The Early Adventures Of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER NINE

Jack had gotten Ted and Al each a beer, and they were standing in the living room when I walked in. The expressions on all of their faces told me that Jeannie and I had been right with our choice of dresses. Three pairs of eyes went directly to my protruding nipples, which were even more obvious in the bright light of the living room, and then each pair went off in their own direction, all of them washing over me with lustful appreciation. My uncle came over to me and kissed me on the cheek, putting his arm around my waist. "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight, Tracy. That dress looks as good as I knew it would when I bought it. Eighteen must agree with you...I've never seen you look lovelier." His hand paused at my waist, but I could sense that he wanted nothing more than to continue down and cup my asscheeks with both his hands. The look in his eyes was one of confused lust. I kissed his cheek and smiled back at him. "Eighteen does agree with me, Jack, I'm an adult at last!" I hugged him to me and walked over to Ted and Al. Both of them locked their gaze on my tits as I approached. "Hi guys" I said innocently. "Ready for some birthday fun?" I kissed Ted and slid my tongue into his mouth. I knew Jack was watching me as I ground my hips into Ted's growing bulge. I sucked hard on Ted's tongue as I kissed him. "I know I am..." I breathed into his open mouth. I pulled away as Ted started to breathe harder, and turned to Al, who was watching us intently. "Hi Al..." I vamped. "Jeannie will be down in a minute...and she is lookin' HOT!" I kissed him lightly and politely but slid my hand over his ass as I did. "Can't wait to see her..." mumbled Al, his eyes sweeping over my legs. I grinned at the effect I was having. I turned to speak to Jack, but he was nowhere in sight. "I guess I'll get my own beer, then." I teased. "Geez, things are getting pretty bad when a birthday girl has to get her own drink!" I laughed as both guys scrambled to run and get my beer. Ted "won" and Al and I sat on the sofa. When Ted returned, I thanked him graciously as he sat in the chair across from us. Both guys looked terrific. Ted wore black straight leg jeans and a grey sports coat. Under the coat he had on a black shirt complimented by a silver bola tie. Our outfits matched so well, you'd have thought we'd planned it! I was getting hot looking at him. I couldn't wait to get the show on the road! I could see the outline of his soft cock along the inside of his pants leg. "Hey Jeannie!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Get the lead out! We got a party to go to!" "Or to make..." I whispered to Al. "What party?" Ted asked with a puzzled look. He hadn't heard my comment to Al, and didn't realize I'd told my dad we were going to a party and was keeping up the front. "I'm having a party in my mouth..." I said sexily. "Do you want to come?" I licked my lips sensuously and sat up straight, pushing my tits toward his bugging eyes. Al sat with an open mouthed expression, having no idea what to say, as Ted's grin spread broadly across his face. "Can I bring a friend?" he teased, catching on to my game. His gaze moved over to Al, sitting beside me. "I was hoping to keep the party small..." I whispered, turning in my seat and glancing obviously at Al's hardening cock in his pants. "You boy's might fill up the room." "Jesus..." mumbled Al. The bantering was driving him nuts! I gave him a "Groucho Marx" eyebrow bounce and that broke the spell. He grinned and laughed nervously. I glanced back to Ted and saw him grinning also. I started to yell again for Jeannie, when she walked into the room. Al did a double take and the two of them did a repeat performance of their response to my entrance. "Let me say goodbye to Jack and let's get out of here." I said, moving out of the room. I figured I'd give Jeannie a chance to prance as it were. I winked at her as I left the room. I found my uncle in the den. He was seated at his desk, but got up when I walked in. When I saw the bulge in his pants, I knew at once why Jeannie had been late in joining us. She'd wanted to show Jack her outfit... or something like that. I hugged Jack close, and told him we were leaving. "Jeannie looks pretty hot tonight doesn't she?" I said goading him a little. I felt his cock stir against my leg at the thought. "Not nearly as hot as you, sweetie" he replied. "I can't believe how you've grown up! You're gorgeous! You look like a model!" I stepped back and soaked up his compliments. "Maybe a Penthouse model..." I struck a sexy pose and dipped my shoulders, allowing him a view of my naked tits. I slid one hand up my leg until it was just below my pussy. The movement exposed my entire leg to his view. The cock in his pants was fully hard now and quite visible as I stared at it and licked my lips. Jack moved behind his desk in an attempt to hide the bulge, but it was too late. I'd already seen what kind of effect I was having on him. I think we were both starting to enjoy it! "Well, kiss me goodbye then...I don't know what time we'll be home so don't bother waiting up." Jack came around once more from the relative "safety" of his desk, and once more I drank in the sight of his boner. As he kissed me, I moved closer. In the same fluid motion, I parted his lips with my tongue and moved past his teeth. Feeling no hesitation and feeling his tongue start to duel with mine, I reached out and boldly wrapped my hand around his hard cock. I was panting wildly as I stroked his cock up and down and felt his hands slip around and grasp my ass cheeks. I sucked his tongue as if it were his cock and nibbled gently on the end. "You girls are gonna kill me with your teasing..." Jack wheezed. "I can't take much more of this...!" I looked at him and was relieved to see a wide grin on his face. I squeezed his cock harder. "I want you right now!" Jack panted in my ear. His cock was fucking into my hand as I pumped him. I pulled back but kept my hand on his cock. Stroking slowly, I smiled into his face. "Me too, Jack..." I whispered. "The last couple of days I've been thinking quite a bit about this..." I squeezed his pole for emphasis, and he groaned deeply. I decided I really didn't care about Ted or Al walking in. And I knew that if Jeannie walked in, she'd join me! "No more waiting, Jack....I need this right now!" I found the tab of his zipper and pulled down. "I just need to taste you." I dropped to my knees in front of my uncle. With trembling hands I pulled his briefs out and reached inside for his pole. When his cock came into view I moaned. Up close, I realized it was at least two inches longer than Ted's and every bit as fat as Al's huge shaft! "God..." I whispered. "You're cock is huge, Jack" I looked upinto his burning eyes and leaned forward, taking just an inch or two into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, reveling in the heady aroma. He immediately released a gush of pre-come juice onto my tongue which made me groan. I wanted so badly to suck the come out of his prick, and knew that it would only take a minute. Jeannie had primed the man before I got there and he was just this side of shooting. I leaned forward until I felt Jack's cockhead hit the entereance to my throat. It hit the back of my throat and bent a little but didn't slide down as easily as Ted's does. I marked my position on his cock with my fingers and saw when I pulled up that I'd only taken about two thirds of his meat into my mouth. I stroked him slowly while looking at his prick, and then stood up. I looked into Jack's eyes as I began to unbutton my dress. They were like saucers as I reached the last button and spread the leather wide. Jack groaned as his eyes drank in the sight of my naked pusy and my gartered thighs. "I want you to fuck my mouth, Uncle Jack...I want to feel you come in my mouth while I suck you..." I slowly dropped to my knees again as I spoke, and reached up to grasp his pole. "Fuck my mouth with your cock...Uncle Jack" I emphisized the "uncle" and it seemed to excite him. What definately excited him was when I opened my mouth and slid his hard shaft in! I bobbed my face up and down rapidly while I fondled his swaying balls. I didn't have a lot of time and wanted desperately to taste my uncle's come. Jack wasn't able to wait long anyway, though. His hips began to pump and he started to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth with ever increasing strokes. I knew he was ready. I slid my mouth down until he was once again at the enterance to my throat, then just pushed forward forcifully. Jack moaned loudly and jumped as his cockhead forced it's way past my tonsils and into my throat! I groaned also as he began to fuck his cock deeper and deeper. His pubic hair was just beginning to tickle my nose when I felt his cock buck, then release a torrent of semen into my throat! God! It felt like a dam had burst! His cock was pulsing as I held him deep in my throat and was releasing wave after wave of come with each spasm! I had to pull back to allow my throat to swallow, and as I did, Jack sent another bolt of pure semen into my mouth. I think he was releasing years of pent up, frustrated orgasms into my mouth that night, and I was loving each come-drinking second of it! I took him one last time into the depths of my throat as his orgasm waned, then let him slip from my mouth. I smiled up at him as I licked his spilled come from my lips. "Wow..." I panted. "That was awesome! God, Jack...I love drinking your come! Wow!!" I kissed him wetly, thrusting my come covered tongue into his mouth and moaned as he began to suck it gently. I hugged him to me, then stepped back and began to button my dress. Jack followed each movement...sorry to see my body covered after waiting so long to see it. I saw his cock jump again as he made a hopeless attempt to stuff it back into his pants. He was still as hard as a chair leg. He sat down in his chair when we heard Jeannie calling me. Moments later she barged into the room. "Let's git girl!" she drawled. "Hey what's that smell?" she cocked her head and sniffed the air. "Must be that new Musk Cologne...smells great Mr. Thompson! See you later...!" She winked at my uncle and then at me and scooted out of the room. I grinned at Jack, who sat waving goodbye with mock rejection on his face. "See you later, Jack...." I said as I turned to go. "Maybe Jeannie will spend the night...we can continue our discussion..." "I'll be waiting..."Jack panted as I skipped through the door. I ran down the hall and out the front door, pulling it shut behind me. Outside, Jeannie and the guys were already to go. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that Al had gotten the van after all. So far so good, I thought. And then some!!

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