The Early Adventures Of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER EIGHT

I knew that Jeannie would head straight for my room and the shower after her tryst with my uncle. I hurried to beat her there, and quickly jumped into the shower myself. Over the noise of the rushing water, I heard her enter my room and call for me. She must have heard the water running and came into the bathroom. I leaned against the back wall and faced the glass door as Jeannie slid it open a crack. Her smiling face peered in through the steam. "So, did you get a good view?" she asked with a grin. "The best..." I replied. I brought my hands up to my breasts and squeezed them together. "You guys were too hot!" I moaned. "Mind if I join you?" Jeannie asked, her eyes on my roving hands. "My legs are covered with come if you can believe that." She laughed as she dropped her nightshirt, and I moved back under the spray, giving her room to get into the shower. "I hope you're not upset" she whispered. "It just kind of happened, you know?" Jeannie looked at me with genuine concern in her eyes. I smiled and stepped closer. Putting my arms around her, we swayed back and forth under the spray together as I told her exactly how I felt about the whole thing. I explained that she had awakened some feeling inside me that I didn't even know I had, mainly for my uncle. I finished my story with a graphic description of the wonderful come I'd had! The process of my story telling obviously turned Jeannie on as she began to move her body in the opposite direction of mine, rubbing her soap lubricated tits against mine. The whole thing was incredibly sexy and I felt the familiar tingling begin again in my pussy. I moved my thigh slightly between Jeannie's legs until my hip impacted with her blond bush. She moaned and shifted her weight, returning my advance by rubbing her pussy against my leg. I looked into my friend's beautiful blue eyes and smiled. "We'd better cool it" I said reluctantly. "Wouldn't do to have my uncle walk in on us would it?" I continued to move against her pussy with my leg. "I think if he did walk in, we might all enjoy it" Jeannie moaned. She pressed her tits hard into mine as she hugged me. "But I understand what you're saying to" she agreed. "We can continue our discussion later, maybe." I kissed her lips lightly as I pulled away, and let the tip of my tongue linger a bit on her lips. I rinsed off, and opened the sliding door as Jeannie moved under the spray. "See you by the pool, beautiful." I said huskily. Jeannie smiled and stuck her head under the hot spray. I took one long look at the water cascading over her tits, and slid the door closed. Her comment about us having fun with my uncle had my mind going a mile a minute! I put on my skimpiest bikini, a G-string affair that showed my entire ass, with a top that hardly covered my 32 inch breasts, and sauntered slowly towards the pool. I'd left a little red number, similar to the suit I had on, on the bed, hoping that Jeannie would choose it over her own. The top was big for me, but I knew that it would be snug on her and would show her tits off wonderfully. I also knew that red was my uncle's favorite color on a woman. Maybe that's why I bought it, I thought with a smile. I paused at the phone long enough to call Ted and tell him to come over and catch some rays with us. I was in the teasing mood myself, and wanted some preliminaries to take place before our date tonight. I also suggested he call Al, since Jeannie was here. I hung up from Ted and moved out to the pool area. I lay back into one of the large chaise loungeers and reveled in the warmth of the noon sun. As I drifted off into a sun induced trance, I though about last night and how Ted's cock felt as it glided smoothly through my fisted fingers. In my "dream" I imagined him on his knees, between my widespread thighs, whispering to me that he wanted to fuck me now... My fantasy lover moved slowly towards me, leaning to kiss me, and I felt his cock head rubbing against my wet and willing pussy lips. I whispered "Yes..." and I groaned deeply as I felt his cock slide steadily and effortlessly into my cunt, not stopping until I felt his balls against my ass. I groaned again, and thrust my hips up to meet him, loving the feel of his huge pole fucking in and out..."Fuck me..." I whispered. I jumped out of my reverie when I heard a deep cough from in front of me. My uncle's voice cut through my dream like a knife. "I'm off to play golf, honey..." I heard him say. My eyes shot open and I saw him standing at the end of my lounge chair. I had no idea how long he'd been there, but I'm certain he'd witnessed some of my movements and heard me groaning. His eyes seemed to reflect a new awareness as they swept over my half naked tits, and his cock was once again at full staff, straining against the confines of his golf slacks. "Sorry, Jack." I said, getting up from my chair to stand in front of him. "I must have dosed off for a minute" I kept my eyes focused on his hard bulge long enough to make certain he saw me, then slowly moved my eyes up to meet his. He swallowed nervously, but didn't move away. "I've got a twelve o'clock tee time. I gotta run." Jack said softly. His eyes kept flicking back and forth between my eyes and my tits. I figured 'what the hell' and stretched my arms over my head as I looked deeply into his eyes, stretching broadly. I pretended to massage the back of my neck, which caused my tits to stretch the fabric covering them almost to the bursting point! I held that pose as his eyes drank in the sight. "I guess I'm still a little sleepy" I said innocently. "Well, Happy Birthday sweetie" he said. "I'm sorry I've got to run, but I'm sure you'd rather hang out with your friends today anyway." "Not necessarily..." I needled softly. "But you have a good game. I'll see you when you get home. We'll be going out tonight so you won't have to worry about dinner. Celebrating the "Big Eighteen" you know...". I stepped closer and moved like I was fixing his collar and straightening his shirt. "Okay, then have some fun. I'll see you around five." Jack leaned to kiss me goodbye, and I moved closer. I tipped my head back and, the combination of our movements made us bump one another. I felt his hard cock push against my belly as I reached around his waist and hugged him to me. I kissed him hard and let my lips linger a bit longer than I ever had before. I moved my hips slightly against his hard-on. My lips parted as I felt the delicate hint of his tongue poking out, and I moaned softly in my throat. Jack made no move to back his cock away from my dancing hips and his hand began a slow motion across my back. We both gave a start when we heard a noise from inside the house. Jack pulled away quickly as Jeannie came walking out from the kitchen. She looked magnificent! She'd taken my hint and put on the suit I'd left and she looked stunning with her blond hair cascading over her barely covered tits. Her nipples were just covered by the skimpy top and her pussy was almost spilling out of the bikini bottom. A few wisps of blond hair poked out from the sides and glistened in the sun. "Thanks for the suit" she said to me. "And I hope you don't mind me borrowing your shoes. I thought they'd compliment the suit." To top off her outfit, she'd found my red heels in my closet. The four inch spikes made her as tall as my uncle and pushed her tits out as well. I heard my uncle sigh as she stood in front of him. "Have a great time, Mr. Thompson" Jeannie purred. "Don't lose any balls..." She glanced at the bulge in Jack's pants and ambled past him. She made quite a show of walking slowly to a lounge chair and bending over to move it closer to mine. She'd turned her back to us as she did this, and her ass cheeks were totally exposed. She held the pose longer than she had to and both my uncle and I groaned in appreciation. Jack muttered something unintelligible and hurriedly left through the garage. Jeannie and I shared a grin, then burst out laughing when we heard the car start. As we listened to my uncle pull out of the driveway, we heard the blast of his car horn and the answering bleat of Ted's horn. The guys were here for a swim. It was shaping up to be quite a birthday! And we still had our date tonight to look forward to. I was going to make sure that Ted was good and primed by the time this afternoon was over. I had some serious plans that involved his help! I was eighteen! An adult who could legally drink, gamble and vote! But I had other changes in mind. Being an "adult" was fine...but I was ready to become a woman! Both of the guys were ready for a hot date when they picked us up at seven o'clock. Jeannie and I had spent the afternoon strutting and prancing around the pool and loving every moment. When I knew that Ted couldn't stand it any more I asked him to help me with something in the kitchen. When we were alone, I kissed him deeply and slid to my knees in front of him. With a minimum of preliminaries, I pulled his suit down to his ankles, and sucked his hard hot cock into my throat. I didn't need to tease him for I'd been doing that all day. I simply wanted to give him a quick satisfying blow job with no frills. I hammerheaded his cock until I could feel him leaking profusely into my mouth. I knew he was ready. I pulled up from his shaft, until just the head was resting on my tongue, then proceeded to jerk him off into my mouth. In less than ten strokes he shot an enormous amount of semen into my mouth. As it poured from his lance I stared into his eyes and moaned. I was able to swallow most of it, but a small amount leaked from the side of my mouth and over my chin. The taste, the feel, the smell...it was all so perfectly wonderful! "I've missed that..." I whispered to him with a smile. Ted was a bit surprised by my straightforward approach, but I explained to him that I simply couldn't wait any longer to feel his cock in my mouth. That seemed to please him immensely, and he showed me a huge grin as I adjusted my suit and wiped his semen from my face. We walked back to the pool as if nothing had happened, but I knew that both Jeannie and Al knew we'd been up to something. I gave Jeannie a sly grin and settled back down into my lounger. When I noticed Al looking at me, I put my arms over my head, and placed a foot on either side of the chair while stretching like a cat. His lust lidded eyes told me I was having the effect on him that I desired. I could smell Ted's come on my lips and I felt so sexy! I couldn't wait until tonight!! After the boy's left, around five o'clock, Jeannie and I went up to my room to relax for a bit, and decide what we were going to wear on our date. I knew it had to be sexy, but I also knew that tonight was going to be different. Tonight, I knew, my boyfriend was going to fuck his hot hard cock into my virgin pussy. I'd absolutely loved the feel of Al's cock in my asshole Friday night but also knew inside me that Ted's cock in my cunt was going to be ten times better. I began to sweat as I thought about it. The thought made me feel like a star. And made me feel fantasticly horny. I would have to pick something especially sexy for my "show". Jeannie was lying back on my bed as I rummaged through my closets and drawers for the perfect outfit. She'd dumped the heels, but still had the red bikini on, and still looked magnificent. Her eyes were half-lidded and her legs opened and closed in a lazy rhythm as she followed my movements around the room. "That would look great on you, Trace." she said as I held a diaphanous almost see-through blouse up to myself in the mirror. "Yeah sure," I replied. "Except Jack wouldn't let me out of the house with this on." "That's true, but not for the reasons you're thinking!" Jeannie laughed. "I saw the look in his eye this morning. I think he'd love to see you wear that. Just not out of the house!" "Hmmm..." I mumbled, thinking back on our "good-bye" this morning. Regaining my self-control though, I turned the conversation back to this evening. "Anyway, I couldn't wear this cause I was going to dump my bra tonight. It would be a bit too obvious. "But very sexy..." Jeannie breathed. "Al would probably drive into a tree or something. You're right...too obvious! How about your leather dress...I love the way you look in this..." Jeannie got up, and moved to my closet as she spoke, coming back out, holding up a black leather dress with silver buttons all the way up the front. My father had given it to me about six months ago, when he got back from a business trip to Spain. The leather was amazingly soft and supple and so thin that I felt almost naked when I was wearing it. The top was loose and full, but the bottom was snug, tightly forming around my ass and hips and ending just about mid-thigh. I'd never worn the thing because the thinness of the leather allowed my underwear lines to show through. Tonight, though, that was not going to be a problem. It was perfect! "You are amazing ,girl!" I yelled at Jeannie. "That is exactly the dress I need for tonight!" I hugged her and took the dress, holding it up as I stood in front of the mirror. "Perfect," Jeannie agreed, standing close behind me. "Now why don't you pick out something for me while I jump into the shower. They'll be here in about half an hour!" I moved behind Jeannie and helped her untie the top of her suit. Looking over her shoulder, into the mirror, I was rewarded with the sight of her tits spilling out of there too small prison. I sighed as she brought her hands up to caress them. Not being able to hold myself back, I leaned into her and brought my own hands up to cover hers. "Why, Tracy Thompson!" Jeannie whispered in mock horror. "What ARE you doing?" Her actions contradicted her words though as she moved her hands out and away, allowing me direct contact with her tits. We both moaned as I squeezed and massaged them. We were both staring into the mirror. Jeannie's newly freed hands made there way to the sides of her bikini bottom and deftly pulled both strings outward. I fondled her firm tits, rolling her hardening nipples between finger and thumb as she spread her legs slightly and let her suit drop to the floor. We were panting heavily now, basking in a warm sexual glow that was rapidly becoming a flame. My eyes followed her hands in the mirror. She brought them back to her crotch and cupped her pussy mound with her right hand. Jeannie's legs bent slightly and I saw her slip one finger into her wet opening. Her eyes closed as her finger sank out of sight and then re-appeared, over and over, picking up speed. "God, Jeannie...If I had a cock I'd fuck you right here and now...!" I panted into her ear. "Honey, if you had a cock, I'd let you!" she replied with a giggle. I jumped when I felt her other hand reach behind her and cup my pussy through my suit. Then I relaxed and moved into her touch, allowing her hand to feel my own wetness, even through the cotton. Jeannie's eyes opened and looked into mine as I released one of her tits and brought my hand down to undo my suit bottom. I pulled the bikini out of the way and then covered her hand with mine, as I'd done earlier. My knees were starting to weaken and shake as I urged her finger into my cunt. My eyes were fixed on her other hand which was now fucking a finger swiftly in and out of her pussy. As her finger slid all the way into my channel, I followed it with one of my own, so I had two fingers fucking me! I could feel my orgasm begin to wash over me. Our legs gave out, and we sank in slow motion to the carpet, neither of us missing a beat as we masturbated ourselves into sexual heaven in front of the mirror. I dropped my hand from her breast, and joined her pumping digit at her crotch, fucking mine alongside hers so we were finger fucking ourselves and each other at the same time! The feeling was indescribable! I could feel her coming on my finger as I released myself to my own orgasm. We came as one, lying on the floor of my closet, the sweat streaming out of our pores and the come pouring into our hands. "Damn, that was good..." Jeannie rubbed my clit gently, knowing how sensitive it was. "You took advantage of me, girl..." "Yeah? Well then what's this?" I replied. Pulling her juice covered hand from between my legs. I licked her hand from palm to fingertip, and then returned it to it's warm spot. We laughed and hugged each other tightly. Jeannie finally ran into the shower and I looked for something she could wear. It had to be just right...



When I got out of the shower, Jeannie already had on the outfit I'd picked for her. It was a dress, similar to my leather one, only made of soft, acid washed denim. Pearl snaps, in lieu of buttons ran the entire length of the front, and accented the pockets and sleeves. She was stunning with her blond hair washing over the blue fabric. She'd left the top four pearl snaps undone, and I could tell she was following my lead, at least with the bra...I still had a surprise for her. Her eyes strayed over my nakedness as I dried my hair. Her grin reflected her approval. I felt relaxed and wonderful as I thought about tonight. There was gonna be some magic happening soon! Jeannie laughed as I turned the dryer downwards and dried my pussy hair. A small shiver ran through me. I turned and walked into my closet. Grabbing a small lingerie box, I moved hurriedly back to the bed. Opening it up, I pulled a lacy black garter belt and black fishnet stockings from the box, and held them up for Jeannie to see. "Oooohhh, not fair!" she yelled. "That's cheating!" "Hey, Jeannie" I laughed, "with someone who looks as good as you do, I need to cheat!" I smiled at her feigned jealousy and slinked into the garter belt. I bent first one leg and then the other onto the bed beside her as I sensuously slipped the stocking on, giving her a tantalizing glance of my open pussy. I attached the hose to the belt and stepped back, admiring my handiwork in the mirror. I had to admit I looked pretty fucking hot! Jeannie gasped as I reached for the leather dress and slipped it on. "You're not wearing panties!" Jeannie whispered in disbelief. "I'm not wearin' nothin'!" I giggled nervously. "I feel like such a slut tonight..." Jeannie moved close to me and licked my cheek with the tip of her tongue. "You are a slut, sweetie...and I love it." She hiked her dress up to her hips and fell back onto the bed. She rubbed her pussy through her jet black panties, and then teasingly slid them down her legs. She propped herself up on a pillow and spread her legs wide, gently rubbing her lips with her finger. "Takes one to know one, sugar..." I whispered. Just then the doorbell rang, and I heard Jack yell that Ted and Al were there to pick us up. I felt naked as I walked down the hall towards the steps, and so sexy. My breasts swayed against the cool leather as I walked, making my nipples harden and tingle. They were quite obvious through the thin leather as I descended the stairs. My heart started racing in anticipation of the night to come. I hoped that Al would be driving his father's van and not his mom's car. I needed room tonight, and a Toyota simply wouldn't do!

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