The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie - CHAPTER THREE

We played cards for more than an hour. In between hands, the tequila bottle was passed, and Ted and Al made a number of beer runs to the kitchen. We were starting to get a buzz on to say the least. Jeannie, making her prediction come true, was the proud owner of two pairs of boys pants, and a shirt that once belonged to Al. We had decided that to make things more interesting, shoes, socks, and jewelry didn't count so those disappeared first. My pile contained Ted's shirt, and Jeannie's new Guess jeans. Ted had yet to win anything, but was enjoying everyone else's "winnings", or losings, as it were.... Al had "won" my pants, and I gave both guys a slow, teasing mini strip show when I took them off. No easy feat with a pair of jeans, and everybody hooted and clapped their appreciation. Jeannie, not wanting to be outdone, did a similar sexy strip after she lost her pants the very next round. The difference was that when she pushed her jeans down, she "accidentally" pushed her black silk panties down too. Feigning surprise, she hurriedly pulled her panties back up, but not before giving Al a quick shot of her smooth, firm ass...and giving Ted and I a full view of her silky blonde bush. "Ooops...", she said, batting her eyes at me. "I guess I slipped." "Cute...", I replied, shaking my head as the boys cheered. Once again, my friend had topped me. It was a good thing we were BEST friends, and that it was a fun game, cause otherwise I would have started to get upset! But I understood that the key here was to tease the boys into a sexual frenzy. And we were doing EQUALLY well in that department. Both of the guys had raging hard-ons by now...and we both knew it. I looked at Jeannie and smiled. "These will look great with this blouse, don't you think?", I had teased her when I won her jeans. Jeannie stuck out her tongue at me and said haughtily, "I wouldn't plan on keeping that blouse too much longer,darling. "I've got a pretty good hand here." "Pretty good ass, too, sugar!", laughed Al. We were leaning on pillows by this time. We all were buzzing pretty good and I was getting hotter as the clothes came off. Jeannie and I were both down to our shirts and panties, but the boys had lost everything but their underwear. Al, who had "forgotten" his, got a bathing suit from one of the bedrooms when it came to his turn to shed his pants. "Cheat! Cheat!", I yelled. But Ted sided with Al and we allowed the violation. Actually, the suit did very little to hide his semi-hard cock, so I was kind of glad we had bent the rules. And now that his cock was at full attention, there was even less room in the suit. The head of his cock was just starting to peek over the top. I caught Al's attention with my eyes, and then dropped my gaze to his suit. Staring at his cock, I licked my lips and let a slight groan escape. His cock immediately responded, growing longer, and poking another inch out of it's prison. I continued to lick my lips as I returned my gaze to Al's face. I knew I had gotten to him and I reveled in my growing power as a woman. I loved this heat! But back to the game... The boys were looking mighty nervous as we played this next hand. One more loss for either of them and we'd have a full nude show. I was getting hot with anticipation. Problem was, I was holding the worst hand I'd had all night. And just as I'd feared, I lost the hand. The guys both cheered, and Jeannie was looking at me with a renewed fire in her eyes, wondering which part of my body I was going to expose. It had to be either my blouse or my panties, that's all I had left. I thought for a minute, then I made up my mind. Winking at her, and grinning at first Ted, then Al, I stood up. I was just drunk enough so I wasn't too nervous, and sober enough to enjoy my own exhibitionism. Moving over to stand in front of the fireplace, I slowly, very slowly, started to unbutton my blouse. At the same time I started swaying back and forth to the music playing in the background. As each button came undone, more and more of my skin was exposed. I was getting wet knowing that all there eyes were on me, waiting to drink in the sight of my naked tits. I was too excited! And the heat from the fire behind me gave me courage. I continued my agonizingly slow unbuttoning, watching each pair of eyes, and watching them all licking their lips in expectation. I hoped my excitement wasn't showing through my panties. Pausing at the last button, I again looked up. Six eyes were transfixed on that one button. Leaving it buttoned I moved my hands up to my cotton covered breasts. "Might as well make it good", I thought. "Geez...", I heard Al exclaim, as I squeezed my breasts. I smiled, and looked down to his crotch. Half of his cock was now sticking out from the top of his skimpy bathing suit. I don't think he knew how exposed he was at that moment. I reached inside my blouse to caress my tits, still hidden from their view by the cloth, but open enough to give them glimpses. Looking over to Ted, I saw that his cock was already rock hard. It was still held back by his briefs, but the head, and about three inches of meat were sticking out from the elastic. I licked my lips in anticipation. Ted groaned and dropped his hand to his lap, gripping his hard lance as he watched me. Jeannie, meanwhile had leaned all the way back on her pillow. She was making no move at all to hide her hand in her lap. Grinning broadly, and staring at my hand inside my blouse, she was rubbing her pussy slowly through her panties. She knew the boys were concentrating on me, and was doing her show solely for my benefit. Kind of a mutual support thing, I guess. I smiled at her and slowly licked my lips, staring at her busy fingers. Turning my attention back to MY show, I pulled my hand from under my blouse and slid them back down to the last button. Focusing on Ted I whispered, "Ready...?" All three of my friends said "YEAH!" in unison. I grinned, undid the last button, and whipped my blouse open and off in one fluid motion. I tossed the blouse to Jeannie, who gave me a "thumbs up". Jeannie and Ted Cheered and applauded when this happened and I bowed and said "Thank you...Thank you..." with a laugh. I was feeling as hot and excited as I was in the theater. Glancing at Al, I saw him sitting with a blank face, staring at my tits. I smiled and reached up to squeeze them one more time as I sat down cross-legged on the carpet. A loud groan escaped his lips, as I rolled both nipples between my fingers. "Down, Rover!", Jeannie laughed. She reached up and playfully slapped Al in the back of the head. "They're not THAT nice!" "Sorry...", Al replied. But his eyes stayed on my breasts. Putting my arms behind me and leaning back, I gave him an unobstructed view. I smiled at him and tossed my hair flirtatiously. He loved it. "I think the game's over...", I "whispered" to Ted, but so everyone could hear. Leaning over, I put my head on his shoulder, laying a hand softly on his chest. "Unless your ready for another HAND..." I slid my hand slowly down his chest, stopping when I reached his hard muscular belly. "No, I think my concentration level is down", Ted replied with a smile. "I'd probably lose my shorts." I grinned at his joke, and slid my hand further down his belly, coming to rest on his hard cock. Stroking him through his underwear, I said, "You've already lost them, big guy. You didn't have a chance." I slid my hand under his waistband and encircled his shaft with my hand. Pumping him slowly, I felt his hand reach up to fondle my naked breast. It was so sexy sitting here, almost naked, and with other people in the room. In all the time the four of us had spent together, we'd all gotten off in various ways, and had all been in various levels of undress, but always in a car, or in separate rooms, or in the van. This was the first time we'd all seen each other naked, or close to it. We were all feeling the sexual tension and heat! I could see, out of the corner of my eye, that Jeannie and Al were both watching me pumping Ted's cock. And that made it even MORE exciting to me! I could see Jeannie's hand covering the head of Al's prick as it stuck out of his suit. Her thumb was making lazy circles on his cockhead, spreading his copious pre-come oil around. She was twisting and squeezing him, and his hand was in her lap stroking her wet pussy, but they were both leaning back on their pillows, watching Ted and I play. I was discovering that I loved to be watched. Moaning loudly, I pulled Ted over to me until he was above me with his knees straddling my hips. I was able to maneuver our bodies into a position that allowed Jeannie and Al an unobstructed view of our action. Ted leaned over and kissed me passionately, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. At the same time, his hands were all over my naked chest, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples, and driving me crazy with lust. I bit Ted's tongue gently, and sucked it deep into my mouth. Sensing what I wanted, he started to thrust his hot tongue in and out of my mouth like a cock. I continued to suck and use my own tongue to wet his lips and meet his thrusts. God, I was Hot! I heard Jeannie groan, and I knew it was getting to her. "She ain't seen nothing yet", I thought gleefully. I reached another hand down to join the first at Ted's crotch. Making sure my leg was out of Jeannie and Al's line of view, I pulled Ted's long, thick cock out of his briefs, and started pumping him with two hands. Then bringing my left hand up to my mouth, I licked my palm until in was soaked with saliva. Returning that hand to Ted's thrusting boner, I repeated the action with my right hand, then brought that down to join forces with my left, giving Ted a slippery hand-tunnel to fuck his cock into. Ted moaned deep in his throat and started to fuck my hands. The head of his cock was hitting my belly on each upstroke, leaving a long trail of slippery pre-come. We'd never ever done anything close to this, and he was going nuts! In fact, in the year or so since we'd started going out, Ted had never seen my tits totally exposed like this. In the car, or making out, he'd had my bra off, and my blouse undone, but never NAKED like this. We were both enjoying the heat! His cock had never felt bigger or hotter in my hands. I could barely get my hands to close around it as he pumped into them. Time for round two, I thought nervously. I was enjoying Ted's cock immensely, and I had even thought for a minute hot wonderful it would feel to have him spray his hot come on my tits and belly, but I'd also promised myself earlier to try and top Jeannie's earlier performances with Al. It was time for her to be jolted. I just hoped I could carry it off.


Making eye contact with Jeannie, I whispered to Ted that I was uncomfortable here, and wanted to move into the kitchen. He whined a little bit, but seeing Jeannie and Al across the room, he agreed. He probably thought that I was nervous about the others being in the same room...if he only knew! As we walked by Jeannie and Al, who were pretending to be engrossed in their own lovemaking, but were really watching our every move, I again caught Jeannie's eye. Winking and grinning at her, I let her know that it was "payback" time. She groaned as we walked by her. My hand was wrapped around Ted's throbbing pole, and I led him into the kitchen, which was about five feet away from where Al and Jeannie were sitting on the floor. Turning and looking back at Jeannie, I pulled the door shut behind us with a sly smile. Behind me, I could hear Jeannie's muffled protests. Stopping on just the other side of the door, I made Ted lean back against the side of the cabinets. We were in the doorway, but sheltered from view by the door. But not for long... See, the door was a "Dutch" door. The kind found in kitchens all over. There's a top and a bottom part to the door, so if you want, you can shut the bottom part and leave the top part open, for a breeze, or for a view. Well, the "view" was exactly what I had in mind, but not the same view that was in the mind of the guy who invented this door. I latched the top half of the door, but left the bottom free. Ted, being comfortable with the fact that the door was shut, opened his arms to me with a smile. "Alone at last...", he sighed. "Alone at last", I agreed. He kissed me, and again I found his tongue thrusting into my mouth. How I loved his tongue! Such talent could be put to better use, I thought, recalling what Jeannie had said in the van. I reached for Ted's cock, and stroking it wildly, I panted in his ear, "I love your hard cock, Ted...I love the feel of it... It's so hard....so hot!" I tongued his ear as I pumped him. It was turning me on to be using Jeannie's words. And I knew she could hear me. As I stroked Ted's shaft with one hand, I pushed hard at the bottom part of the door with my foot. I wanted to make sure it opened all the way, but also didn't want to alert Ted by making it hit the wall on the other side. It opened perfectly! I couldn't see Al or Jeannie, but I knew that they had a perfect side view of the bottom two thirds of our bodies as we leaned against the cabinets. This is perfect!, I thought. As long as they haven't gotten caught up in their own lovemaking, I would soon be one up on Jeannie. This was fun! Not knowing if they were watching or not, but thrilling to the thought of it, I started again the slow stroking of Ted's cock. I knew, after all the teasing, we'd put him through, that he wouldn't last long. I had to hurry. Gripping his pole firmly, I pulled it down until it was aimed towards the floor. Continuing my slow stroke, I got up on my toes and straddled his long cock, pushing it between my legs. I'm glad my panties are on I thought nervously, or this might take a wrong turn. I wanted to drive him crazy, but I didn't want to fuck him...yet anyway. I still wasn't ready to lose my virginity. Tonight was for something different. Closing my legs, I trapped his cock between them, feeling his delicious heat on my pussy. I started to drip, thinking how close his cock was to the "final frontier". Ted's hips started to pump. Reaching behind him, I slid both hands over his firm ass, whispering into his ear, "Careful, lover...go slow...I want this to last...God, your cock is hard...it feels so good against me... I slipped my hands into the elastic of his briefs, and tried to slide them down. Ted leaned forward of the cabinet and allowed my hands to do their job. I slid his underwear off his ass and down as far as I could reach. Then I slid my hands back to his cock. "You're gonna love this, Ted. You are gonna love it...." I tongued his ear as I talked to him, pumping his cock with my hips and legs. He was leaking huge amounts of pre-come now. My panties were soaked with it and my hands were starting to drip. I reached under his cock and pulled up on it, increasing the pressure on my pussy lips as he pumped in and out. His cock slid in and out of my legs like a piston. He was groaning loudly now. I smiled, knowing that his moans would get Jeannie's attention if I didn't already have it. I started to talk louder. "Your cock is sooo hard and hot, baby...I love the way it slides in my hand...you are making me sooo HOT!....Ooohhh I love it!" I started to kiss his neck, and then his chest as I pumped him. Ted's knees were starting to shake now as I slid my tongue around his chest. His breaths were becoming shorter and raspier. "You know don't you, baby...you know what I want to do....I've been talking about it and tonight I'm gonna..." I'm gonna have my first blow job tonight, lover...I'm gonna lick this cock of yours Teddy Boy..I'm gonna lick it and suck it into my mouth..." I continued my downward licking of Ted's chest. When I reached his belly, he yelled out. I was afraid he was going to come just from my talking about sucking him! I quickened my movements, licking his belly and the hair around his navel. He was groaning louder now. Slowly I allowed my knees to bend as I continued down. My hands grabbed his underwear and I pulled it the rest of the way down to his ankles. Reaching back up, I encased his asscheeks with my hands and, at the same dropped to my knees in front of him. Well, here goes nothing, I thought, staring at his hard cock. It looked huge! How was I gonna get that thing in my mouth? I pulled on Ted's asscheeks, and pulled him closer to my face. The smell of his manhood was making me dizzy with lust. As I buried my face in his crotch, I snuck a peek into the living room. I shouldn't have worried about those guys watching. They had gathered the pillows together, and were leaning back against the back of the couch, watching Ted and I like they were watching a movie!! And they were only three feet away! If Ted only knew! I grinned from ear to ear. Relishing my "victory", I got back to Ted's hardness, that now was leaking his love juice on my shoulder. His cock was cradled between my shoulder and neck and he was pumping in and out like a locomotive. I pushed on his hips to make him stop, and looked up at his face with lust lidded eyes. "I'm gonna suck your cock...", I said, sticking out my tongue and licking the very tip of his shaft. "I wanna suck your hard cock..." I heard Jeannie moan in the other room. "I'm gonna suck it into my mouth and lick you...", I said against his cockhead. I continued to flick it with my tongue. "This is my first blow job, lover, and I think it's yours...and I'm gonna do my best to make it a good one..." This time it was Ted's turn to groan. He was watching me lick the end of his shaft and his knees were getting weak. I leaned forward and started to slowly lick the entire head, mixing his juices with my saliva. The taste was wonderfully salty and slightly bitter on my tongue. It was incredibly intoxicating. I covered his entire cock with slow wet kisses, running my tongue over the length of it and pausing occasionally to lick and suck his balls, as I'd seen in the movies that Jeannie and I watched. I shifted my gaze back to Ted's cock and leaned forward once again, this time opening my lips slightly and taking just the tip into my mouth. At the same time, I ran my tongue back and forth across the tip, paying particular attention to the little slit in the end. I was dripping down my thighs, I was getting so turned on. I wondered if Al and Jeannie would notice. Continuing to lick and suck the tip of Ted's prick, I looked over at Al and Jeannie. They were both staring at me with half lidded eyes. Al's suit was off, and Jeannie had his cock in her hand pumping it up and down. Jeannie had unbuttoned her blouse and it was wide open. Al's one hand was fondling her tits, moving from one to the other, and Jeannie's hand was busy in her lap. I noticed with some surprise that she'd also removed her panties, and was now fingering her pussy with wild abandon. And what was Really turning me on was the fact that Al's other hand was there with her, and his finger was moving in and out of her pussy in unison with her! They were both groaning over and over. I'd never seen such a sexy scene. They were both watching me intently. As I watched, Jeannie looked at me and opened her knees as far as she could, and thrust her pussy towards my face, showing me their fingers pumping her pussy. It was such a wanton thing to do that I couldn't stop the loud groan from escaping my lips. Jeannie grinned broadly. Taking Ted's cock in my hand, and looking directly at Jeannie and Al, I slowly sucked the whole head into my mouth. Jeannie's grin faded, to be replaced with a look of astonished envy. I smiled as best I could with Ted's cockhead stretching my lips. I could feel his hot juices spilling onto my tongue as I sucked his cock for all I was worth. Ted started to fuck his cock into my mouth and I opened up as best I could to accommodate him. I loved the feeling of his cock gliding over my tongue. I looked up into his eyes and winked. I wanted Ted to know that I was loving this. The taste, the feel, the fantasy...I was loving it all. Soon, I was able to get half of Ted's cock in my mouth. He was sliding it in and out slowly and groaning with each thrust. My lips were stretched to their max around his shaft. I'd heard about "Deep-Throating", and Jeannie and I had watched a movie, and seen a girl known as "Little Oral Annie" literally swallow a cock that was longer than Ted's, but I knew that it took lots of practice. From the way he was moaning up there, I figured I'd have a willing practice assistant, but for now I figured I'd wait to try that. His thrusts were increasing though, and his cock kept up it's pace of sliding in and out of my lips, I was using my tongue on the head, and Ted's continued to leak profusely into my mouth. I used my neck muscles to meet his cock on each upstroke. It was heavenly! I was excited that it was going so well, and shut my eyes to relish the feelings and tastes. Opening my eyes, and shifting my gaze to Al and Jeannie, I saw Jeannie was really going at it now. She was stroking his cock with the same rhythm that I was using to suck Ted, and I could tell he was close to coming. His eyes were glazed as he watched me suck Ted's cock, and his hips were lifting off the floor. I locked his eyes with mine and pulled Ted's cock out of my mouth. Pumping Ted's cock with my hand, I wrapped my tongue around the head and gave him a fast tongue-bath. Then I took it back into my mouth and started hammerheading his shaft like I'd seen in the movie. Then, pulling his cock out of my mouth again, and maintaining eye contact with Al, I started to jerk Ted off. I stuck out my tongue and laid the head on it as I continued to pump his hard shaft with my hand. I wanted to make Al come by watching me. It was making me so fucking HOT! I knew I could make him come! Seeing what I was doing, Jeannie increased her efforts. Her pumping hand was just a blur on Al's cock. Her hand was dripping with pre-come now, and her hand slid easily up and down his shaft. She started chanting..."Come baby, come baby....Watch her suck his cock...you're next, lover...I'm gonna suck you...come on..." That was what it took. Never taking his eyes from mine, Al groaned loudly and lifted his hips off the floor. His come shot out of the end of his thrusting cock like Old Faithful! Jeannie turned his cock in her direction and his come sprayed her tits and face, soaking her with semen. She cried out when it hit her, as if it was scalding her. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and used it to spread the come on her tits and neck. All the while, she was watching me jerk Ted off into my mouth. She was moaning loudly. Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she started sucking them in rhythm to my pumping hand. Suddenly, Ted tensed. He slowed his thrusting hips and looked down at me. Looking into his eyes, I laid the head of his cock on my tongue and started to slowly jerk him off. At the same time, I moved my tongue back and forth under his cockhead. "Come in my mouth", I said, talking around his cock. "I want to taste your come on my tongue...I want to feel you shoot in my mouth... come on lover, come for me...come in my mouth..." Ted tensed up. His whole body started shaking, and his knees started to buckle under him. I was so excited!! I was about to taste his come on my tongue for the first time! I couldn't wait to feel him shoot off in my mouth! I started to suck him hard. Taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, until I felt it hit my throat. Fuck it!, I thought, as I pulled his cock deeper. I didn't care if I gagged, I was so excited! To my amazement, Ted's cock bent just as it hit my throat and slid easily all the into my throat without stopping! I couldn't believe it! I also couldn't breathe!! I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth, and gasped for air! Wow..,I thought. I did it! Unbelievable! I just deep-throated Ted's Cock!!! I looked over at Jeannie, and she couldn't believe it either, from the open mouthed look on her face. Both she and Al were sitting upright now, making no pretense at all of being involved in something else. They were watching me suck a cock into my throat and wanted more! I grinned at Al when I saw his cock rise to full staff. Looking at Jeannie, I grinned and said aloud, "Watch this..." I felt like the queen slut at a cock picnic. I was HOT!! Turning my attention back to Ted, I saw he was looking at me with a dazed expression. He couldn't believe he'd just been deep throated on his first blow job! I couldn't believe I'd done it with MY first blow-job either, but I wanted to get on with it. I wanted MORE! Feeling cocky now, I looked in his eyes and panted, "Fuck me, Ted. Fuck my mouth with your cock until you come. Fuck my mouth while I suck your cock! I want it in my Throat!" I was turning myself on just hearing myself! I sounded like such a SLUT, and I loved it. I FELT like a slut! Sluttiness certainly has it's place, I thought with a smile. "Fuck my throat.", I said to Ted. With that, I took his cock back into my mouth, tongueing the head and sliding it back to my throat. Again, it bent and slid all the way down. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. I took a deep breath through my nose and started to SUCK. Ted's hips started to pump. Slowly at first, enjoying the feel of his cock in my throat, but then picking up speed. Soon he was holding my head in his hands and really fucking my mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I loved the feel of his cock in my throat. It was so Powerful. When he stopped thrusting I knew it was time. He was going to come. Sucking as hard as I could, I drew his cock out of my mouth just as the first volley of come shot out. The first blast hit my bottom lip and dripped down over my tits. It felt wonderfully warm on my face and chest. I alternated jerking him off and sucking as the next blast shot out. This one I made sure to catch in my mouth. It flashed into my mouth and hit my throat. I swallowed, thrilling with the thick, slippery feel of his come as it slid down my throat into my belly. I turned so Jeannie could see Ted's cock shoot his come into my mouth. I was laughing with my mouth open as Ted continued to shoot. I'd seen him come in plentiful amounts before, when I'd jerked him off, but this time was a record! I couldn't stop laughing with the thrill of it all! I jerked him off as he filled my mouth with come. Even with me swallowing as fast as I could, there was so much that it overflowed my lips and spilled down over my tits. Like Jeannie, I reached down and spread it around my chest and neck. It felt like hot oil! I loved it!! I looked over at Jeannie just as she started to come on her finger. Al was sucking on her nipples, and fucking his born-again cock in and out of her hand. Her hips were bucking like a bronco on her fingers and she was almost screaming. I saw Al get up on his knees when he was ready to come. He turned towards her face and Jeannie jerked him off all over her tits and face again. She moaned as she came, staring at Ted's cock in my mouth, and watching me spread the excess on my body. Finally, Ted was losing steam. I resumed my sucking, trying to get every last drop of come from his dwindling cock. I was in heaven! Kneeling at Ted's feet, covered in his come, I felt like the consummate slut...and I loved it! As I stood up and moved into Ted's arms, kissing him deeply and passionately, I mused out loud: "This has been quite a night, ladies and gentlemen. Quite a night!

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