover!", Jeannie laughed. She reached up and playfully slapped Al in the back of the head. "They're not THAT nice!" "Sorry...", Al replied. But his eyes stayed on my breasts. Putting my arms behind me and leaning back, I gave him an unobstructed view. I smiled at him and tossed my hair flirtatiously. He loved it. "I think the game's over...", I "whispered" to Ted, but so everyone could hear. Leaning over, I put my head on his shoulder, laying a hand softly on his chest. "Unless your ready for another HAND..." I slid my hand slowly down his chest, stopping when I reached his hard muscular belly. "No, I think my concentration level is down", Ted replied with a smile. "I'd probably lose my shorts." I grinned at his joke, and slid my hand further down his belly, coming to rest on his hard cock. Stroking him through his underwear, I said, "You've already lost them, big guy. You didn't have a chance." I slid my hand under his waistband and encircled his shaft with my hand. Pumping him slowly, I felt his hand reach up to fondle my naked breast. It was so sexy sitting here, almost naked, and with other people in the room. In all the time the four of us had spent together, we'd all gotten off in various ways, and had all been in various levels of undress, but always in a car, or in separate rooms, or in the van. This was the first time we'd all seen each other naked, or close to it. We were all feeling the sexual tension and heat! I could see, out of the corner of my eye, that Jeannie and Al were both watching me pumping Ted's cock. And that made it even MORE exciting to me! I could see Jeannie's hand covering the head of Al's prick as it stuck out of his suit. Her thumb was making lazy circles on his cockhead, spreading his copious pre-come oil around. She was twisting and squeezing him, and his hand was in her lap stroking her wet pussy, but they were both leaning back on their pillows, watching Ted and I play. I was discovering that I loved to be watched. Moaning loudly, I pulled Ted over to me until he was above me with his knees straddling my hips. I was able to maneuver our bodies into a position that allowed Jeannie and Al an unobstructed view of our action. Ted leaned over and kissed me passionately, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. At the same time, his hands were all over my naked chest, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples, and driving me crazy with lust. I bit Ted's tongue gently, and sucked it deep into my mouth. Sensing what I wanted, he started to thrust his hot tongue in and out of my mouth like a cock. I continued to suck and use my own tongue to wet his lips and meet his thrusts. God, I was Hot! I heard Jeannie groan, and I knew it was getting to her. "She ain't seen nothing yet", I thought gleefully. I reached another hand down to join the first at Ted's crotch. Making sure my leg was out of Jeannie and Al's line of view, I pulled Ted's long, thick cock out of his briefs, and started pumping him with two hands. Then bringing my left hand up to my mouth, I licked my palm until in was soaked with saliva. Returning that hand to Ted's thrusting boner, I repeated the action with my right hand, then brought that down to join forces with my left, giving Ted a slippery hand-tunnel to fuck his cock into. Ted moaned deep in his throat and started to fuck my hands. The head of his cock was hitting my belly on each upstroke, leaving a long trail of slippery pre-come. We'd never ever done anything close to this, and he was going nuts! In fact, in the year or so since we'd started going out, Ted had never seen my tits totally exposed like this. In the car, or making out, he'd had my bra off, and my blouse undone, but never NAKED like this. We were both enjoying the heat! His cock had never felt bigger or hotter in my hands. I could barely get my hands to close around it as he pumped into them. Time for round two, I thought nervously. I was enjoying Ted's cock immensely, and I had even thought for a minute hot wonderful it would feel to have him spray his hot come on my tits and belly, but I'd also promised myself earlier to try and top Jeannie's earlier performances with Al. It was time for her to be jolted. I just hoped I could carry it off.


Making eye contact with Jeannie, I whispered to Ted that I was uncomfortable here, and wanted to move into the kitchen. He whined a little bit, but seeing Jeannie and Al across the room, he agreed. He probably thought that I was nervous about the others being in the same room...if he only knew! As we walked by Jeannie and Al, who were pretending to be engrossed in their own lovemaking, but were really watching our every move, I again caught Jeannie's eye. Winking and grinning at her, I let her know that it was "payback" time. She groaned as we walked by her. My hand was wrapped around Ted's throbbing pole, and I led him into the kitchen, which was about five feet away from where Al and Jeannie were sitting on the floor. Turning and looking back at Jeannie, I pulled the door shut behind us with a sly smile. Behind me, I could hear Jeannie's muffled protests. Stopping on just the other side of the door, I made Ted lean back against the side of the cabinets. We were in the doorway, but sheltered from view by the door. But not for long... See, the door was a "Dutch" door. The kind found in kitchens all over. There's a top and a bottom part to the door, so if you want, you can shut the bottom part and leave the top part open, for a breeze, or for a view. Well, the "view" was exactly what I had in mind, but not the same view that was in the mind of the guy who invented this door. I latched the top half of the door, but left the bottom free. Ted, being comfortable with the fact that the door was shut, opened his arms to me with a smile. "Alone at last...", he sighed. "Alone at last", I agreed. He kissed me, and again I found his tongue thrusting into my mouth. How I loved his tongue! Such talent could be put to better use, I thought, recalling what Jeannie had said in the van. I reached for Ted's cock, and stroking it wildly, I panted in his ear, "I love your hard cock, Ted...I love the feel of it... It's so hard....so hot!" I tongued his ear as I pumped him. It was turning me on to be using Jeannie's words. And I knew she could hear me. As I stroked Ted's shaft with one hand, I pushed hard at the bottom part of the door with my foot. I wanted to make sure it opened all the way, but also didn't want to alert Ted by making it hit the wall on the other side. It opened perfectly! I couldn't see Al or Jeannie, but I knew that they had a perfect side view of the bottom two thirds of our bodies as we leaned against the cabinets. This is perfect!, I thought. As long as they haven't gotten caught up in their own lovemaking, I would soon be one up on Jeannie. This was fun! Not knowing if they were watching or not, but thrilling to the thought of it, I started again the slow stroking of Ted's cock. I knew, after all the teasing, we'd put him through, that he wouldn't last long. I had to hurry. Gripping his pole firmly, I pulled it down until it was aimed towards the floor. Continuing my slow stroke, I got up on my toes and straddled his long cock, pushing it between my legs. I'm glad my panties are on I thought nervously, or this might take a wrong turn. I wanted to drive him crazy, but I didn't want to fuck him...yet anyway. I still wasn't ready to lose my virginity. Tonight was for something different. Closing my legs, I trapped his cock between them, feeling his delicious heat on my pussy. I started to drip, thinking how close his cock was to the "final frontier". Ted's hips started to pump. Reaching behind him, I slid both hands over his firm ass, whispering into his ear, "Careful, lover...go slow...I want this to last...God, your cock is hard...it feels so good against me... I slipped my hands into the elastic of his briefs, and tried to slide them down. Ted leaned forward of the cabinet and allowed my hands to do their job. I slid his underwear off his ass and down as far as I could reach. Then I slid my hands back to his cock. "You're gonna love this, Ted. You are gonna love it...." I tongued his ear as I talked to him, pumping his cock with my hips and legs. He was leaking huge amounts of pre-come now. My panties were soaked with it and my hands were starting to drip. I reached under his cock and pulled up on it, increasing the pressure on my pussy lips as he pumped in and out. His cock slid in and out of my legs like a piston. He was groaning loudly now. I smiled, knowing that his moans would get Jeannie's attention if I didn't already have it. I started to talk louder. "Your cock is sooo hard and hot, baby...I love the way it slides in my hand...you are making me sooo HOT!....Ooohhh I love it!" I started to kiss his neck, and then his chest as I pumped him. Ted's knees were starting to shake now as I slid my tongue around his chest. His breaths were becoming shorter and raspier. "You know don't you, baby...you know what I want to do....I've been talking about it and tonight I'm gonna..." I'm gonna have my first blow job tonight, lover...I'm gonna lick this cock of yours Teddy Boy..I'm gonna lick it and suck it into my mouth..." I continued my downward licking of Ted's chest. When I reached his belly, he yelled out. I was afraid he was going to come just from my talking about sucking him! I quickened my movements, licking his belly and the hair around his navel. He was groaning louder now. Slowly I allowed my knees to bend as I continued down. My hands grabbed his underwear and I pulled it the rest of the way down to his ankles. Reaching back up, I encased his asscheeks with my hands and, at the same dropped to my knees in front of him. Well, here goes nothing, I thought, staring at his hard cock. It looked huge! How was I gonna get that thing in my mouth? I pulled on Ted's asscheeks, and pulled him closer to my face. The smell of his manhood was making me dizzy with lust. As I buried my face in his crotch, I snuck a peek into the living room. I shouldn't have worried about those guys watching. They had gathered the pillows together, and were leaning back against the back of the couch, watching Ted and I like they were watching a movie!! And they were only three feet away! If Ted only knew! I grinned from ear to ear. Relishing my "victory", I got back to Ted's hardness, that now was leaking his love juice on my shoulder. His cock was cradled between my shoulder and neck and he was pumping in and out like a locomotive. I pushed on his hips to make him stop, and looked up at his face with lust lidded eyes. "I'm gonna suck your cock...", I said, sticking out my tongue and licking the very tip of his shaft. "I wanna suck your hard cock..." I heard Jeannie moan in the other room. "I'm gonna suck it into my mouth and lick you...", I said against his cockhead. I continued to flick it with my tongue. "This is my first blow job, lover, and I think it's yours...and I'm gonna do my best to make it a good one..." This time it was Ted's turn to groan. He was watching me lick the end of his shaft and his knees were getting weak. I leaned forward and started to slowly lick the entire head, mixing his juices with my saliva. The taste was wonderfully salty and slightly bitter on my tongue. It was incredibly intoxicating. I covered his entire cock with slow wet kisses, running my tongue over the length of it and pausing occasionally to lick and suck his balls, as I'd seen in the movies that Jeannie and I watched. I shifted my gaze back to Ted's cock and leaned forward once again, this time opening my lips slightly and taking just the tip into my mouth. At the same time, I ran my tongue back and forth across the tip, paying particular attention to the little slit in the end. I was dripping down my thighs, I was getting so turned on. I wondered if Al and Jeannie would notice. Continuing to lick and suck the tip of Ted's prick, I looked over at Al and Jeannie. They were both staring at me with half lidded eyes. Al's suit was off, and Jeannie had his cock in her hand pumping it up and down. Jeannie had unbuttoned her blouse and it was wide open. Al's one hand was fondling her tits, moving from one to the other, and Jeannie's hand was busy in her lap. I noticed with some surprise that she'd also removed her panties, and was now fingering her pussy with wild abandon. And what was Really turning me on was the fact that Al's other hand was there with her, and his finger was moving in and out of her pussy in unison with her! They were both groaning over and over. I'd never seen such a sexy scene. They were both watching me intently. As I watched, Jeannie looked at me and opened her knees as far as she could, and thrust her pussy towards my face, showing me their fingers pumping her pussy. It was such a wanton thing to do that I couldn't stop the loud groan from escaping my lips. Jeannie grinned broadly. Taking Ted's cock in my hand, and looking directly at Jeannie and Al, I slowly sucked the whole head into my mouth. Jeannie's grin faded, to be replaced with a look of astonished envy. I smiled as best I could with Ted's cockhead stretching my lips. I could feel his hot juices spilling onto my tongue as I sucked his cock for all I was worth. Ted started to fuck his cock into my mouth and I opened up as best I could to accommodate him. I loved the feeling of his cock gliding over my tongue. I looked up into his eyes and winked. I wanted Ted to know that I was loving this. The taste, the feel, the fantasy...I was loving it all. Soon, I was able to get half of Ted's cock in my mouth. He was sliding it in and out slowly and groaning with each thrust. My lips were stretched to their max around his shaft. I'd heard about "Deep-Throating", and Jeannie and I had watched a movie, and seen a girl known as "Little Oral Annie" literally swallow a cock that was longer than Ted's, but I knew that it took lots of practice. From the way he was moaning up there, I figured I'd have a willing practice assistant, but for now I figured I'd wait to try that. His thrusts were increasing though, and his cock kept up it's pace of sliding in and out of my lips, I was using my tongue on the head, and Ted's continued to leak profusely into my mouth. I used my neck muscles to meet his cock on each upstroke. It was heavenly! I was excited that it was going so well, and shut my eyes to relish the feelings and tastes. Opening my eyes, and shifting my gaze to Al and Jeannie, I saw Jeannie was really going at it now. She was stroking his cock with the same rhythm that I was using to suck Ted, and I could tell he was close to coming. His eyes were glazed as he watched me suck Ted's cock, and his hips were lifting off the floor. I locked his eyes with mine and pulled Ted's cock out of my mouth. Pumping Ted's cock with my hand, I wrapped my tongue around the head and gave him a fast tongue-bath. Then I took it back into my mouth and started hammerheading his shaft like I'd seen in the movie. Then, pulling his cock out of my mouth again, and maintaining eye contact with Al, I started to jerk Ted off. I stuck out my tongue and laid the head on it as I continued to pump his hard shaft with my hand. I wanted to make Al come by watching me. It was making me so fucking HOT! I knew I could make him come! Seeing what I was doing, Jeannie increased her efforts. Her pumping hand was just a blur on Al's cock. Her hand was dripping with pre-come now, and her hand slid easily up and down his shaft. She started chanting..."Come baby, come baby....Watch her suck his cock...you're next, lover...I'm gonna suck you...come on..." That was what it took. Never taking his eyes from mine, Al groaned loudly and lifted his hips off the floor. His come shot out of the end of his thrusting cock like Old Faithful! Jeannie turned his cock in her direction and his come sprayed her tits and face, soaking her with semen. She cried out when it hit her, as if it was scalding her. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and used it to spread the come on her tits and neck. All the while, she was watching me jerk Ted off into my mouth. She was moaning loudly. Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she started sucking them in rhythm to my pumping hand. Suddenly, Ted tensed. He slowed his thrusting hips and looked down at me. Looking into his eyes, I laid the head of his cock on my tongue and started to slowly jerk him off. At the same time, I moved my tongue back and forth under his cockhead. "Come in my mouth", I said, talking around his cock. "I want to taste your come on my tongue...I want to feel you shoot in my mouth... come on lover, come for me...come in my mouth..." Ted tensed up. His whole body started shaking, and his knees started to buckle under him. I was so excited!! I was about to taste his come on my tongue for the first time! I couldn't wait to feel him shoot off in my mouth! I started to suck him hard. Taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, until I felt it hit my throat. Fuck it!, I thought, as I pulled his cock deeper. I didn't care if I gagged, I was so excited! To my amazement, Ted's cock bent just as it hit my throat and slid easily all the into my throat without stopping! I couldn't believe it! I also couldn't breathe!! I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth, and gasped for air! Wow..,I thought. I did it! Unbelievable! I just deep-throated Ted's Cock!!! I looked over at Jeannie, and she couldn't believe it either, from the open mouthed look on her face. Both she and Al were sitting upright now, making no pretense at all of being involved in something else. They were watching me suck a cock into my throat and wanted more! I grinned at Al when I saw his cock rise to full staff. Looking at Jeannie, I grinned and said aloud, "Watch this..." I felt like the queen slut at a cock picnic. I was HOT!! Turning my attention back to Ted, I saw he was looking at me with a dazed expression. He couldn't believe he'd just been deep throated on his first blow job! I couldn't believe I'd done it with MY first blow-job either, but I wanted to get on with it. I wanted MORE! Feeling cocky now, I looked in his eyes and panted, "Fuck me, Ted. Fuck my mouth with your cock until you come. Fuck my mouth while I suck your cock! I want it in my Throat!" I was turning myself on just hearing myself! I sounded like such a SLUT, and I loved it. I FELT like a slut! Sluttiness certainly has it's place, I thought with a smile. "Fuck my throat.", I said to Ted. With that, I took his cock back into my mouth, tongueing the head and sliding it back to my throat. Again, it bent and slid all the way down. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. I took a deep breath through my nose and started to SUCK. Ted's hips started to pump. Slowly at first, enjoying the feel of his cock in my throat, but then picking up speed. Soon he was holding my head in his hands and really fucking my mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I loved the feel of his cock in my throat. It was so Powerful. When he stopped thrusting I knew it was time. He was going to come. Sucking as hard as I could, I drew his cock out of my mouth just as the first volley of come shot out. The first blast hit my bottom lip and dripped down over my tits. It felt wonderfully warm on my face and chest. I alternated jerking him off and sucking as the next blast shot out. This one I made sure to catch in my mouth. It flashed into my mouth and hit my throat. I swallowed, thrilling with the thick, slippery feel of his come as it slid down my throat into my belly. I turned so Jeannie could see Ted's cock shoot his come into my mouth. I was laughing with my mouth open as Ted continued to shoot. I'd seen him come in plentiful amounts before, when I'd jerked him off, but this time was a record! I couldn't stop laughing with the thrill of it all! I jerked him off as he filled my mouth with come. Even with me swallowing as fast as I could, there was so much that it overflowed my lips and spilled down over my tits. Like Jeannie, I reached down and spread it around my chest and neck. It felt like hot oil! I loved it!! I looked over at Jeannie just as she started to come on her finger. Al was sucking on her nipples, and fucking his born-again cock in and out of her hand. Her hips were bucking like a bronco on her fingers and she was almost screaming. I saw Al get up on his knees when he was ready to come. He turned towards her face and Jeannie jerked him off all over her tits and face again. She moaned as she came, staring at Ted's cock in my mouth, and watching me spread the excess on my body. Finally, Ted was losing steam. I resumed my sucking, trying to get every last drop of come from his dwindling cock. I was in heaven! Kneeling at Ted's feet, covered in his come, I felt like the consummate slut...and I loved it! As I stood up and moved into Ted's arms, kissing him deeply and passionately, I mused out loud: "This has been quite a night, ladies and gentlemen. Quite a night!

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The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER TWO

Ted and Al rode in the front seat and Jeannie and I sat in the captains chairs behind them. I sat behind Ted, who was driving. We were heading to what we called "The Lake". Actually, where we were going was the Salmon River, about ten miles out of town. Ted's uncle had a lodge on the river and he let us use it on the weekends, if he wasn't around. He lived in Chicago, so "not around" was pretty often. The lodge sat on a large piece of land at the bend in the river and the water there was about half a mile across, from shore to shore. So sitting on the dock that reached into the water, or sitting on the front porch of the cabin gave the impression of being on a larger body of water. Ted was the one who started calling it "The Lake" and it caught on with the four of us. It was a wonderful place to go to. At our age there wasn't a lot a person could do other than go to the movies, or go "parking". Obviously, we could have fun at the movies, but that got a little expensive for someone in high school. And parking was okay, too, but tough for a double date. Someone had to be in the front seat, and that always created problems. So when Ted's uncle told him he could use the lodge occasionally for fishing, or "whatever", Ted jumped at the chance. And since we'd been double dating with Jeannie and Al for close to a year, we thought it only natural to invite them along. We'd been coming up to the lodge, off and on, for about two months now. Ted's uncle, Mike, called the lodge his "little cabin". The "cabin" was actually a huge, richly appointed, four bedroom log house that sat on a hundred and forty acres of prime woodland. He must have paid a fortune for it because it was surrounded on three sides by national forest land and sat right on the banks of the Salmon River, the largest river in the area. Mike was a successful commodities broker in Chicago, and he'd fly out here to California every couple of months to get away and unwind. Mike also had a reputation as a swinger and a playboy. He was 31 years old, single and immensely wealthy, or at least appeared to be. Everytime we saw Mike, he'd have a beautiful young girl with him, and the few times we visited him at the "cabin", they would both be in various stages of undress. Ted's uncle definitely knew how to enjoy life. We liked Mike... There was plenty of room in the lodge for privacy, and usually we'd separate and find our own little nook or cranny and make out after drinking a few beers, or playing cards and such. Tonight though, I had a feeling that the four of us were going to experience a change in our relationship. And I didn't feel that privacy would be too much of a concern either. The relationship between Jeannie and I had already changed. After our little show and tell, without the tell, in the theater, Jeannie and I had established the fact quite clearly that we enjoyed "watching". I guess it's more like we had DISCOVERED that fact. But it was obvious to me that we had both enjoyed that experience immensely. How the boys would feel about it, if they knew, was another matter. But I had a feeling that we'd be addressing that soon. I felt myself getting wet again, remembering the sight of Al's hard cock gliding through Jeannie's fingers. "Lost in thought? Or lost in space?" Jeannie's voice cut through my thoughts. Laughing, I said, "Just lost I guess! Where are we?" "Almost there", she said. "We just turned on to Old Post Road, so we have about twenty minutes. I thought we'd lost you, there." She grinned and handed me a bottle of Cuervo Gold Tequila. It was a new bottle, but it had obviously gone around once. I took a swig and shuddered. The warmth hit me immediately. "Where did this come from, guys?", I asked the front seat. "Somebody raiding somebody's liquor cabinet?" "My mom "forgot" she bought it", Ted replied. "Too bad, huh?" "Yeah", I said, leaning forward to pass him the bottle. "Too bad we have to drive home. I wouldn't mind tying one on tonight, seems like a great night to party." As I spoke, I slid the bottle into Ted's lap, pushing it between his legs. As I released the bottle, I dropped my hand onto his dick, which immediately started to grow under my fingers. I turned my head to look at Al. His gaze was riveted on my hand in Ted's lap. I smiled and repeated, "Yeah, a great night to party." I squeezed Ted's cock, grinned at Al, and leaned back into my seat, my hand slowly gliding along the length of Ted's shaft, and out of his lap. "Hang on to that bottle boys," I cooed, settling back into my seat. "But take it slow, you might need your strength..." Both boys laughed nervously. Jeannie, meanwhile had swiveled her seat around and was facing the back of the van. When I turned my seat to join her, she leaned over to me and whispered, "God, I am so hot! I've never felt this way before. Watching you in the movies, with Ted's cock in your hand was TOO, TOO exciting!" "You too," I replied. "I can't believe we did that!" "They'd kill us if they knew", Jeannie said with a scheming smile on her face. "I don't think they're ready for that. But the sight of Ted's cock coming off in your hand! God! He's sooo BIG!" Her eyes rolled back in her head, in mock dismay, and I laughed at her antics. As she was speaking, her hand moved up to her heaving chest, and started to unconsciously move back and forth across her breasts. "I can't stand it!", she whispered. I dropped my eyes to follow the movement of her hand, and my own hand crept up the front of my blouse. "Me too!,", I whispered back. "You know", Jeannie continued, "I thought that I had gotten as hot and as high as I was going to get, sexually speaking, without actually fucking Al. But after tonight I realize how little I really know about this stuff. I don't think we have to lose our precious virginity to get off with a bang. Or," she said, motioning with her eyes towards the front seat, "to get them off with a bang." "Oh, they're easy", I said with a laugh. "Ted is perfectly happy when I give him a slow hand job. I let him play with my tits, and use his wonderful fingers in my pussy" I shuddered thinking about that. "And he knows damn well that I don't plan on losing "anything" right now." My eyes stayed on Jeannie's hand, which was starting to unbutton the buttons of her blouse and was slipping inside, moving slowly over her bra. Her eyes were closed as she listened to me. I was transfixed by the motion of her hand and the expanse of flesh that was showing. Jeannie and I had seen each other naked on hundreds of occasions but I'd never looked at her this way. Now it was so SEXUAL...

I really didn't know how to feel. I did know that it was getting me hot. I'd worry about the rest later. Tonight, after all, was party night. I sat back and continued to caress my own breasts. Jeannie was getting me hot with her hand motions. It was like watching an X-rated movie starring my best friend! Her hand slipped under her bra as she continued her fondling, and my eyes followed each move. My hands followed her lead, squeezing my own tits through my blouse. The guys were absorbed in quiet conversation in the front seat. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but occasionally I'd hear our names, or some "key" words, so I assumed they were talking about us just as we were about them. I turned my attention back to Jeannie. "I was just thinking...," she said dreamily, "Thinking... of how hot I got.... watching you jerk Ted off...It was sooo Hot...! Her fingers traced lazy circles around her nipples. "Tell me something, Trace...", Jeannie whispered, leaning close to me. "Have you ever thought about sucking his cock...? I mean it looks so hot in those movies...It's kind of like just jerking him off but you just use your mouth..." Her voice had taken on a dreamy tone. And her eyes had glazed over. I don't think she was in need of an answer, so I just let her continue. Her words were getting me hot! "Al's been hinting", she was whispering. "I think he's getting tired of hand jobs." She leaned close to my ear, with a conspiratorial look on her face. "And I've been wondering what it would be like to...you know...to suck him." She looked at me with wide eyes, searching my face for some kind of approval, or support. I was too confused to offer either, and I guess a response wasn't really necessary. Instead I just mumbled something like "Hmmm..." and kept my eyes focused on her hand. Her hand slipped back into the top of her bra, searching for, and finding a nipple. She moaned softly, under her breath, as she pinched it. "I'll tell ya... Jeannie said, I've tasted his come a bunch of times, but I've never really sucked his cock...Maybe it's time..." She was working herself up now, her hand busy under her bra, and her legs were opening and closing to some unheard rhythm. She wasn't really talking to ME, she was just talking. Maybe trying to convince herself. "I think that maybe I'm ready for that." Her eyes opened to two slits and locked onto mine. "And Al's hinted that he wants to, you know...eat me! Use his tongue on my pussy! And I KNOW I'm ready for THAT! God! That would feel sooo good...I just know it!" Her left hand slid into her lap, rubbing her pussy mound lightly through her jeans. Her voice, although just barely loud enough for me to hear, was getting raspy in her growing excitement. Her breathing slowed as she attempted to regain her composure. Her eyes opened and she looked at me. "Geez...get a grip, Jeannie, huh?", she laughed. "I'm losin' it here! she shook her head. "Gimme that bottle!", she yelled to the front seat. She reached over, and behind her head, making a clutching motion with her hand. "Hand it here, you studmuffins!", she said with a laugh. Al passed the bottle, and fit it into her outstretched hand. "You're not getting drunk back there, are you?", Al asked with a hint of concern in his voice. Jeannie looked at me, as if to say she knew his "concern" was coming more from his lap than his heart. "Don't worry, loverboy...", she said, looking at me with a smile. "I'm only getting drunk enough so you can take advantage of me!" Jeannie laughed at the silence coming from the front seat. "It's so easy to shake 'em up!", she whispered to me. I was anxious to resume our conversation. Talking about sex with Jeannie was one of my all time favorite things to do. "I've thought about sucking Ted's cock", I whispered to her. "God, I think about it all the time. If I knew I could do it like we see in the movies I'd blow him right now. I'm just not sure how it would go, and I want Ted's first blow job to be something he'll remember all his life." My hands continued to stroke my tits. "Maybe I should practice on someone else first!", I said laughing. "I'll call Jim Burkley!", Jeannie laughed back at me. That broke us both up. Jim Burkley was a basketball player at our high school who, although he wasn't overly handsome, had a reputation for being extremely "well endowed". Rumor had it that his cock, when fully erect, measured a full fourteen inches long with a circumference of close to five and a half inches! Julie, who's a close friend of Jeannie and I went out with him once, and reported to us that the rumors were entirely true! The guy was huge, she said. She could barely close her hand around his cock as it grew in her hand, and she had to use both hands to jerk him off! But Julie did jerk him off, and more, and now they'd been going steady for about four months. They both looked really happy, but Jeannie and I still talked about his "horse cock". Maybe someday, I thought, I could get Julie to let me watch as she jerked Jim off. I took a few moments to imagine having that thing in my mouth. I couldn't picture it, but I could sure picture giving ol' Jim a hand job. I'd love to watch a big cock like that shoot. I looked over at Jeannie and we both cracked up again at her suggestion. Obviously, she'd taken the same few minutes to picture Jim's big dick in her mind. I never really was too envious of Julie because I figured that a cock that size is just too much to handle on a regular basis. I'm sure she'd disagree, but I was more than happy with Ted's cock. I never measured him, but I figured he was about nine and a half inches long...still pretty big by most standards, and just perfect by mine. Jeannie said that she thought Al was more like eight inches long, and after seeing him up close tonight, I figured she was right. Al's cock though was about the same circumference as Ted's, and she said it got as hard as a rock. Ted's stays a bit pliable when he gets hard, except for just before he comes. Then it hardens like steel and swells in my hand. Mmmmmm.... Jeannie leaned over to me. "Just in case we do play tonight", she said, taking a drink and handing me the bottle, " I think I'll give ol' Al a head start..." With that she reached up and undid the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts spilled out of their constraints and into her open blouse. She brought both of her hands up to gently knead and squeeze them. "Ooohh... That feels sooo good! What a relief." she said to me, her eyes were closed, and her breathing labored. I stared at her naked tits, as my hand continued squeezing my own. Jeannie's breasts were perfectly formed, 34-C's that were right out of a magazine. She probably had the nicest tits of anyone in our class, and maybe the whole school. Her long flowing blond hair was another definate asset, believe me... but the eyes of men AND women inevitably ended up focusing on her tits. Jeannie and I were about the same height, but for some reason, God had seen fit to grace her with the longest, tightest...most delicious legs I'd ever seen on a girl. All topped off with a cute, heart-shaped ass that guys drooled over. She knew that she was the object of many young (and old) boy's fantasies, and used her assets to the max. She loved to tease the boys, but instead of wearing the tight sweaters and too small blouses like some of the other girls wore, she preferred looser clothes. Her more subtle approach gave her the opportunity to leave a few buttons undone and lean towards a boy and give him a view from the inside. Also if she stretched just right, which she always did...she could show off her size just as well as the others. Jeannie was too cool, and I loved her. Jeannie told me that she loved to hear the guys groan when she'd stretch, or lean over. She said it made her hot knowing that these guys were fantasize about feeling or licking her tits. She also loved to fantasize... I felt a tingling starting up again in my pussy. I was getting hot watching Jeannie touch her breasts so sensuously. Her eyes were shut, but now she opened them slowly. Seeing me staring at her hands, she smiled dreamily, and wet her lips . "What'dya say, Tracy, my friend", she panted, watching my hand on my blouse, "You gonna make me bounce in there by myself?" "C'mon drop 'em", she pleaded. "Hurry up, we're almost at the cabin. Give the boys a little thrill tonight." I figured what the hell, after what we've all been through so far tonight, keeping my bra on was too close to false modesty. Modest was the last thing I was feeling now. As the van pulled into the dirt road turn-off for the cabin, I started to hurriedly unbutton my blouse. I was glad we were turned away from the guys. It would be a thrill letting them find out that we were "unstrung". When my blouse was unbuttoned, I leaned forward, and reaching behind, unhooked my bra. I pulled my bra through my sleeve-hole, and, folding it up into a ball, dropped it into my lap. I felt so sexy to have the cool night air breathe over my nakedness. My nipples hardened and stood at full attention as I pinched them and caressed my hot tits. When I leaned back in my seat, I saw Jeannie staring at my tits, gently caressing her own breasts as she watched me. Instead of buttoning her blouse, she leaned back and opened it so I could see all of her. She moaned when I did the same, giving her an unobstructed view of my hands on my breasts. My eyes moved from her tits to her eyes, which were doing the same thing to me. I groaned as she pinched her nipples. Her tongue was making lazy circles around her lips. I started to wonder what her tits would feel like under my lips and tongue...what her nipples would feel like rolling on my tongue... what her breasts would feel like in my hands.... Jeannie moaned, as if she could read my thoughts. She started to lean forward in her seat, her eyes fixed on my nipples and her tongue dancing on her lips. She steadied herself with a trembling hand on my thigh as she moved her face towards my outthrust breast. As I leaned forward to meet her, her tongue grazed my right nipple. I moaned softly and reached a hand over to gently stroke her left breast with the back of my hand, feeling her hard nipple ride over the ridges of my fingers. It was Jeannie's turn to moan, and she sucked my nipple into her mouth, tickling it with her tongue. Opening my hand, I encircled her full, firm breast, feeling the heat of her excitement. Her full tit felt hot and wonderful in my hand. Her nipple felt like a hard marble in my palm. I caught her nipple in between two fingers and gently teased it into full erection. Jeannie moaned and sucked more of my tit into her mouth. Her tongue was dancing madly over my nipple. She pulled back a tiny bit and took my nipple in between her teeth, chewing gently. I moaned deeply and squeezed her breast tighter, letting her know that I loved what she was doing. With my other hand, I encircled the back of her head, pulling her face into my tits. I moaned again when she sucked deeply on my breast. Jeannie and I had spent countless nights together, lying naked on our beds, talking about cocks and cunts and even masturbating ourselves into sexual frenzies while watching porno tapes, but we'd never had a sexual contact before. This was exhilarating, I thought. This is incredible! "This is too weird!", I thought, as Jeannie's hand started to move up my thigh, towards my dripping pussy. "Weird, but,ooooohhh..." My own hand slid up Jeannie's thigh until I felt the dampness of her pussy through her slacks. We were both lost in our lust. "HERE WE ARE!", Ted yelled, breaking the spell. Jeannie and I both nearly jumped out of our skin! Looking out of the van's window, I saw that we had just pulled up to the front of Ted's uncle's lodge. We looked at each other with dazed expressions. What had just happened had taken us both by surprise! Then we both broke out into peals of laughter. Giggling like five year olds, Jeannie and I hurriedly tried to hide our bras in our purses and at the same time button our shirts before the guys caught on. I was so turned on, I couldn't think straight, which made the whole process look like a Keystone Kops skit. Finally, though, and in an amazingly short time considering the circumstances, we made our selves presentable. We kept giggling as we got out of the van and ran towards the cabin, pushing and pinching each other, almost tripping over each other. We were both a little embarrassed and bit confused, and tried to hide it with playfulness. My heart was pounding a mile a minute, though. "What's gotten into those two?" Al asked Ted in a kidding voice.. "Hey, do you girls have your own party makin's or what?!" "Something like that.", Jeannie answered. "We'll show you later!" Well, that set us off again! We had to lean against the porch railing to keep from falling down, as Ted fumbled for his keys. As Ted unlocked the front door, Al handed me the tequila bottle with a quizzical smile on his face. "Relax, Al", I said, sounding stern,and hugging him. "It's just a girl thing. Not at all like a guy's thing...", I whispered to him. As I hugged him I moved my leg slightly between his, feeling his cock on my leg. I smiled to myself. "Just a girl thing, you know?" This set us both to giggling again, and together we stumbled into the cabin.


"Anyone want a beer?", Ted yelled from the kitchen. "Yeah!", we all yelled, in unison. We were standing in the doorway to the living room. The place was huge and decorated in a southwestern motif, with pink and green pastels and a lot of desert murals on the walls. On one wall was an original Georgia O'Keefe painting that Ted said was worth a fortune. "A beer might wash away some of this tequila taste in my mouth", Al said. Jeannie moved in beside him. "What tequila taste, lover?" She kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue deep in his mouth. Pressing against him, she broke their kiss and teased, "But I kinda like that taste..." "More tequila!!", Al yelled with a laugh. Al kept one arm around Jeannie and reached to me for the bottle. Looking over Al's shoulder, Jeannie winked at me. As he took a pull on the bottle, she let her hand drift over his ass, and then around to his crotch. I couldn't see her hand, but I knew where it was headed. I smiled back at her. Al pulled back to allow her hand to get between them and groaned as she grabbed his rapidly hardening shaft. Still looking in my eyes, she said, "Tonight just might be a good night for drinking..." She emphasized the word "drinking" with a long slow caress of his cock. "If you know what I mean." she said. As if anyone didn't know what she meant. Al choked on his tequila, but I think she was talking to me. I knew then that she was planning to suck his cock tonight. Her "drinking" was going to be Al's come in her throat, not alcohol. I stared into her eyes as she continued to stroke Al's cock through his pants. All of this activity between the three of us, must have made Ted uncomfortable. He was standing in the kitchen doorway with four beers in his hand, and a puzzled look on his face. From his position, he couldn't see Jeannie's hand on Al's cock, and he had no idea what we were talking about. Seeing his consternation, and wanting to avoid any discomfort, I quickly moved over to him. I took two of the beers and whispered, "They must be in love...I'll explain later..." I looked in his eyes and winked to let him know that all was okay. He relaxed and smiled and followed me into the living room. "Anybody for cards?", I asked. "I think a nice friendly game of poker while we drink these beers might loosen this crowd up. You all are MUCH too serious!" "Oh, gosh...", Jeannie cooed, in her best Marilyn Monroe voice, "But I don't have any money, how can we play if I don't have any money?" She batted her eyes at Ted and Al. Seeing where we were headed, the guys joined in. "Well, I guess that we could play poker if you insisted on playing poker." Ted deadpanned. "We could play for matchsticks or something. I don't have much money either..." "I'm usually not very good at poker.", said Al with a straight face. "But I'm willing to play if y'all are. Especially if all I can lose are matchsticks." "I think the lady was referring to STRIP poker, boys", I joined in. "And although, they've started a few fires, I think you're confusing "matchsticks" with MATCHSTICKS..." I stared hard at Ted's bulge, then into his eyes. "Get my meaning, boys?", I breathed, doing my Jayne Mansfeild voice. "I'll get the cards", Ted said, jumping out of his chair. "You guys pick a spot to play. Al, why don't you turn on the gas fireplace...Let's heat this place up!" "The floor looks good to me", said Jeannie, as Al turned on the gas heater . "Wouldn't want any ol' table getting in the way of me seeing my winnings." She scooted behind Al and wrapped her arms around him. She licked behind his ear as her hands played across his broad chest. I followed Ted out of the room. Meeting him in the hall, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, darting my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues battled for a minute, and then I drew his tongue into my mouth, sucking on it and biting it gently. I could feel his cock starting to grow between us. Pulling back, I kissed his neck, nibbling on his ear. "Wow...What was that for?", Ted panted. "Just a 'Thank You' for bringing us here tonight. I love this place with you..." "Tonight's a special night", I whispered in his ear. "I just wanted to start it special." Reaching between us with my left hand I cupped his large balls in my hand. His sharp intake of breath unmasked his surprise at my boldness. With my other hand I guided his hand to my breast. Another sharp intake of breath told me he'd "figured out" my lack of a bra. He squeezed my breast excitedly. Kissing him deeply again, I moved my hand up to stroke his cock through his pants. He groaned and moved his hips towards mine. "I hope I win these pants tonight...", I teased. "I'm usually not very lucky at cards." I stroked the full length of his now rock hard cock, starting at the head and ending up cradling his full balls in my palm. I rubbed them gently, sticking my tongue in his ear. "I can make certain of it!", Ted panted."I've got a sure fire method." He continued to thrust his cock into my hand. "I'm sure you do, lover.", I breathed in his ear. More than anything, I wanted to open his zipper, then and there, and take his cock in my hand, jerking him off 'till he came all over the carpet. But, after hinting to Ted about blow jobs in the theater, and the talk with Jeannie in the van, I couldn't get the thought of sucking him out of my mind. What would it feel like? Would I be able to do it without choking or gagging? Should he come in my mouth? And if he did what would it taste like??? And, as important tonight, who would feel a hard cock on her tongue first...Me?...or Jeannie? Our normal, friendly competition had taken an exciting turn this evening. Both of us seemed to have accepted a sort of unspoken challenge to see who would be the first to experience a blow job. And I knew that it couldn't be in this kind of setting, with Jeannie in one room and me in another. If the challenge were to mean anything, one of us would have to see the other perform, just as it had always been. Jeannie had always been the "first" in most of our little contests. She'd been the first to French kiss, the first to allow a boy to "feel her up", the first, when we were both freshmen, to feel a boys hard cock through his jeans. I thought that tonight might be different...Feeling Ted's hard cock in my hand, I decided then and there that the first blow job was going to be mine. And Ted's, of course! But how? And when? Could I do it? It was all so confusing! All these questions were going through my mind as I stroked Ted's cock through his pants. Finally, I decided that everything would undoubtedly take care of itself. The big questions often had a habit of working themselves out. I hoped that this would be no exception. "C'mon, lover-boy", I said, squeezing his shaft one last time, "Let's see if you can handle those cards as well as you handle this." I led the way into the living room because I knew Ted would want to hide the bulge in his pants. He sighed his relief and walked closely behind me. Entering the living room, we saw Al and Jeannie sitting on the couch, locked in a passionate embrace. They were kissing deeply and Al's hand was inside her blouse, moving slowly. Obviously he had also found out about her little braless treat. Taking full advantage of it his hand was busy with her tits. "Geez, these guys are moving quick!", Ted whispered in my ear. We were in the doorway and hadn't been noticed yet. Both of them were moaning and panting and seemingly oblivious to the fact that we had returned. Ted made a motion to leave, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him close. Turning slightly I put my finger to my lips, telling him to be quiet, and at the same time pulled him close behind me. I could feel his hardness against my ass, so I knew he was also enjoying the sight of our friends going at it. I leaned into Ted's cock and brought his hand around to my breast. Soon, both of his hands were kneading my tits through my blouse. Leaning into his strong arms, I brought a hand behind me and found his hard-on. I stroked it slowly as he kneaded my tits. On the couch, Jeannie was sliding her hand up Al's thigh. His hands on her breasts were having the desired effect. She was squirming under him and panting like a dog in the desert. Moving her hand up his leg, she slid her hand over the obvious bulge in his pants. Stroking back and forth she started whispering in his ear, softy but loud enough for Ted and I to pick up if we strained... "Ohhh..Al...your cock is so hard in my hand...it feels so good... I love the feel of your hard prick...pump my hand,baby...squeeze my tits, baby...squeeze them while I feel your hard dick... Jeannie was driving Al crazy with her chanting. To say nothing of me! I'd never in my life heard anyone talk like this...and it was making me HOT! But poor Al was going nuts. And I could feel Ted's cock moving in circles against my ass. I squeezed his hand on my tits. It was like Al was trying to crawl inside of Jeannie's body. His hips were pumping furiously into her hand, and his breathing was coming in ragged gasps. His hands, meanwhile, had managed to unbutton Jeannie's blouse most of the way down. He stopped kissing her for a moment, and pulled back to admire his handiwork. When he did this Jeannie's wonderfully firm tits spilled into view. Al groaned as he fondled her. I heard Ted groan too. I pinched his cock in mock anger. "God, I love your tits, Jeannie", Al moaned. You've got beautiful tits...Oohhh...let me kiss them...please...let me...." Jeannie reached up with her free hand and pulled his head down to her breasts. Pushing his face into her tits, she resumed her chanting.... "Yeah, baby...suck my tits, baby....take 'em in your mouth...Ohh yeah...Al...Oh baby...bite 'em...bite my nipple...ohh, yeah, like that.... Ted was in shock, I'm sure. Standing behind me, he was rythmicly thrusting his constrained cock into my ass, but was almost absentmindedly caressing my tits. He was totally engrossed in what he was watching. Must be new for him too, I thought as I pushed my ass to meet his thrust. Jeannie's hand had found Al's zipper now. Pulling the tab down, I could see that he wasn't wearing any underwear. In between Jeannie's hand and the small opening, I could see the flesh of his hard cock. My own breathing started to increase in volume. I could feel that Ted was getting nervous. He moved as if to leave, but I held him there. This was just getting good, I thought. Reaching my other hand behind me, I started to stroke his cock through his trousers. Turning my head to look at him, I pleaded with my eyes for him to let us stay. Pushing his cock into my hand I knew I'd convinced him to stay. Jeannie was just pulling Al's cock out of his pants, as I returned my attention back to "the show". He groaned when she wrapped her hand around it and started to pump. I was seriously wet now. Feeling Ted's hands on my tits and his hard throbbing cock in my hand, I felt like I was in dreamland. Except that this was like no dream I'd ever had! This was incredible. Ted's fingers moved to the buttons on my blouse and slowly started to undo them. Getting about five of them undone, he reached his warm hands inside to fondle my naked breasts. His cock was jumping in my hand as I stroked him harder. I found the tab of his zipper and pulled downwards. Reaching in to the opening, and pushing his underwear out of the way, I grasped his hard cock and pulled it into the open. With an underhand grip, I started to slowly stroke him, feeling his pre- come lubricate my hand immediately. His hands on my naked breasts felt divine, but again, I shifted my attention back to our friends on the couch. Jeannie was pumping Al's cock with wild abandon, using his juices to lubricate her fingers as they slid up and down his pole. Al groaned as she started to whisper in his ear again: "Your cock is getting me so HOT", she panted as she jerked him off. "I want to feel it all over me...I want to feel you fuck my hand...ohhh lover, I love the feel of it....And...and...I want to taste it...I want to taste it in my mouth and...SUCK IT! Now Ted was the one who wanted to stay. Behind me I felt his cock jump in my hand when Jeannie said "suck it". Jeannie was close to losing it now...she was close to the edge of passion, jerking on Al's cock and panting over and over... "Yeah...I'm gonna suck you off, Al...I'm gonna take this cock in my mouth and suck your come into my mouth...Ohhh yeah...I want it! I'm gonna suck you tonight..." Al was fucking her hand like a wild man, and Ted was starting to fuck his cock into mine. Al's face, buried in Jeannie's tits was emitting muffled groans and pants. I figured that things were getting out of hand, so to speak. I wanted a slow easy "teasing" kind of evening. I was truly getting turned on, that's no lie, but I wanted this night to last. If these guys ended up with another hand job, I knew for a fact that Jeannie would be disappointed. And if Jeannie decided to take the plunge and suck Al's cock now, then she'd have another first under her belt, or in her mouth. I couldn't let her do that. So in the true spirit of competition, I figured I'd cheat a little. I decided to try and cool things off for a little bit. I pushed Ted backwards,and out of the room, which was no easy task, believe me. When we got to the hall he was almost pleading like a baby! Still grasping his throbbing shaft in my wet hand, I slid my other hand down to jack him with a two handed under grip. He moaned and poured his slippery pre-come into my hands. The feeling was delicious, but I knew we had to stop soon or he'd come in my hands and the fun would be over. Ted never had a problem getting hard again after he came, in fact one night, at the drive in, with Jeannie and Al in the front seat, I'd jerked Ted off three times during the show! And each time he came it was a handful! But tonight was different. I wanted our next episode to be a classic. I wanted to tease him and bait him until his balls were so laden with come he'd be pleading to shoot! I knew I could do it if I could only restrain myself...and Ted, of course. Plus, I needed to cool Jeannie's jets before she ended up with a cock in her mouth! "Enough," ,I said, slowing my stroking hands on his cock. "I think it's time to play cards..." Ted started whining like a child, his eyes full of pleading lust. Continuing to stroke his rock hard boner, I said, "Trust me, Ted. This is hard now...", I winked at him and he smiled,"...but Everyone will enjoy themselves more later if we all take a break." "Okay, big guy? I've got plans for this guy, and I want you to last." Ted nodded, but continued to push his cock into my hand...like he wasn't quite sure..."Okay", he muttered. "Thanks", I whispered. I leaned back against the hall table and opened my blouse with both hands. Looking into Ted's eyes, I started to fondle and caress my naked breasts. "We'll have fun later, Ted. I promise you that. Like I said, this is party night." I smiled when I saw Ted's hand reach down and begin to stroke his own cock. I'd never seen him do that and it made me hot to think he was so horny. I stared at his hand and licked my lips. Looking up at him, I slid one hand down to cup my mound. I moved my hand in and out sensuously. "God, Tracy...", he said to me. "You are so beautiful. Your breasts are so sexy when you do that..." He was stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his come laden balls with the other. All the while, he was staring at my exposed tits. I thought that, someday, it might be fun to watch him masturbate while he watched me do the same. I moaned at the mental picture. "Come on", I panted to Ted, "Let's get this party started before we stand here and jerk OURSELVES off. Trust me, you'll regret coming off in your hand tonight!" I closed the two or three feet between us and took his hand away from his cock and brought it up to my face. Sticking out my tongue, I licked his palm and stopped at the tip of his middle finger. The taste of his pre-come was wonderfully sexy. I'd never been this bold or wanton before and Ted was in awe of my behavior. I must admit that I was turning myself on at the same time. I had decided on the way to the cabin that tonight I'd be as open and sexy as I truly wanted to be. I trusted all three of these guys with my life and knew that whatever went on between us, STAYED between us. That had been proven over the past year, when Ted and I started to double date with Jeannie and Al. And Ted and I had done some pretty outrageous things together. Never a word of anything ever got out to our other friends. I trusted him completely. And tonight I was going to loosen up and live MY fantasy. Smiling at his open mouthed expression, as I licked his pre-come juice off my palm, I wet his finger and slid it sensuously into my mouth. After sucking on it for a couple seconds, and sliding my tongue around it, I slid it out just as slowly and looked up into his eyes. Keeping his eyes locked onto mine I leaned into him and slid my body down his front, bending my knees as I went. We both groaned when his slippery cock slid over my tits. I paused there for a minute and let Ted fuck my tits, then I slid the rest of the way down until I was kneeling in front of him, his hard cock only inches from my face. I was sorely tempted to get the suspense over with and suck his hard-on into my mouth at that moment! But Jeannie had to see it, or it wouldn't "count". Resigned to waiting, I gripped Ted's lance and prepared to put it away. I looked up at him to let him know that "later" was going to be worth it, but his eyes were locked shut, and his head was thrown back. He couldn't stand the anticipation! He wasn't sure what was happening! Seeing an opportunity, I quick flicked out my tongue and licked the head of his cock. Then I pumped his cock three times quickly, and stuffed it into his pants. By the time he brought his head around to look at me, I was zipping his zipper and standing up. He didn't know if that was a tongue he felt or just my hand. "Did you...?", Ted stammered. "Did you just...uh..." I grinned broadly at him, enjoying the e taste of his pre-come on my tongue. "Did I what?" I relied innocently. I kissed him and thrust my tongue into his mouth. I'm sure he tasted his own juices on my tongue, but just wasn't sure... "Let's party...", I whispered. "I'll get the cards", Ted sighed, rubbing his cock, and adjusting his zipper. "Better get some shot glasses too", I winked. Ted walked stiff- legged into the kitchen and grabbed the deck of cards and four shot glasses. "Ready?", I asked coyly. "Ready." Ted replied. "WELL, THEN...", I yelled out. "LET'S PLAY SOME CARDS, THEN!!" I made certain that Jeannie heard me, and to give them enough time, I turned back to Ted. I kissed him deeply, and gave his shaft a couple more long, slow strokes, then leaned back and started to slowly and sexily button my blouse, doing kind of a backwards striptease for Ted. I left the top four buttons undone, for effect. He could see the shiny streak left from his cock sliding over my tits. We gave Jeannie and Al time to get themselves together, then turned and walked sluggishly towards the living room. Jeannie and Al were flushed and breathing heavily when we walked in, but Al's cock was put neatly away, although, judging from his expression, and the size of the bulge in his pants, it was no simple task, and Jeannie was buttoning her blouse. She stopped buttoning when she saw Ted looking at her, and then slowly finished her chore. Looking over at me, she winked. "So what have you guys been up to?", I asked coyly. "We haven't missed anything have we?" "I don't think you missed anything", Jeannie replied. She looked me in the eye and grinned. "You didn't miss a thing..." My mouth dropped open. She'd known we were there all along! The little minx, I thought. Obviously I had a few things to learn about teasing. And "playing". Jeannie burst out laughing when she saw the expression on my face. She knew she had gotten me good. I lunged over and punched her in the shoulder, hugging her at the same time, and laughing. "What's the joke?", Al said. "I don't get it?" "We'll explain some other day, guys.", I replied, with tears in my eyes. "Let's just say that I owe Jeannie one." "Oooohhh...that sounds perfect!", Jeannie said dreamily. "I can't wait... but good luck!" She winked at me and grinned. The guys had absolutely no idea what was going on, and stared at us with puzzled looks on there handsome faces. I've always found it amazing what a horny guy will put up with for just the promise of "something" later. We weren't being mean, I didn't think, but they looked so lost. I was also wondering what I could possibly do to compete with Jeannie's "Show". She'd totally blown me away, thinking I was "spying", when all the time she knew Ted and I were standing there, watching her jerk Al off, and listening to her tell him that she wanted to suck him off! How in hell could I top that! It was a tough "challenge". "But maybe not TOO tough", I thought to myself, looking into the kitchen and getting the seed of an idea. This brought a smile to my lips and that made Jeannie stop laughing for a moment. "What...?, she said. "You'll see", I said with a grin. I licked my lips slowly. "You'll SEE...", I repeated. "Get it?" This brought another round of giggles and laughs from the two of us, and more consternation from the boys. "Come on! Are we gonna play cards or not?", Ted said gruffly. He was getting uncomfortable not knowing what was going on, and was starting to get angry. "Oh, relax!", Jeannie yelled, jumping up from the couch. "Keep your pants on ,studly.", she said, gliding over to where Ted was standing. "'Cause I plan on winning 'em from you!" She placed a hand lightly on his chest, and let it slide down his belly as she spoke, pulling away just before it reached the obvious bulge in his pants. Grinning, she turned back to Al and I. "So, let's play, shall we? Cards I mean...I've got my eye on some clothes I want to win!" Jeannie sat down on the thick carpeting, her tits jiggling as she did so. I noticed that she, too, had left a number of buttons undone. I smiled at the thought of how close we were in the way we did things. Al joined Jeannie on the floor, and started to shuffle the cards. Ted was still standing with his mouth open. I think he was suffering from sexual overload. He'd never in his life been subjected to this much teasing and touching. He was trying to figure out how to handle it without blowing up, spontaneously combusting, or coming in his pants. He needed help. I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek, and gently nudged his cock with my leg. "C'mon lover", I whispered. "The night is young. How about a shot and a beer? It'll relax you...you're stiff as a board." That brought a smile to his face, and the mention of a shot brought him back to reality. I took his hand and led him back to the others. "Whew..", Ted said as he sat down. "I must be losing my mind. I thought someone said STRIP poker. You innocent young girls wouldn't want to play STRIP poker, would you? You might lose everything, you know..." I smiled, glad to see the old Ted back in his true form. "Well, deal 'em stud.", I replied. "These innocent young girls are gonna be using your underwear for victory flags before this game's done." I placed my hand on his leg and slid it up and down, squeezing his thigh.

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The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - Book One - CHAPTER ONE


I should start by giving you a little background. My name is Tracy. "Trace" to my friends. My last name doesn't matter and besides, I couldn't take all the phone calls. Believe it or not, the story you are about to read is true. You could find me in the phone book, and to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't mind if a few of you did call, but I couldn't handle you all... I've wanted to tell my story for years. Not because it's so unusual, although it has it's "unusual" moments, but because it's important to me to explain why I can be such a SLUT. Why I love the feel of hot come spraying over my body. Why I love to drink as much come as is available, until I'm covered inside and out with the sticky, sweet juice of love. When my husband joined the rowdy crowd at Nix*Pix and began to write about our exploits, I got excited reading about and re- living some of the things we've done in the years past. But there was something lacking.... I figured I'd better get my own licks in (so to speak...) so I called my best friend Jeannie and together we spent many nights reminiscing about our youth. I have to give her a lot of the credit for helping me remember. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these memories as much as I enjoyed remembering them. It's a therapy kind of thing... Plus, it gets me hot to think about what I've done in my "formative" years. Because, starting in my eighteenth year, my LIFE involved a lot of sucking and fucking and I LIVED it in graphic detail!! You'll have to bear with me a little bit while I write this, because, as I'm typing, the memories of Ted, who was my first real sexual partner, and Jeannie, my best friend (still), and I guess my really truly FIRST sexual partner, are flooding back into my brain like a tidal wave. They say that the first sex a human experiences is often the most erotic, and that's certainly the truth in my case! I'm thirty three years old now, and I still think back at my college school years as some of the most exciting sexual times of my life. Remembering the first time my boyfriend filled my mouth with his come makes me start to salivate like Mr. Pavlov's best friend. And, even now, my favorite, most exciting thing to do with a man is to lick and suck his hard cock, swallowing it into my throat and making him fuck my mouth until he comes on my tongue. To help you get a mental picture, I'm five-feet-four inches tall, my hair is auburn and curly, and my eyes are dark hazel. I've always been on the slender side, and I've been blessed with long legs and breasts which measure a firm 34-C. My overall measurments are 34-24-33. Mark says my lips are one of my best features. "Bee-stung" he calls them. They're full and pouty and love to be washed with semen. My physical attributes had always been "helpful" to me, but it was when I got to college that I learned the value of attitude and the power of the more subtle approaches. As I got older, I discovered that I could make a man hotter by using my eyes and words than I could with my hand in his pants. Well, okay, maybe not HOTTER, but I could make him as hot with my eyes! My story starts about the time when my best friend Jeannie and I were discovering the value of our hands and tongues...

Read on....


It was just after graduation when Jeannie and I took the big step into "real" sex. I guess that's as good a place as any to start "The Telling". Sucking Ted's cock was the first "real" sex act that I shared with a boy, and I guess that's why it's stuck as my favorite. I'd jerked Ted off a bunch of times, but that was usually in a darkened spot like a car or at the movies. His (and mine) first blow job started my travels onto the lust road... and what a wonderful trip it's been! It was the end of June, about three weeks after Jeannie and I graduated from high school. Jeannie had gone through the last eight years of schooling with me and she was my absolute best friend in the world. We had celebrated her eighteenth birthday a month ago, and had spent the day drinking beers and mildly partying, celebrating my "almost" birthday. She and I were getting ready to go out on a wonderfully warm Friday evening with Ted and Al. We were going to a double feature at the theater, but I knew that was just the preliminaries. Eventually, we'd end up parked in Ted's van somewhere, or maybe even take a ride to the "Lake", Ted's uncle's vacation place outside of town. I knew that Ted was planning something special for my birthday, and I hoped it was that. Jeannie and I had worked ourselves into a bit of a sexual lather before the guys picked us up by talking about our respective boyfriends, and fantasizing out loud what we'd like to do to them, or what we'd like them to do to us if we only dared. Usually this was just comical bantering, more of a "gross you out" kind of thing like had happened earlier. Jeannie and I were in my bedroom, trying to figure out what to wear, and had been talking about the guys for about half an hour. We both had a little buzz on from the beer. We had started out by talking about how they kissed and it had evolved into something totally sexual. The conversation kept getting more and more erotic until we were talking in whispered pornographic detail about how the boys cocks felt in their pants, and how they'd probably feel when they shot their come, and how their hands felt on our tits or how wet we got when their fingers played with our pussies. "Oh, yeah, well I'd like to jerk them BOTH off! At the same time!!" Jeannie whispered with a giggle. "Yeah? Well, I'd like to jerk them both of and have them come in my hands so I could let it run through my fingers...!" I was trying to top Jeannie and urge her on at the same time. "Uh Huh, Well, if I did it, I'd like to have them both come in my mouth, like Ginger Lynn did to Peter North! Oooohhhh...." Jeannie's eyes closed when she said that, remembering the porno movie she and I had watched in my room last night. Neither one of us had come close to doing half of the stuff we were talking about, but usually the talking hit some subconscious desires and brought them to the surface. Both of us knew when this happened to the other, and we'd stop the "game" and talk about it. Some nights we'd get so fucking hot just by talking that we'd end up fingering ourselves into a state of blissful orgasm. Jeannie and I hid nothing from each other. Absolutely nothing. When Jeannie came out with the "come in my mouth" line, we both stopped cold and looked at each other. Then we burst into gales of nervous laughter! Jeannie had touched a nerve for both of us. A hidden fantasy coming to the surface. Too bad we didn't have time to delve into this one a little deeper! "You win!!", I laughed as she hugged me. We both had tears rolling down our faces. "I don't think I can beat that tonight, Jeannie! Give me a couple of hours to think about it!" "Hey" Jeannie panted, I told you we shouldn't have watched that movie! Now I'm all wet and sweaty, and the guys are gonna be here any minute. Thanks a lot buddy!" "Oh, sure" I replied, throwing Jeannie her blouse, "Blame it on me. You're the one who kept rewinding that Peter North scene!" This was a game we had played for years, only lately it was getting a little more serious...as our limited experience grew. Jeannie and I had both had a long time interest in sex. We loved to stay up late at night and fantasize about our "Prince Charmings". I guess other girls were dreaming of castles and white horses, Jeannie and I would fantasize about hard cocks and erotic adventures. It was all perfectly normal for us, and we thought it was a lot more exciting than witches and dwarves and happily ever afters. We had our own interpretation of "happily ever after". Anyway, on this night, we were in rare form even for us! It was a hell of a way to start an evening with the boys...Jeannie and me sitting in our underwear, on the floor of my bedroom, leaning against my bed and talking about hard cocks and wet pussies, and all in all just working ourselves into a erotic frenzy. Both Jeannie and I were technically still virgins. I'll explain more about the "technical" part later. Suffice it to say, we'd lost our cherries, but had never had a cock in our pussies. Not a real one anway. We had no problem with that, because we were busy exploring all the other avenues available... Neither one of us had done more than jerk our boyfriend's off, and more often than not, that was through their pants! We would "allow" the guys to open our blouses and play with our tits, or slide a hand under our dresses and feel our willing pussies, and by that time, they'd be so hot they would just come in their pants. At that time, we didn't know what we were missing! But all that was soon to change. The first time I unzipped Ted's pants and brought his hard cock into the open, he was coming before I could even start to jerk him off! It was still a pretty hot experience for both of us though. My hand, and the front of Ted's pants were covered with come! We had to swing by his house so that he could change his clothes 'cause it was only 8:30 on a Saturday night!! I had only come once from Ted's fingers in all our time together, but it didn't really matter at that time. I loved the feel of his hard cock in my hand and I'd come close to orgasm just pumping him until he came. I was so used to masturbating myself to orgasm in my bed at night, and I enjoyed that so much, the my experiences with Ted were just frosting on the cake. He got me so hot just by making out with him. His hands on my tits, or his fingers rubbing my pussy just warmed me up for later. If he didn't make me come, I'd simply take matters into my own hands when I got home. I loved sex. I loved talking about it with Jeannie, I loved playing with myself and the wonderful feeling of making myself come on my fingers, and I was starting to discover that I loved sex with boys. At any rate, tonight was Friday and Jeannie was in exceptional form. She'd come over to my house last night and we'd spent the night talking and watching a couple of X-rated movies in my room. She had "liberated" them from her parents collection which she did every so often. She also brought some beer to celebrate my move into adulthood at midnight. We didn't get to sleep until close to three o'clock. After we woke up we spent the first part of the day lying in the sun by the pool talking about school and summer and whatever. Naturally, as it always did, our conversation soon drifted to Ted and Al. We were in the middle of putting on our suits when Jeannie started talking about her last encounter with Al, at school no less! Jeannie and Al both had to attend summer school to catch up on missed work. They were both a little pissed off about it because after you turn eighteen, the whole high school thing seems like it should be for kids. Hey, we were adults! Trouble was, the school board didn't see it that way... They accepted their fate though, because it was only three days a week, and the teachers were a lot more lax than during the normal school year. Plus it was only five hours, with a one hour lunch period! They'd been making out in back of the gym during the whole lunch period on Wednesday. Jeannie told me that Al was getting her exceptionally hot that day. "We were lying on the lawn that runs between the gym and the parking lot. I was rubbing Al's prick through his jeans, and he was holding my tits, one in each hand, through my blouse." I handed Jeannie a beer and grabbed the cooler. We walked over to our pool chairs as she continued. I knew this was gonna be good! "Anyway, he started to unbutton my blouse, and by the time I reacted to where we were, he'd undone the top five buttons!" Jeannie's eyes were smoky as she relived the moment. Mine were wide with lustful interest. "And then...", I said, prodding her on. "Oh, yeah..." Jeannie looked at me with a smile. "Then...Then, he put his hand inside my blouse. Geez, Trace, it felt sooo fucking hot. He'd move his fingers into my bra and pinch my nipple and Ohhhh...my...." Her hand reached up to her breast, following the memory. I hit her to get her to stop daydreaming and go on with her story. "Okay....anyhow, I was stroking his cock through his pants. I know that he wanted me to take it out, but Hell!...we were on the school lawn!" We both cracked up at that. "His fingers were getting me Soooo HOT, though. And his cock felt Soooo hard! While he was playing with my tits, he moved his other hand down until he was rubbing my pussy through my skirt! It was too much! I figured what the hell, and moved my hand up to undo Al's belt. He jerked when he realized what I was after, and moaned into my mouth. "I got his belt out of the way, and unbuttoned the top of his jeans. "I could feel his cock jumping in anticipation under my arm, as I slowly worked his zipper down. Al was going crazy! When I got it all the way down his cock just JUMPED into my hand! Sometimes he doesn't wear underwear, and this was one of those days. I started wishing that I hadn't either! His hand kept rubbing my pussy, though and it was my turn to moan. He's got such great hands, Trace..." "Anyway, his cock was hard as a rock and HOT!! As I squeezed it and pulled his skin down, he started to leak that slippery pre- come stuff. I kept stroking him, and my hand was covered with the stuff! It was like mazola oil or something! My hand just glided over his cock, up and down...up and down..." Jeannie's eyes closed again, and her hand was rhythmicly squeezing her left breast. I was getting hot myself, and brought a hand up to my tit, following her lead. Her eyes opened to slits and she stared at my moving hand. "I came this close..." She held up her finger and thumb. "This fucking close to coming on his hand, Trace. And I would have, if I didn't hear Mr. Kelscher yelling for us!!" Jeannie laughed as I sat up straight in my chair! "Kelscher!" I shouted. "What did you guys do!!?" "Well, he couldn't see us, 'cause we were around the corner from him, so he got tired of yelling for us, and went back in. But we noticed that we were ten minutes late for his class too!" "Miss a class, buy a week", I said, remembering the rule of summer school. "Bummer...", I groaned. "Bummer is right! So, I'm scrambling, trying to get my blouse buttoned, and my hair back together, cause I figured I could sweet talk Kelscher into "forgetting". I smiled, remembering how Kelscher would get red faced whenever Jeannie or I would "flirt" with him. "So," Jeannie went on "I'm reasonably presentable, and I look over, and AL..." She broke up again. "Al..was trying so hard to get this monstrous hard-on back into his pants!" Her smile faltered as she remembered. "I knew he'd never do it...so I had to help him..." Her eyes got that lusty look again, and her voice was dreamy when she continued. "I walked over to him, and told him to lie back down on the grass. When I kissed him, I covered the hand that was holding his cock, and started to stroke it real slow, while bending my knees to join him. "I smiled at him as I started to jerk him off faster. I told him that he'd better come quick if he didn't want an extra week of school, but he knew I was kidding by my grin. I was so hot jerking him off there! I DID want to get to class, yes, but more than that, I wanted so bad to see him shoot!" Jeannie and I both had our hands in our laps, rubbing our pussies through our suits as she continued... "Anyhow, I knew he was close...he was starting to gasp, and fuck my hand, so I jerked him as fast as I could, squeezing the head just as he likes it, and staring at the tip of his cock, waiting for the first spray..." Jeannie's hand was moving faster between her legs, and I joined her tempo...I could almost FEEL Al's cock getting ready to explode!! She brought her right hand up to her heaving chest, leaving her left in her lap. She closed her eyes, and tilted her head back in the chair as she went on. "Al said to watch out for his shirt, so I had to cup my right hand under his cockhead as I stroked. I was going crazy for him to fill my hand! And then he did just that!!" My own hand was a blur, now as I thought of Jeannie jerking Al off. I slipped my hand into the front of my suit bottom, and pressed a finger between my pussy lips. "He groaned real deep in his throat, and started to come in my hand. Tracy, it was the hottest thing I'd ever felt! Actually his first shot went up and over his shoulder, and some landed on his shirt, but the rest of it I was ready for. I kept pumping him as he came and cupped my hand to catch it as it flew from his cock. "Al was fucking my hand and moaning out loud as I jerked him, and I was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't believe I was jerking him off on the school lawn!" "His come was so fucking hot!!!" Jeannie threw her head back as she started to come on her finger. Geez, I loved this girl!! We were like peas in a pod, with not a shred of selfconciousness between us. Watching my best friend coming on her hand, I slowly inserted a finger into my soaking wet pussy. I'd only slid it halfway in when the tingling of my own orgasm started to overtake me. Jeannie was watching my hand as her orgasm subsided. The feel of his cock, the heat of his come in her hand, she was reliving each moment as she described it to me. "The best part happened after he came, Trace...I tried something else!" I sat up and gave Jeannie my full attention, but kept my finger busy on my clit. I knew she'd been working up the nerve to tell me something new!! "What...? Tell me!!", I panted. "After he came in my hand," she whispered, with a lustful look in her eye, "I brought my hand up to my face and licked his come off my palm!" She was breathing intensely now. And I have to admit, so was I. My left hand was fucking two fingers into my pussy now, and my legs were spread wide in front of my friend. She had pushed her bikini top away from her breasts and was cupping and squeezing her naked tits as she jerked herself off. Her eyes were shut, and her tongue was making frantic circles around her lips as she recalled the taste of Al's come. "God, Jeannie," I panted. "What was it like? What did it taste like?" I was amazed that she had gone so far "without me". I guess I was a little envious. But hot at the same time! "It was strange at first..." Jeannie continued with an excited grin. "But, as I got used to the texture and the taste, I decided I could grow to like it...!" She laughed when she said this, and it kind of broke the sexual tension we were both feeling. Her gaze dropped to the hand in my lap, then back to my eyes. "It gets me wet, too, when I think about it. It was so hot, Trace! I felt like such a slut when I was eating his come! But a good feeling, you know?" I nodded dumbly, wondering how Ted's come would taste...and actually, though I didn't say this to Jeannie, I wondered for a moment, how Al's come would taste, and if there would be any difference. I continued to slide my fingers in and out of my pussy. My orgasm was a long, slow, lingering one. "And, you know, the best part of it, was when Al leaned over and kissed me. He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth and let me know with his kiss that he loved what I'd done." Her eyes took on a faraway look. "I've heard so many guys", Jeannie continued, "talk about how girls who suck cock, or eat come are dirty and are sluts and whatever, but it's a pretty important thing to them at the same time. I think it's cause they've never had it done to them and can't admit their inexperience." She was trying to sound wise and knowing and it worked, as far as I was concerned. She looked over at me. "But I'll tell you, Trace. It felt so fucking good to lick it! Al just about fell over when I did it and that feeling of power just washed over me. And the bottom line? Al didn't think I was dirty, or a slut or anything. The look of love in his eyes made me week in the knees. And when he kissed me, and tasted his own come from my tongue...I wanted to do it again, right there! I'm the one who felt slutty! And I loved it!" I was so hot I couldn't take anymore. I groaned and leaned back into my chair. With one hand I pulled my bikini bottom to the side, and with the other returned my two fingers to my warm slit. I looked at Jeannie as I slid them deeply into my pussy and started to fuck them in and out quickly. Then I moved my right hand back to my chest, and copied Jeannie's earlier move. I pushed my bra out of the way and exposed my naked tits to the sun. I was coming powerfully now and watched Jeannie as she followed my lead. I know we were both visualizing her jerking Al off, and licking his come from her hand. Her fingers were a blur as she came along with me. We were gazing into each others eyes as we both reached crashing, intense orgasms. I shut my eyes and drifted off, thinking of hard cocks... We sat there silently for about five minutes, lazily rubbing our pussies and thinking about Jeannie's experience. It was four o'clock, and we reluctantly left the pool to get ready for Ted and Al. I say reluctantly only because I was enjoying the lazy feeling of just hanging out. After overcoming the inertia, Jeannie and I both started to get excited about our dates this evening. I was shivering with anticipation! After jumping up and hugging each other closely, we scrambled to get showered, and pick out our outfits for the evening. We both had a feeling that this was going to be a night to remember. We would not be disappointed.


On the way to the theater, we talked about the usual things like summer vacation, and the movie we were going to see, but my thought were racing a mile a minute. And I was looking at Al with a new recognition. I couldn't get Jeannie's story out of my head. I knew that a step into the unknown was once again in order. I couldn't let Jeannie pass me by too much...I'd never hear the end of it from her!! When we got into the theater, I made sure that the two guys were sitting side by side with Jeannie and I acting as bookends. I think I wanted to keep an eye on Jeannie, and make sure she didn't pull another "fast one" on me. It was about seven thirty, and we were in the middle of some God awful "horror" movie that involved too many Japanese people and too many rubber monsters. I was still thinking about Jeannie's hot story. For that reason, and because it was Friday night and I was with Ted, my steady boyfriend of the last year or so, my mind was not on the movie. Although both Ted and I appeared to be engrossed in the film, our hands were getting quietly active underneath our stategicly placed coats. Ted's hand was gently rubbing my thigh, and I was returning the favor. I could tell by his breathing that just this simple act was turning him on. The mind is an incredible aphrodisiac when your young. Well, I guess it always is, but especially in high school...before you've really tried anything. Anyway, each time I'd move my hand a little higher up Ted's thigh, his breathing would increase. It was a wonderful feeling of power. I moved my hand further up Ted's thigh until I felt the soft bulge of his balls. I stopped there to catch my breath. I just slowly rubbed the back of my hand against his ball sack. I knew his cock was hard as a rock by now, but I wanted to pace myself. Ted had a tendency to get pretty nervous and self-conscious when we'd play in crowds, and I didn't want to upset him. I wanted him to enjoy this. Ted's arm moved over my shoulder, and he hugged me closer. I willingly moved into his arms and moved my hand a little bit higher between his legs. Now I could use my little finger to gently rub his balls and he groaned his appreciation. "Sometimes the subtle approach IS best", I thought with a smile. I loved to tease Ted and he loved to be teased. Sometimes he'd get so hot with my teasing that he'd literally beg me to jerk him off! Sometimes I'd do it, and sometimes I'd make him wait for a day. He got REAL attentive to me if he was into the next day. And he knew that I'd always jerk him off in that situation, so that made him even HOTTER! He knew that I loved to make him come off with my hand, he just never knew when! Ted was wonderful. His hand found its way to the top of my breast and he started to lazily circle it through my blouse and bra. I wished at that moment that I'd "forgotten" my bra, cause that would have been a great surprise for Ted's fingers. "Ah, well...", I thought. I moaned softly as his hand continued to caress my tit. Ted had wonderfully talented hands. I reached over and taking his hand in mine, pulled it into my breast and squeezed. Then releasing his hand, I moved to the buttons on my blouse. I looked into his eyes as I moved my hand further up to cradle his balls in the palm of my hand. We were both getting hot now, and I wanted more. With my other hand, I quickly unbuttoned three buttons on my blouse. I'd already neglected to button the top three, so my blouse now was open almost to my waist. I felt so sexy as I was doing this. I could feel my pussy getting wet. He couldn't see me doing this because of my jacket, but I knew his imagination was working overtime. He could fell my hand working beside his, and couldn't wait to move his in! I covered his hand in mine again, and pulled his hand back to cover my half naked tits. I could feel Ted's cock jump against the underside of my wrist as I exposed my tits to his hand. I'd never been this bold with him and he was going crazy with excitement. Not missing a beat, he moved into the front of my blouse, covering one breast and then the other with his large hand. His breathing was coming in short gasps, and a sweat was breaking out on his forehead. He slid his hand under my bra, cupping my whole naked breast, then searching for and finding my hardened nipple. It was my turn to moan. His gentle pinching of my sensitive nipple between his fingers, as he cupped and squeezed my breast was driving me crazy with lust. "God, I love this...", I thought. As Ted continued to drive my crazy under my coat, I moved my hand further under HIS coat and finally felt the long hard shaft of his cock under my fingers. He groaned and pumped his cock up into my hand. I pressed down hard as he did this and he moaned again. I started to stroke his hard cock with my hand, pausing once in a while to reach down and fondle his full balls. All the while we were playing, our faces were staring blankly at the movie screen. We didn't want to be too obvious. And it was doubly exciting trying to maintain my composure while Ted's hands worked their magic on my tits. Ted was going nuts, and so was I! We'd never really gone this far in the theater before, but tonight I really didn't care! I was loving the feel of his warm hand on my naked tit, and I loved the feel of his hard cock under my hand. Ted was getting hotter and bolder as he pushed his hand outward and down, pulling my breast out of it's confinement as he did this. He moved to his left and reaching gently into that cup, did the same thing with my other tit! Then his hands moved from one breast to the other, back and forth, and back and forth. On each pass, he'd run my nipples through his fingers like a baseball card through the spokes of a bicycle wheel! I was starting to lose it! I stroked his cock with a fervor as he played with my breasts. The thought of my tits being naked and exposed in the middle of a crowded theater was making pussy tingle with wetness. Even if we were covered with our coats, the mere thought of this kind of public sex was marvelously erotic. I think Ted was enjoying it to... To make sure Ted was enjoying it, and to continue my own developing fantasy, I reached up to the button of his pants, and hooked one finger over his waistband. Then I turned to look at his face. Ted jumped and looked at me with wild eyes. He knew what my motions were suggesting and couldn't believe it! I just kind of raised my eyebrows and smiled and proceeded to "pop" the button. I was glad he hadn't worn a belt, because the buckles were so noisy, and I was glad he was wearing "Dockers". Not only did they look good on him, but they were loose fitting and easier to "play with". I gave Ted a comical, open mouthed, "OHMYGOSH!" look, and then grasped the tab of his zipper between my thumb and forefinger and pulled... When the zipper tab reached the bottom, I moved my hand back to cover his cock with my palm. His jacket was blocking my view, but I accepted that because without it I wouldn't be able to do anything this brazen in a theater. And just the feel of his hardness, even through his underwear, was enough to make me weak. Ted's hands were working wonders on my tits. He pulled me close and kissed my lips passionately, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I nibbled his tongue, and sucked on it like I was sucking on a cock. I'd never actually sucked Ted's cock, but Jeannie and I had seen plenty of X-Rated porno tapes from her parent's collection, and I was seriously thinking that tonight just might be the night! Especially after Jeannie's description of licking Al's come off her hand. I was getting hotter with every thrust of Ted's tongue! As he drew me close to him, Ted brought his other hand up to my chest. Now I had two hot hands on my tits. Each with their own toy to play with! I was delirious with the feeling. I made use of the opportunity of our closeness to bring my other hand over into Ted's lap. Keeping one hand on his deliciously hard prick, I used my other hand to reach deeply into his pants and cup his balls. Then, spreading his zipper flaps apart, I pulled his briefs out and down just like he'd done with my bra. Still cradling his balls, I pulled Ted's hard cock out into the "open", bringing his balls out with the same fluid motion! Now his entire cock, all the way down to his balls, was out of his pants and in my hands! In the middle of the theater! I slowly jerked on his cock as he moaned into my mouth. His tongue had stopped moving but I continued to suck it in and out of my mouth. At the same time, I stroked his cock with the exact same slow rhythm, giving him a hint of what was on my mind. Ted responded by falling back into his seat...nearly catatonic. I think I blew a fuse in his brain or something! He laid back in his seat and tilted his head back against the seat back. He continued to stroke and squeeze my breasts, but his attention was 90 percent focused on his cock. I really didn't mind because I was enjoying his cock as much as he was. His mindless activity on my tits was simply an extra. I was excited knowing that I'd caused him to blow his fuse. It was that "power" thing again, that never failed to amaze me. I pumped Ted's cock fast and hard for about ten strokes just to see his reaction. His hips tried to lift off the seat, and a loud moan escaped his lips. I smiled to myself and resumed my slow, methodical stroke. After all, we were still in the middle of the first movie! I was glad that the theater had installed the highback seats, though because when Ted sat back into his seat, he brought my jacket with him! The jacket that had been covering his hands on my naked tits! I was sitting there with my blouse totally unbuttoned and spread wide, and my tits hanging out of my bra, and Ted's hands playing with them. If anyone on either side of us happened to look over they'd have gotten an eyeful! I thought about that for a moment and decided that would have been kind of erotic and exciting too. I was starting to discover my exhibitionist streak. Since then, I've fine tuned it to a science, but at that time in my life, it was just coming out. I smiled at the feeling and continued to stroke Ted's cock. I pulled my jacket back over me, but left it open...just enough so if someone really tried to see.... The cool, air conditioned air on my tits was majorly erotic! I felt so fucking INDECENT!!! Anyway, it was Friday night, and the theater was filled with kids. A few of them were actually watching the movie, if you can believe that, but most of them were engaged in similar activities. As I continued to pump Ted's cock, I took a few minutes and looked around the theater. I didn't see any real flesh, and that bummed me out a little, but I did see a lot of groping and panting. More than one couple was using their jackets to hide what they were doing, and I saw a few hand jobs taking place. I don't think anyone was being as brazen as I was, but I knew that there'd be a few stained seat cushions this night, or a few wet pants! I started wishing that all the jackets and coats would disappear so I could see all the cocks being pumped, and all the tits being played with. I was getting wet at the thought of being surrounded by all the sex that was happening. I turned to my left to see how Jeannie and Al were getting on, and saw that Jeannie had been trying to get my attention. For quite a while, by the look of consternation on her face. Jeannie and Al, were quietly sitting beside us, and I noticed that she was leaning on Al's chest staring at Ted and me. Al's head was tipped back in his seat, just like Ted, and his eyes were closed, although he had a smile on his face. She'd been trying to get my attention without tipping her hand to Al or Ted, who were between us. Both of them had they're eyes closed, and that was how she wanted them to stay. Jeannie smiled when she caught my eye and dropped her gaze, signaling me to look at Al's lap. Her arm was partially hidden under Al's jacket, and as I watched, she slowly pulled the jacket back. Neither of the boys knew that Jeannie and I were "communicating". We were doing everything with our eyes and faces. It was TOO hot! Anyway, Jeannie slowly pulled back Al's jacket. I couldn't believe my eyes!! Jeannie had unbuttoned Al's pants and had unzipped his zipper all the way down. Jeannie's hand was wrapped around Al's hard cock, and it was completely out of his pants! Talk about like minds thinking alike! I thought I was being so fucking bold and brazen, and here Jeannie was doing exactly the same thing with Al as I was with Ted! I noticed that her jacket was open, and Al's hands were on her tits, but that her blouse was still buttoned. "Ah-HA...", I said to myself , and smiled. At least I was one step ahead. I leaned back and let my jacket open further. The motion also caused my blouse to open all the way and exposed my naked tits, and Ted's hand on them to Jeannie's gaze. She smiled appreciatively, and licked her lips. I smiled back and returned my gaze to her hand on Al's prick. It was obvious that Jeannie was as excited as I was about our new boldness. She'd never been this daring with Al and was reveling in her "fearlessness". Ted and I had been double dating with Jeannie and Al for close to a year now so we were all fairly comfortable with the close quarters of a car or Ted's van. Jeannie and I were VERY comfortable with the close quarters. In fact, once in a while we'd make sure that we'd all be close...like I had tonight, just to complete a "challenge" or a dare. I'd seen her jerk Al off before, but never this closely. This was incredibly erotic, seeing his hard cock in her hand. I pumped Ted's cock as I watched them. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Of course, the guys weren't aware of the way Jeannie and I shared "information". We always communicated in secret, either with a wink, or a cough, or a raised eyebrow. Or in private, like this afternoon! Jeannie looked at Al's pole, then back to me with a comical expression on her face. She was having a little fun at Al's expense. I found the whole thing thrilling. It was like "Getting away" with something. Too cool for school! She started to stroke him slowly, her hand slick with his pre- come. Al's head was back and his eyes remained shut, as if he were asleep. I knew better though! Of course, he had no idea that I was watching my best friend jerk him off right in front of me. Jeannie grinned at me and did a "Groucho Marx" with her eyebrows. Looking me in the eye, she mouthed the words, "I LOVE IT!" and dropped her gaze to Al's cock in her hand. "Watch", she "said". She started pumping his cock faster, and twisting her hand around when she'd reach the head. Al reacted immediately. His hips started pumping up to meet her hand, and his breath was coming out in short agonized bursts. Jeannie could barely contain herself! She, too, was discovering the power that she had. She looked back at me with her eyes wide, and her mouth open...saying"WOW..." with her eyes. Licking her lips and grinning at me broadly, she kept stroking Al's glistening cock as I watched. Her eyes moved to my hand under Ted's jacket, and she looked at me as if to say.."Now you...let me see." I knew from her position, that she could see Ted playing with my exposed tits, and it made me hot to think she was watching us. She also knew, from the position of my hand under Ted's jacket that she wasn't the only one being adventurous this evening. She wanted to see me jerking Ted off! It was so exciting to know that Jeannie wanted to watch me play with Ted's prick! We had talked about our boyfriend's cocks many times, sharing "battle" stories and describing times when they came especially hard, and things like this afternoon, at the pool. But I'd never had the nerve to tell Jeannie that I loved to watch her and Al, and that I loved it when they would sneak a peek at Ted and I. I hadn't yet gotten comfortable enough with my voyeur/exhibitionist side to tell her about it, and here she was, telling me that she felt exactly the same way!! I was too excited!! And relieved!! Tonight we were not more than two feet away, and I could see Al's hard cock plainly as it glided in and out of Jeannie's clutching fist. The sight of it was getting me so hot I couldn't stand it! It was obvious that she wanted me to return her voyeuristic favor. I thought Ted would have balked at the thought of it but I wasn't quite sure. For now, though, what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him! I started to lift his jacket up... The thought of being able to silently show off Ted's cock to my best girlfriend, and show her what I did with it, was making me extremely hot. My heart started to beat a mile a minute as I looked at Jeannie and lifted Ted's jacket higher. Feeling sexy and hot now, and a lot more confident after seeing Jeannie jerking on Al's cock, oblivious to the kids around us, I moved my hand back to the top of Ted's cock. I was feeling hot and excited, but I was still nervous about being "caught". I guess that's what made it hot! Whispering into his ear, I said, "Just close your eyes, sweetheart...Keep them shut and let me play...Okay?" Ted nodded dumbly. He would have agreed to chew tin foil as long as I continued what I was doing in his lap! I smiled, and looked over at Jeannie. She was still stroking him, but her eyes were wide and focussed on MY hand in Ted's lap. She licked her lips in anticipation. I stroked Ted's hardness faster. I knew Jeannie could see motion under Ted's jacket, and a glimpse of flesh, but she still didn't have a clear view. I was getting off on teasing her. Ted's breathing was really strained now. His eyes were squeezed shut, and he sounded like he was running a marathon. His cock was pouring a steady flow of pre-come over my fingers. As I pulled upwards on his cock, he'd groan and another batch of liquid would seep from his pole. His prick felt hot and wet in my fist. Remembering Jeannie, I looked up from Ted's lap and saw her glaring at me. "Hurry up!" she signaled with her eyes. She was dying to see his hard prick, and I was ready to show it to her. Feeling hot and nasty, and wondering what the boys would think if they knew they were part of a "show", I slowly and gently pulled Ted's coat up and out of the way. Jeannie was grinning from ear to ear, as I exposed more and more of Ted's cock. I'd never seen her so totally enthralled by something. Her eyes got wider as Ted's jacket moved back. As Ted's prick came into full view, Jeannie started jerking intently on Al's cock. Both of the boys, unbeknownst to them, were sitting in a crowded theater with their cocks sticking up in the air. This was too funny, I thought. It was hilarious to think of what we were doing to the boys, but at the same time it was SOOO HOT! Jeannie and I would laugh about this later but for now we concentrated on the matters at hand, so to speak. I started to slowly work my hand up and down Ted's throbbing member. Beginning at the head, I pulled his foreskin back till his beet red head was exposed, then, squeezing my thumb and forefinger together, I slid back to the top, encasing his cockhead in his loose skin. Rubbing the head of his cock through his foreskin, I heard Ted groan with pleasure. I'd never been quite this bold with him before, and he was loving it! I slid my hand down the length of his pole until I could use three fingers to cup his balls, and keep my thumb and forefinger tightly wrapped around the base of his hard-on. His pre-come juices were hot and slippery in my hand and there was no friction at all...just the smooth motion of my hand over his cock. Ted was moaning, and I knew he would come soon. I looked over at Jeannie, and she was equally engrossed. Al's cock was jumping from her expert manipulations. He was leaking so much that Jeannie's hand looked as if it were covered with Crisco oil. Her eyes, though, were focused on Ted's cock, and my hand jerking it off. Al was no slouch in the "equipment room", but from the looks of things, Ted cock was a full two or three inches longer, and much thicker that Al's. My hand could just barely close around Ted's shaft. I hadn't seen a lot of cocks in my early years, especially hard ones, and I'd never before had the opportunity to compare two side by side, but from the look in Jeannie's eyes, I got a sense of pride knowing that MY boyfriend's cock was one that was envied. Kind of like finding out that the old chair in your kitchen is really a Chippendale. I pumped Ted's cock in long slow strokes so that Jeannie could appreciate the whole thing. I pulled his prick away from his belly, and pointed the head towards Jeannie. She grinned and licked her lips, curling her tongue, and just touching her top lip. Ted, although he had no idea what was going on, groaned in appreciation of my handiwork. He probably would have come then and there if he'd seen Jeannie staring at his pole and licking her lips! I was really getting turned on...thinking about how much I was turning Jeannie on by jerking TED off! It was too strange. And I was also getting wet watching Jeannie slowly stroke Al' hard cock. I loved the sight of his hardness sliding through her wet fingers. I focused on Al's hardness, and could tell by his pumping hips, that he was close. I looked at Jeannie and let her know that Ted was close too. Suddenly the look on her face got more serious. Her gaze went back to Ted's cock, and my hand pumping it and she started twisting and pumping Al with a frenzy. I did the same with Ted's slippery shaft, all the while keeping my eyes on Jeannie's pumping hand. Then Jeannie moved her hand up to the head of Al's cock and formed a "C" with her cupped hand. Still pumping and twisting, she covered the head with her hand. The "C" position, as Jeannie labeled it one night, came about after a particularly hot night at the drive-in when Ted had come in long hot spurts that covered my hit my neck, and covered the front of my blouses with come. I wasn't really upset with being hit by flying come, in fact it was kind of exciting, but my blouse was ruined, and I had to stay in the car for the rest of the night! Jeannie and I had laughed for hours after that night, and she came up with the "C-position". That made us laugh even more, but it had proved effective in the last few months. I moved my hand to the same "C" position on Ted's cock just as he started to pant heavily. "This is it!" I signaled to Jeannie. "Watch this!" I knew from experience that Ted came in "buckets", and I was excited to be able to show Jeannie rather than simply tell her about it. I knew she'd get a buzz from seeing Ted's cock blast. I pumped with a vengeance, keeping my eyes on Jeannie's face. I was doing this for her... Her eyes widened when Ted groaned deep in his throat and stiffened in his seat. For a second nothing happened. Then his come came in waves! It was SO HOT!! I turned my hand so Jeannie could clearly see his come shooting out of the end of his cock and splashing against my cupped palm. It dripped from my fingers, and settled onto his pubic hair. Jeannie was panting open mouthed...licking her lips as she stared at Ted's ejaculation and continued to stroke Al. I continued to twist and pump Ted's shooting cock while he came. I loved the feel of his come hitting my hand. And the look on Jeannie's face made me even hotter! When Ted was done shooting off, I smeared his come all over his still hard cock, squeezing at the same time and making it ooze through my fingers. Jeannie and Ted groaned at the same time. Then the same thing happened to Al. His body stiffened, he gave a great shudder, and his cock started to spew. I watched spellbound, as his cock shot off into Jeannie's hand. She turned her hand, as I had to give me a clear view of his shooting prick. His come, while not the same flowing amounts as Ted, spurted hard up into her palm, and over her fingers. When a blast would hit her palm, the force was like a hose, and his come would ricochet off into his lap! Jeanni grinned broadly as she jerked him off, her eyes darting from mine, then to Ted's cock, then to Al's. She was like a crazy woman, she was so excited. Al was groaning over and over as his come shot from his cock. Jeannie looked at me as if to say, "Could anything get better than this?" as she continued to milk the come from Al's dwindling manhood. Then Jeannie did something that made ME open my eyes wide. She loosened her grip on Al's cock, and brought her fingers up to her lips. Looking me straight in the eye, and grinning broadly, she leaned towards me, and into Al's lap. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her tongue from her come covered palm to the ends of her fingers. I could see Al's thick come on her tongue as she slid two fingers sensually into her mouth and sucked them in and out, using her tongue to clean them completely. Then she smiled that radiant smile of hers and brought her attention back to Al, just as Ted was starting to "stir". Panting from her demonstration, and from our exhibitionism, I dropped Ted's jacket over his lap, before he realized his part in the "Show", and tried to squeeze his cock back into his pants. I was amazed to find that it was still as hard as a rock. Looking up at Ted, I saw his gaze riveted on Jeannie's face. She was unaware of it, but obviously Ted had witnessed her whole oral demonstration. I was torn between the excitement of his hard- again cock in my hand, and the jealousy I felt for my best girlfriend. But, hey, it wasn't her fault right? And, I should be happy that my boyfriend has the ability to get his hard-on back this quickly. It would just be up to me to control his lust driven heart. After all, I knew that it wasn't Jeannie he was hard about.. it was the sight of her sliding those come slick fingers in and out of her mouth. I decided that I should fix this situation before it grew into a problem. "Over here, big boy!", I whispered. "Did you forget about me?" I squeezed Ted's cock under his jacket. His head snapped around like he was on a carnival ride. "I'm sorry...", he stammered. "I didn't know..." "Didn't know what?", I demanded with a mock scowl on my face. "How can you think about her, when I'm the one with her hand on your cock? Hmmm...?" I squeezed his cock. HARD. "Speak up, boy!", I whispered angrily. "Didn't you like that? Didn't I do that right?!" I was enjoying making him fidget. "It's not that...", Ted stuttered. "I just looked over, and she was licking her finger...and..I...I mean...I've never..." "Hey," I whispered, ready to let him off the hook. This was fun, but even I knew when to quit. His cock was getting soft in my hand. The poor guy was confused, nervous, and coming down from a sexual high all at the same time. Combine that with a "pissed-off" girlfriend, and it was no wonder he was losing his hard-on. "Hey, forget about it" I said. "I forgive you, lover. In fact I enjoyed her little show too!" I gave his cock a knowing squeeze. "Just don't get attached to HER lips before you've tried mine..." "Unless you won't be needing THIS", I pulled his semi-hard prick with my fist. Hard enough to let him know I was serious. Ted looked at me with shock and wonder. "You..." "Yeah, I was watching her too.", I whispered, smiling. "It kinda got me thinking about stuff." "What kind of stuff?" ,Ted pleaded. "Later," I hinted. "Let's get these guys and get out of here. I think I've seen enough of this movie for tonight." I leaned over to Jeannie and Al, who were nuzzling each other's necks. I pushed my breasts back into my bra, and started to button my blouse as I whispered to them. "If you guys are done over there, your ride is leaving", I whispered. "We're gonna go find someplace a little less crowded...wanna come?" I looked at Al. "AGAIN", I added with a smile. His face turned fire engine red. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was buttoning my blouse, and he watched my fingers move. If he only knew...I thought, and laughed. "Let's go", said Jeannie, fixing her own clothes. "Maybe we can share some "war stories" or something." She looked at me and grinned. "Come on, lover", she said to Al. We grabbed our stuff and hurried from the theater. This was gonna be a good night I told myself. A really good night.

In the parking lot, we stood next to Ted's van as he looked for his keys. "How about going up to my uncle's lodge for a beer or two?", Ted asked. "The "little cabin?", I replied. "Oh, yeah! That would be perfect! Tonight, I think we NEED the cabin! That would be wonderful, Ted." I kissed him deeply and moved my knee up to separate his thighs. I leaned back against the side of the van as Ted's hands moved up to cup my breasts. "Mmmmm..." I moaned. "Hey, lover boy!" Jeannie yelled. "Is your uncle gonna be in town this weekend?" "He's gone for two weeks to Jamaica with on e of his girlfriend" Ted replied, still playing with my tits. I could feel his cock growing again against my leg. I reached a hand down and palmed his hardness. "Well unlock this thing, brother", Al yelled back. "We got a party to go to!!" Reluctantly releasing my breasts and moving away from my stroking hand, Ted moved to unlock the doors to the van. Jeannie and I slipped into the sliding door to the back and Al jumped into the front shotgun seat. Ted ran around the front and hopped behind the wheel. "Let's go see how the other half live." Ted said with a laugh. "Let's Party!!", Jeannie yelled as we roared onto the highway. "To The Lake, Jeeves!", I joined in.

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