The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER FIVE

The taste of Jeannie's pussy was still on my tongue as I stood up in the kitchen. We heard the padding of Al's footsteps, and I smiled innocently as he entered the room. Al's ruffled hair, and goofy grin lightened us up as I stood up. Neither of us made a move to really cover our nudity and it was obvious that Al appreciated that. As he stared, I slowly rubbed my breasts under the towel, then moved the towel down my belly... slowly revealing my full breasts and hard nipples. I could see his cock hardening under his towel as he watched my performance. I continued down with my towel covered hands until the cloth was covering my pussy. I held the towel tightly between my mound and groaned deeply...all the while looking directly at Al. He had to move quickly to grab his towel, because his now rock hard cock had pushed it out to where his wrap had come undone! I smiled at him as he shyly turned towards the refrigerator. As he walked to the fridge, he was re-wrapping his towel, but the outline of his steel rod was clearly visible. I looked at Jeannie and said,"Well, I guess they do have their good points..." I motioned to Al's bulging towel. "But, I still owe you one." "Later...", She replied with a smile. "And I can't wait! But now for something completely different..." She moved back over to Al, who had his head in the fridge. I went to see what Ted was up to in the living room. It was 10:30, and we had to make plans for the night if we were going to stay here. It seemed that everyone was up for partying on...especially after my cocksucking show. A lot of inhibitions had been dropped with my little come bath. I still couldn't believe that I'd done that! Every time I thought of Al and Jeannie's eyes on me while Ted shot his come into my mouth I got hot all over again. And my relationship with Al had certainly taken a new turn! Four hours ago, we were simply close friends. Sure we flirted, and I loved teasing him sexually, but it had always been simple teasing. Who would have thought that tonight I'd be standing in front of him stark naked, and feeling myself up on top of that! And I guess, with all things considered, I'd even tasted Al's come in my mouth tonight, too! It was licked off Jeannie's boobs, granted, but it was still Al's come. That thought gave me a tingle. I was feeling like such a slut this night. And really loving it! I mean, I was totally comfortable with my sexual feelings for the first time in my seventeen years. I felt as if I was floating on air. A participant in some kind of surrealistic fuck film. I felt so safe with my friends here that I felt I could do anything I wanted, sexually speaking, and it would remain between the four of us. And there was so much to try! We'd all grown a bit closer to adulthood, I think. And there were still a lot of options to consider this evening. No one was quite ready to go home... Ted and Al each called their parents and said they were going fishing tomorrow morning. They planned on spending the night at the "cabin" so they could get an early start. It was something that they often did anyway, so there was no problem. Then Jeannie called her mom, and told her that she and I were going to sleep over at a "friend's" house. She said that we'd had a few beers and we'd rather stay over than drive drunk. Jeannie and her mom had that kind of cool relationship. But then, Jeannie wasn't a troublemaker so it was a two way street. Her mom said that she'd call my uncle and square it with him. I breathed a sigh of relief...and the party continued. After it was established that we'd be spending the night together, things changed a bit. Knowing that we weren't done "playing", everyone got kind of a "second wind". First, we decided that another beer was in order, and Ted said he'd whip up something to eat in the kitchen. As the guys prepared our late night snack, Jeannie and I went in search of something to cover up with. Considering the mood, and the fact that the guys were both walking around in towels, neither one of us felt like putting our jeans and stuff back on. We needed something loose and preferably sexy. "Uncle Mike keeps some women's stuff in the third bedroom closet.", Ted mentioned. "I don't think he'd mind if you ladies helped yourselves. And, I'm sure Al and I would appreciate it!" He winked at Al and returned to his cooking. Jeannie and I went in search of the "third bedroom". The house had a total of four, so it wasn't too difficult to find the room we were looking for. But, of course, it was the LAST room we looked in! And, indeed he did keep some "women's stuff" around! Hanging in a huge walk-in closet, we found outfit after outfit of sexy lingerie and silk robes! "There must be a small fortune tied up in this stuff here!", Jeannie cried, holding up an off-white outfit. "What do you think?", she asked, "Is it me?" The outfit she held up was complete with a peek-a-boo bra, skimpy white, crotchless string panties, a lacy garter belt, and matching stockings. All covered in a plastic dry cleaner bag, as was everything in the closet. "It's you, all right...", I sighed. "It's you if you feel like getting fucked tonight...or, sucked..." I was still tingling from our encounter. "In fact", I said, moving close to her, and sliding the closet door shut, "Why don't you try on a few of these things while I get comfortable..." As I spoke to her, I let my knees bend and my tongue slid over her naked body. I paused to suck one tit into my mouth and then continued on my downward journey. I formed a mental picture of her in the outfit she held. Standing over me as I lay on the carpet... slowly lowering her pussy to my outstretched tongue... "Hey, cool your jets, Trace...", Jeannie laughed, "We've got all night!" "Just a taste, Jeannie", I pleaded, sinking to my knees in front of her. "Please...just a little taste." My tongue licked her belly and continued down, playing in her soft blonde curls, and finally feeling her sweet pussy lips. Jeannie moaned softly as my tongue easily parted her lips and moved into her wetness. "Wait...come here...", Jeannie panted. She took two steps backwards to the dressing bench, and pulling my head with her, she sat down on the velvet cushion. "Just a taste...", she repeated. "Oooohhh.... you're tongue feels so good...I knew it would feel good....oh, Trace...Suck me..." As she chanted her words, Jeannie wrapped her fingers in my long brown hair and pulled my face into her pussy. Her position on the small seat gave me perfect access to her pussy and clit, and I took full advantage of it. Thrusting my tongue out as far as I could, I pressed my face tightly into her crotch. Then flicking my tongue up and down, I started to shake my head furiously from side to side. The effect was immediate! Jeannie let out a loud wail and gripped the back of my head with a strength I didn't know she had. Slouching down into her seat, she started to pump her pussy against my lips and tongue. I continued to thrust my tongue into her and shake my head back and forth. I could feel Jeannie start to come. She was doing her best to remain quiet, for the boys were just down the hall, but small noises started to flow from her throat. Little mewls at first like a kitten, then growing in intensity until she was pumping her pussy onto my tongue and gasping for air like a deep sea diver who'd been down too long. A trembling started in her thighs and I felt it move towards her belly. Suddenly her juices were literally pouring onto my thrusting tongue! I swear, I could feel her pussy walls contract, then PUMP her juice into my mouth! I dropped one hand into my lap and quickly inserted two, then three fingers into my own cunt. I pumped franticly as I drank Jeannie's sweet come. My own orgasm was sudden and powerful. My hands were dripping as I caught my love juice in my palm. My fingers pumped wildly in and out of my cunt. Jeannie's orgasm was subsiding and she slowed her movements on my tongue. Her pussy was so wet and pliable that it completely covered my chin and mouth. My tongue continued to stab inward as I tried to suck out every last drop of her come. This was as thrilling to me as sucking Ted's cock into my throat! The sweet taste of Jeannie's come and the smooth feeling of it sliding down my throat was absolutely sensational! Another fantasy come true...God, what a night! Jeannie slowly released her death-grip hold on my head. "God...", she breathed. "That was beyond description..." She pulled my face into her pussy again. I obliged and sucked gently on her outer lips, being careful to avoid her oversensitive clitoris. Running her fingers through my hair, she sighed deeply, then moved my head away from her crotch. Turning my face up to meet her gaze, she whispered tenderly, "That was incredible, Trace...that was undoubtedly the best come I've ever had in my life." Jeannie's face was flushed and she was smiling the warmest, dreamiest smile I'd ever seen. I grinned back, feeling good about being able to give such pleasure. Especially when it felt so good from my end! Jeannie leaned over and kissed my lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth and she parried with my own tongue. Then she licked my lips and proceeded to lick my chin and cheeks...tasting her own come on my face. "I love you, Tracy", she said softly. "You're my best friend in the whole world." I got up on my knees and hugged her to me. "I love you, too, Jeannie." It was a wonderful and special moment. But, even though our entire encounter had lasted only ten minutes or so, we both knew the guys would be getting curious. And we still had to pick out and outfit or two... I shook my head and laughed. "Hey," I said, "Maybe I'm gay, and never knew it...but I think I enjoyed that more than you did!" Jeannie shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Well, girl...if we're gay, then someone better explain why I keep picturing hard cocks and imagining Al fucking my mouth like Ted fucked yours. She caressed my head and traced her fingers over my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked her fingers as they passed. "You blew my mind back there girl", Jeannie continued, "but I need a cock! Maybe two...." She smiled at me and winked. "Yeah...", I laughed. "I gotta agree with you there, buddy. I'm thinking the same thing. I love those guys!" "Then let's find something to wear, and go find them!" Jeannie said, laughing. "I'm famished all of a sudden." She walked over to the racks of lingerie, and started looking. I went over to the sink, rinsed off, and joined her. "Let's save the good stuff for later", I said to Jeannie. "The boys might need some additional "stimulus" later on." I held up a black outfit similar to the one Jeannie had picked earlier. "They might, but I won't." Jeannie replied. "But, here, try this on..." She threw me a short, black silk robe. Picking out a similar, green robe for herself, she licked her lips and grinned. "Maybe I'll play you a hand of cards for Ted later...he looked mighty good earlier..." She winked when she saw a jealous flash in my eyes. I threw my robe over my shoulders and said to Jeannie, "C'mon, you bitch, let's go eat something..." I pinched her ass as I left the closet. Squealing, Jeannie grabbed her robe and followed me, chasing me down the hall. When we reached the kitchen, I saw that the guys had whipped up some hamburgers and hot dogs, along with a huge salad, and were getting ready to sit down at the small breakfast table. "Let's eat!", I yelled as I grabbed a seat across from Ted and Al. "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow!" "Mooo...", said Al, with a glint in his eye. I smiled as his leg touched mine under the table. And it's still early!, I thought to myself.


I decided to pass on the beer, and had a Diet Coke instead. "I'm planning on needing the caffeine buzz later.", I said, with a wink at Jeannie. "Good idea, Trace!", she replied. "You guys better be awake later too", she continued. "Or we might have to take matters into our own hands." She looked at me and winked. "Just wake me up so I can watch!", Ted said. "I think I'd like that." The look on his face told me that his fires had been rekindled. He was gazing at me intently, trying to "sneak a peek" where my robe was separating in the front. "Amazing...", I thought to myself. Just 30 minutes ago we were all as naked as we could be, with nothing left to the imagination, but just put a few threads on, and BOOM!...the imagination is back in full force! And with it, the desire to see what was hidden under those threads. Amazing! I was beginning to realize something about the power involved with wearing the RIGHT things, as opposed to wearing nothing...or, worst of all, wearing the WRONG thing. It seemed that men preferred a little adventure...a little teasing....it seemed to get their blood flowing. I'll just have to experiment further in the weeks to come, I thought. Meanwhile, in the present, I leaned towards Ted, "accidentally" letting the front of my robe open just a bit with the motion. "Don't tell me you'd prefer watching Jeannie and me play, than to join in...?", I teased him. All the while I was talking, his eyes never moved from my breasts. I huffed, and closed the front of my robe with a melodramatic flair. "No, no,...not at all...", Ted was stuttering. "I didn't mean that I didn't want to...I mean....What I meant was...Oh, HELL!" We all burst out laughing at once. Ted was hilarious, trying to patch things up and explain. I smiled at Jeannie, and she took the cue. "Don't worry, Teddy", she cooed, leaning into him and putting her arm around his shoulder, "I think Trace forgives you, and we're not ready for a show yet anyway. We'll need a little more practice..." Jeannie looked at me when she said that, and slipping her tongue through her lips, curled it in my direction. Both boys groaned. They THOUGHT that we were kidding, but weren't quite sure... Ted turned, as if to respond to Jeannie, but stopped in mid- thought when he realized that when she had put her arm around him, the motion caused her robe to open completely, and the pressure he felt on his right arm was from her naked breast pressing against him! Ted looked at Jeannie's nakedness, and then at her face. Jeannie returned his gaze with a huge grin, and her patented Groucho Marx eyebrows. I smiled to myself at the effortless cunning that Jeannie had used to snare Ted's attention. He was speechlessly drooling, and she'd simply, and "innocently" put her arm around his shoulder. I could see that the competition had resumed. I was grinning from ear to ear at the thought. "Tiring" of Ted's staring at her exposed breasts, Jeannie feigned surprise, quickly removed her arm, and closed her robe, tying it tightly with the sash. But the effort hadn't been wasted. Ted now was wide awake, and ready for more. He made no attempt to continue whatever he meant to say. His attention turned from Jeannie's 34's to the half finished burger on his plate. He seemed embarrassed and confused. I noticed that Al, being left out of the preceding play, was appearing to develop a little jealous streak. He was looking at Ted...his best friend in the world Ted, with a look that was somewhere between anger and envy. Wanting to nip that feeling in the bud, I leaned over to whisper in his ear. "They're just kidding around, guy. Don't take it so seriously." "Relax...", I said. Looking into Al's eyes, I quickly slid my hand up his thigh, not stopping until I reached his balls. With only a moment's hesitation, I continued up and wrapped my hand around his rapidly hardening cock. Stroking the length of his pole slowly, I whispered, "They're just playing around, Al. Kinda like we are....Don't get pissed off. Let's have some fun tonight...All of us...What'd'ya say...Okay?" "Yeah...sure...", Al stammered. "I guess I was overreacting there for a minute." "Thanks", I said with a smile. Reluctantly, I released his cock and slid my hand back into my own lap. "Not bad", I thought. "Not bad at all..." Al's cock, although shorter than Ted's, was nonetheless, JUST as exciting. And the shorter length made me wonder about how it would feel in my mouth. I sighed and closed my eyes, imagining Al's hard cock sliding between my lips.... "How's about we commence ta eatin' folks!", Ted said, in his best "John Wayne" accent. At once everyone was laughing and releasing the tension, sexual and otherwise, that had built up. We all dove into the food like starving people. Food was definitely a good idea. I felt the energy coursing through my body as I wolfed down a burger. There wasn't a lot of talking as we all attacked the feast of burgers and dogs. "Hey, guys!", Al shouted, breaking the silence. "How's about we all do a shot to celebrate our night out?!" Everyone voiced their approval, and he leaped up to get the bottle of Jose from the living room. Feeling a little horny from stroking Al's cock, I scrunched down in my seat, and slid my foot up Ted's leg, working my way up his thigh, until I felt his balls under my toes. Ted, for some reason, got a look of panic in his eyes, which I just took for embarrassment. Smiling mischievously, I continued my search until I felt the base of his cock with my toes. He was hard as a rock. I must really be getting to him, I thought. I stretched my leg, longing to feel his broad cockhead with my foot. That's when I felt FINGERS with my foot! I looked over to see Jeannie's face register first curiosity, then shock. She was caught with MY boyfriend's cock in her hand! I hadn't noticed her arm under the table because my own attention had been focused on HER boyfriend's cock! Pretending to be the sophisticate, but in reality seeing the ironic balance of the whole matter, I merely smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and continued stroking Ted's cock with my foot. In fact, looking at Jeannie, I brought my other foot up to join the first! Looking down, and seeing what I was doing, and also seeing that I wasn't pissed off, Jeannie smiled and joined the party in Ted's lap by re-encircling his cock with her hand. Her palm gripped the top of his hard pole, while I maneuvered my feet to grip him on either side, creating a tunnel with my arches. Ted's head lolled back, and he closed his eyes. He started to pump his hard cock into my feet. The feeling of Ted's cock gliding in and out of my connected feet was strange, but at the same time, incredibly erotic. I gripped the table edge for support which caused my robe to fall open. I was stretched out on a kitchen chair, for all intents and purposes completely naked, and was attempting to jerk my boyfriend off with my feet! And at the same time, my best girlfriend was helping me jerk my boyfriend off by gripping his cockhead with her hand! How wierd was this weekend gonna get anyhow!!? I was starting to heat up, and decided that I really didn't give a shit how wierd this would get. I was loving it!! Jeannie's robe also fell open with her moving around, and she looked at me when she felt the cool air on her tits. Releasing my grip on the table, I brought my hands up to cradle my breasts. My eyes shut as I squeezed and fondled my tits and nipples. Ted followed the movement of my hands with lust filled eyes. He groaned when I started to squeeze my tits and offer them to him. He started to pump his cock into my gripping feet. I could feel Ted's cock getting wetter as he fucked my feet. And I could feel Jeannie's hand as it stroked and twisted his cockhead. The overall sensation was hypnotic. As I closed my eyes and got into the sexual rhythm, I heard Jeannie's urgent whisper. "Tracy...watch!", she moaned. Turning to Ted, she started her familiar chanting... "C'mon Ted...come for us, baby...", she whispered. "Fuck her feet with that hard cock...oohhh, baby, you're cock is so fucking hard... come for us Ted...c'mon, I want to see it shoot..." Jeannie was pumping the top half of Ted's cock with short little strokes like she was a sewing machine. Ted started to groan loudly. I squeezed my feet tighter on his thrusting meat. Looking over at Jeannie, I saw her lust filled eyes focused on the kitchen doorway. Her stroke didn't falter or slow, but she had a pleading look in her eye. Following her gaze, I saw Al standing leaning on the door jamb, his eyes wide, holding a bottle of tequila in one hand, and his long hard cock in the other! Too fucking wierd, I thought. Again... But Ted was starting to tense. I knew he was gonna shoot. Suddenly, he stopped his thrusts, and opened his eyes. He was staring at me like he was staring into my soul...then he came! I couldn't see Ted's cock because of the table, and that made it even more exciting in a strange way. I could, though, see his hot seed spray into the air as he shot. His first blast of hot come landed squarely on Jeannie's cheek! Her reflexes made her jump initially, but then she screamed, "Oh, Yeah...! Come on me! Spray me! Oh....God!..." I smiled at her words, knowing how Ted's come felt when it hit you. And I loved the sight of my girlfriend being showered with my boyfriend's come. Somehow, it seemed right. I was sharing the ultimate intimacy with my best friend. I was in heaven again! Ted continued to jerk his hips and with each motion, a new volley of come hit Jeannie's body. I knew then that she was aiming Ted's come shots towards her body. Otherwise, he would have been shooting onto his own chest. I wished I could see his cock shoot. Jeannie closed her eyes as Ted's bullets started to lessen. She was covered with his come and she was loving it. And so was I. Her tits were glistening, and she had a wet streak on her face where Ted's first shot had landed. The steak ended in a globlet of semen dangling from her chin. Turning to Al, who was still in the doorway, I motioned for him to come closer. Setting the bottle down, but keeping his grip on his granite shaft, he took a few hesitant steps closer. "C'mon Al", I panted. "Fair is fair...Let me see you stroke your hot cock...c'mon Al, jerk it off...I want to taste it...I want to feel your hot come on my tits...C'mon baby...Jerk off on Tracy...." My hands cupped my breasts, offering them to Al and his cock. His eyes closed, and his knees bent as he moved closer. He was standing right next to me, pointing his cock at my face as he jerked himself off. His eyes were focussed on my tits and my hands. I continued to caress my breasts and tease Al with my dirty talking. Watching him pump his glistening rod was making my pussy drip, and I knew I was really getting to him. I wanted the feeling of hot come on my tits again. I needed to taste hot male semen on my tongue again...One hand drifted under the table to caress my pussy. Keeping my eyes on Al's cock, I groaned and slid a finger into my pussy. Slowly I began to fingerfuck myself in time to Al's strokes. Suddenly, Jeannie was standing beside Al. She'd gotten up from the table and had walked over to where Al was jerking off for me. Reaching around his hips, she encircled Al's pumping fist with her own. They worked together...jerking Al off. I dropped my feet from Ted's chair, and turned to face Al and Jeannie. I continued to fuck my finger into my pussy, and spread my legs further apart. "Jerk off on me, Al...", I panted. "Spray me with your hot come... I want to feel it...I want to taste it...." I was masturbating in front of my friends, and I didn't give a fuck! I was burning up! The sight of Al and Jeannie pumping his cock was impossibly erotic, and I started to come on my fingers. My mouth dropped open and I started to moan. I joined my first finger with a second in my cunt and started pumping in and out furiously! I was coming slowly and steadily...I was lost in lust. "Come in her mouth, Al", Jeannie was saying. "Shoot your come into her mouth...oh, Yeah...baby...She loves the taste of your come, Al." Her hand was a blur on Al's cock! I knew he would shoot soon. I knew what I wanted then. I knew what I HAD to have! "Yeah...", I said to Al. "Give me your come...I want it in my mouth. Come in my mouth, Al...come for me....I want to taste your hot come!" Jeannie's pumping hand was directing Al's cockhead towards my lips. Her other hand was frantically rubbing her clitoris. I couldn't take any more! I reached out and encircled both their hands with my own. Now six hands were pumping Al's cock. And it was all aimed at ME! "Come here", I ordered Al. My voice rang with need, and he instantly responded, straddling my legs and moving the last six inches towards me. Now his cock was an inch from my face. I stuck my tongue out and grazed the tip as it showed from between our fingers. I glanced over at Ted, and was washed with relief and a feeling of hot lust as I saw him staring at the three of us. His cock, although semi-hard was encased in his fist and he stroked it as he watched us. "Fuck my mouth, Al...", I breathed, staring up into his face. "I want you to fuck my mouth...and I want you to come in my throat." Looking into Jeannie's eyes, I repeated, "Fuck my mouth...I want you to... please..." Al's knees buckled, and he almost ended up sitting in my lap! He quickly regained his balance though, and moved forward the final inch. I moaned when I felt his cockhead touch my lips. Parting them slightly, I allowed his head to slide forward. He started to slowly fuck his cock into my mouth, stretching my lips as he advanced. Soon he had about half of his nine inches in my mouth. I pulled my face back, releasing his cock and looked up at him. "Now fuck me.", I demanded. Al needed no further urging. He slid his cock between my lips and started to fuck my mouth like he'd just fucked his own hand. His eyes closed, and he started to groan. His cock slid slowly from my lips to my throat in long, even thrusts. Jeannie reached around to gently cradle his swinging balls and that did it! Suddenly my mouth was FULL of come! I didn't feel Al shoot, it was more like he just unloaded! I swallowed as much as I could, as he continued to fuck my mouth, but I couldn't keep up with the flow. His come overflowed my lips and cascaded like a waterfall over my chin, dripping on my tits and running into my lap. I sucked and swallowed like a madwoman, annoyed at myself for missing Al's come. Jeannie was moaning loudly as she watched Al pour his semen into my mouth. "Oh, God, yeah Al...Come in her mouth...Oh, shit! Look at it all!...Fuck her...!" As wonderful as it felt running over my tits, I wanted more to taste it and to swallow it all. I was comforted by reminding myself that this was only my second blow job after all. I was bound to get better with practice. And practice I would! I loved the taste of their come and the sticky feel of it! I loved the feeling of Al's cock as it fucked in and out of my lips. I loved it all! Then Al's knees buckled again. As he slowly dropped into my lap, his cock slipped from my sucking lips. Still shooting his hot come, the last two volleys hit me straight in the face, covering one cheek and my chin. I started to laugh with erotic glee as Jeannie, not missing a beat, gripped Al's cock as it slid from my lips. Pumping madly, she finished Al off on my already soaked tits. Jeannie and I were laughing like kids at Christmas, Al was comatose in my lap, with his head on my shoulder, moaning softly. And, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ted making his way around the table. His cock was rock hard again, and sticking out from his front like a club! Here we go again, I chuckled to myself. What a night this was gonna be! Jeannie, noticing Ted's approach, released Al's cock and stood up to face my boyfriend. The look in her eye, somewhere between fear and fuck, told me that she wasn't sure if Ted was angry or not. Then her eyes moved down and focussed on Ted's erect and swinging prick, and she visibly relaxed. The look in her eyes changed immediately from fear to lust. It was a time of discovery for us...a time when we were finding out that all of us were basicly sluts, at least tonight. And tonight, anything went. No jealousy...no mistrust...just pleasure, from wherever and whoever. It was a wonderful feeling. "You're not gonna get jealous are you, Tedy?", she panted when he reached her. "I think Tracy was just returning the favor to Al." She reached out to grasp Ted's hard cock in her hand, stroking it up and down in an underhand grip. As she did this, she moved close to him and stood on her tiptoes. She rubbed the head of Ted's cock against her belly as she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of his neck, and then up to his chin and cheek. When her licking tongue reached his ear she noticed that Ted was looking at me...with a look of confusion on his face. He appeared to me to be looking for approval..or, at least some kind of sign that he wasn't in "trouble". Under the circumstances, with Al sitting in my lap, and his come still dripping from my chin and tits, I thought that Ted's look was close to ludicrous. I mean, I'd just sucked his best friends cock and he was wondering if I'd be mad because MY best friend was stroking his pole. I smiled reassuringly, and licked my lips in the most sexual, sensual manner I could, and Ted visibly relaxed. Jeannie gave his cock a final tug, and fell into a chair...feigning exhaustion. "Hey, Al!", I shouted in his ear. "Where's that tequila you went to get?" Al simply moaned... We all laughed until tears were streaming down our faces, then Ted went over to the sink, bringing back with him four clean shot glasses and the Cuervo. "I need a shower...", I sighed. That got us laughing again, but after downing our shots, we each grabbed a beer and headed to the showers. It was only eleven thirty...we had a whole night ahead of us! I started getting horny again just imagining what the night might hold for us.

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