How is the Lingam Massage Performed?

Shiva lingam verenigt vrouwelijke en mannelijke energie in zich en brengt hierdoor het mannelijke en vrouwelijke in jezelf in balans. Deze steen heeft een positieve werking op seksuele problemen en op de voortplantingsorganen. Klachten zoals bijvoorbeeld impotentie, onvruchtbaarheid, menstruatiekrampen en onvermogen tot orgasme te komen, kunnen door de shiva lingam verbeteren. Ook kan de steen ondersteunen bij de verwerking van seksueel misbruik. 

Shiva is de Hindoe god van zowel de schepping als de vernietiging. Het woord lingam heeft verschillende betekenissen. Een algemene vertaling van dit woord is 'symbool' of 'teken', maar het is ook een woord in het Sanskriet dat verwijst naar het mannelijk geslachtsdeel.

De steen wordt gevonden in de Narmada rivier in India.

De chemische formule van Shiva lingam is onbekend. Volgens een aantal bronnen is het samengesteld uit kwarts, basalt, ijzeroxide, agaat en chalcedoon. De hardheid is 6 - 7. 

Lingam massage is the counterpart of Yoni massage: both focuses on the pelvic region, but a Lingam massage is specifically designed for men. The treatment has a very strong sensual aura to it, but the treatment doesn't always have to be sexual at all. Lingam massage service is specifically designed to help you relax and enjoy the process while at the same time bring you a lot of benefits.

The word "Lingam" in Sanskrit means "Penis", the center of male sexual energy and many nerve endings. Although Lingam massage focuses on your lingam or penis, the therapy also stimulates other parts of the pelvic region including the Sacred Spot - the area between the penis and anus - for explosive sensations.

The massage itself is very exciting, but that doesn't mean you cannot relax and enjoy the entire process. The best thing about Lingam massage is that you can enjoy tons of benefits both physically and spiritually while enjoying every step of the therapy to the max. The session is conducted to your preferences for an even more enjoyable experience.

Lingam massage is highly customizable; you can fine tune every detail of the therapy according to your needs and preferences. You can choose the correct massage oil used, the aromatherapy oils used as part of the process, and how the ambience is set to further enhance your mood. You can also choose one of our gorgeous therapists for the session.

The Lingam Massage Ritual

The ritual starts with you lying down on your back in a relaxed position. Be sure to lie down as comfortably as possible so that you can enjoy the entire process superbly. It is also necessary to have the correct mindset when entering a Lingam massage session; learn to be fully receptive and ready for any shocking sensation you may come across as the session progresses in order to fully reap the benefits.

The therapist will then apply massage oil onto your pelvic region and begin the therapy. A series of soft strokes are delivered to the Lingam in order to ignite the initial sensations. Soft pressures and touches are then delivered on target points to stimulate nerve endings and further improve the sensation.

The Sacred Spot is stimulated next. As mentioned earlier, you can expect to experience shocking - often explosive - sensations when the Sacred Spot is being stimulated. The spot is known to be the center of thousands nerve endings and can bring a lot of health improvements when stimulated correctly.

Bear in mind that the therapist will step back and let you relax whenever signs of an orgasm is seen. Orgasm is not the primary goal of the Lingam massage therapy although you can choose to have one at the end of the session. When you do, you will experience a stunning orgasm unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

After the session ends, take a warm bath and let your body cool down for a little bit. You may experience minor side effects such as a slight headache. This is perfectly normal; your body is trying to adjust to the improved blood circulation and absorb as many of the sensations as possible. After a warm bath, you will feel fully refreshed nonetheless.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

Aside from knowing the common rituals of Lingam massage, it is also necessary to understand the primary benefits of the therapy. For starters, the therapy is designed to allow you to have better control over your sexual energy and drive. Every time you are reaching an orgasm, the therapist will step back and allow yourself to cool down and control the drive. After several repeated therapies, you can easily prolong ejaculation and improve your sex life substantially.

Aside from giving you better control over your sexual drive and energy, Lingam massage also brings a number of great benefits including:

  • Solve sex-related problems including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Improved blood circulation for a better, firmer erection. The improved blood circulation also means your organs and brain will get better supply of oxygen in general.
  • Better control over your internal energy. Lingam massage is the perfect therapy for dealing with energy blockage. If you often find yourself sleepy or tired most of the time, a series of Lingam massage treatments can help you regain your energy.
  • Enhanced orgasmic experience. Lingam massage can help improve the quality of your orgasm and the entire process of reaching one.
  • Fight stress and depression. Although Lingam massage is very exciting, the therapy is still highly relaxing and very enjoyable. You can reduce - or even eliminate completely - stress and depression effectively.
  • Lingam massage also allows you to learn to be fully comfortable with yourself, which later enhances your self-esteem and confidence.

With so many benefits to enjoy, there is no reason why you shouldn't opt for Lingam massage as an alternative therapy to try. The therapy is equally perfect for solving your sexual problems and improving your health in general.

With a series of Lingam massage therapies, you will be able to improve your sexual energy and your health in general substantially.

Initially, the therapist will go over the various breathing techniques. These techniques are essential if the full benefits of a Lingam massage are to be attained. Remember, ejaculation is not the goal of this massage but rather the release of bodily emotions.

As with all tantric massages, it is crucial that the man breathe as one with his masseuse. When she inhales, so must the receiver. Breathing as one will connect you and her on a deep emotional and spiritual level, elevating the effects of her touch to new heights.

The receiver is placed on his back. A pillow is placed under his hips and head. This not only allows for a fully exposed Lingam, it allows the man to watch what the masseuse is doing, serving to heighten his pleasure.

The massage commences when the neck and shoulder is gently massaged. This helps relax the man and makes him more sensitive to the Lingam massage. Slowly, the Tantric therapist moves down the body, covering every nook and cranny of his body. From the chest all the way down to the thighs, the receiver is pleasured and teased.

This is where breathing is crucial. Not only does it help to elevate the effects of the massage, it helps the man control his ejaculation. With different hands, speeds and pressure, the Lingam is gently massaged. Warm oil is applied to increase the effect of the massage. The therapist moves from the shaft to the pubic bone and slowly back.

Finally, the man’s “sacred spot” is massaged. This spot is where most of the sexual tension of a man resides. It is where the prostate can be felt. When the right amount of pressure is applied to the area, a man has no choice but to give in and surrender to the pleasure.

A Lingam massage can be an intense experience for any man. It will leave the receiver feeling reinvigorated and more in control of his sexual urges. He will finally be able to control his ejaculatory response and heighten any and all future sexual experiences.

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