voor mijn jongste zoon...

we read in the papers
we hear it on the air
we sigh and we say
as we notice the trend
this young generation
where will it end???

but can we be sure that
it’s their fault alone
that maybe a part of it
might be our own???

too much money to spend
too much iddle time
too many movies of passion and crime
too many books not fit to be read
too much evil in what they hear said
too many children encouraged to roam
too many parents who won’t stay at home

youth don’t make the movies
they don’t make the books
that paint the gay picture
of gangsters and crooks
they don’t make the liquor
they don’t run the bars
they don’t make the laws
they don’t make the cars

they don’t make drugs
that iddle the brain
it’s all done by older folks
greedy for gain

and in how many cases we find that it is true
the label ‘delinquency’
fits older folks too!!!!

je moeke....

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